“Now, in “The Lord of the Rings”, people were wearing this. This is metal chainmail. This is about five kilograms of metal that I’m carrying around in this shot. WETA is famous for creating this chainmail which wasn’t as heavy. It’s like made of sort of an alloy or plastic, or something like that. Unfortunately they’d run out of it when I got to New Zealand. But they had plenty of the heavy stuff.” - Luke Evans

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“It was a little chilling, to be honest. I looked so different from myself. Obviously, I’m not going to play this Elvenking like me. No one wants to see that. But, yeah, it was very interesting. The way the character is designed — he’s beautiful, he’s exquisite. There’s something very ethereal about him. But also unforgiving and cold. We figured that out with the way he looks before I even shot a scene. We would do the costume fittings and I would be like, ‘Yeah, he takes up a lot of space this guy. He belongs on a throne.” - Lee Pace

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“My make-up artist Georgia, she didn’t like me playing because of course, within 10 minutes, I’d be shvitzing like buggery. And it would be undoing all of her work and bits of prosthetic ears would be coming off because the sweat would be taking the glue off, et cetera. And I would… Like a schoolboy, look around and see if Georgia… Because I’m quite scared of Georgia. And I’d look around and just sort of see if the coast is clear, and I’d go and play.” - Martin Freeman

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 "You know, we were sort of being told that if we can just do sort of a token flame here and there, that would be enough, and we’ll put in CG flames later and… Us, as a group decided that even though, you know, we actually have only get one night to plumb it, that we’re gonna do as much as we can to put as much fire as we physically can and have it, you know, real. We probably had about 18 or 20 sources of flame. And it was quite scary for a lot of people when we did our first test on the night Peter wanted to see it. So we lit it all up, everyone was, you know, quite taken back, I think by how much fire there was. As long as you control it, you know, that’s what we do.“ - Steve Ingram (Special Effects Supervisor) 

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“I think it’d be interesting looking back through the footage that you have. I imagine it would be quite hard to find me in any of that behind the scenes footage because I certainly actively avoided those cameras. Even in the very first photograph of the Dwarves, for some reason I’m hiding in the back behind someone’s shoulder. Because I just didn’t know whether I could do this; I really didn’t know whether I could fill these boots. I thought I might be on my way home, so I just didn’t wanna to put myself forward until I’d understood what the character was. I love this book. I read it when I was seven years old. So I felt the weight of kingship and of responsibility, which was both mine and Thorin’s.” - Richard Armitage