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Here’s to the newbies just starting out, the ones discovering their ability to twist and bend plots, characters and places to their will for the first time,

To the old faithfuls, who have kids at home and a full-time job but somehow still find the time to make us forget for a while,  

To the students who publish one-shots and sagas in-between study sessions,

To the ones who posted that one fic years ago and have since moved on, but whose story meant (and still means) so much to so many readers,  

To those of you who publish short, little things that pack the emotional punch of a freight train,

To the ones who update faithfully, and to the ones who don’t,

To the ones who weave lyrics into their stories, and the ones who deal in nothing but angst,

To those who don’t write in their native language, 

To the brave ones who do it despite their fear of rejection or criticism, 

To the ones who like to write with their friends, and the ones who do it alone because their friends wouldn’t understand, 

To the ones who spend hours researching in order to to make their world as real as possible, 

To to the poets and novelists and essayists and dreamers:  

Every single one of you is precious.  

You, along with all the other fandom artists and creators, lift us up and give us hope.  You make us laugh, you make us cry, you make us think and question and wonder.  You help us escape, sometimes, when we need it most.  You bring the unimaginable to life, you translate lofty words into ones we can smell, hear and taste, and you continually encourage and inspire us.  You’re wonderful and powerful and courageous and so, so loved, even if we aren’t always the best at letting you know it.  So this is for those of you with empty comment sections, with a concerning lack of kudos/likes/favs/bookmarks. Your stories make a difference, and they always will.  

So, from all of us to you:  

Thank you.

Court the King Thorin x reader

Court the King Thorin x reader

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters

Summary: There is a ball thrown for Thorin so that he may choose a lady to court but reader does not feel she is worthy.

A/N: I don’t normally write for the hobbit but I’m feeling some Thorin love today and this is what happened.

Warnings:jealousy maybe a little angst

The halls of Erebor were beautiful bringing back cherished memories of your childhood here before Smaug descended upon your home. It would take years to repair all of the damage caused by the dragon but in the months since the battle of the five armies your people had made excellent progress in clearing the debris and starting the rebuilding process. It seemed Thorin was always busy these days trying to restore the kingdom to its former glory. Tonight however a ball was planned. It was of popular opinion that the young king should be courting someone or at least trying to find someone to court and make his queen. You could tell Thorin did not like this idea but since the battle the two of you had barely spoken he was always busy with one thing or another. In truth you had fallen for the king under the mountain while on the road with him and the company but being a warrior dwarf you were hardly suitable for the king. He was deserving of someone of noble blood with a beauty that would put even the stars to shame. Ladies had been arriving for days from all the dwarven kingdoms to try and win the favor of your beloved Thorin. Tonight you knew the Ballroom would be full of gorgeous gowns with even more gorgeous women inside them and melodious music. Every woman would be trying to woo Thorin into courting them so they could be queen.

“Y/N will you be going to the ball tonight?” Fili asked coming to stand by your side in the dining hall.

“Why would I? The ball is to find the king a queen is it not? I am not qualified for that so it is better I stay away.”

“Oh please you’re plenty qualified. Besides even if you are not interested in trying your hand at going after uncle there will be ale and merriment you must come. It will not be the same without you.”He pleaded for awhile longer before finally soliciting an agreement from you.

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Earth’s safest place (Fili x Reader)

Originally posted by asyanorthernwolf

hey guys, this story is based on this imagine from @imaginexhobbit:

 >>Imagine asking to share a room with Fili because even though you had no problems with the Mirkwood spiders, house spiders freak you out and there is one in your room <<

Word count: 1995

Warnings: a lot of fluff

I hope you enjoy xx  and sorry for this big ass gif, but I liked it heh, credits go to the owner of course. 

And send some requests please, I would love to write something for you              (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

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Touch The Butts: Hobbit Edition (Master Post)

Summary: You were a simple office worker, until a twist of fate sends you tumbling into Middle Earth and into the Company of Thorin Oakenshield.  You don’t know what to expect, you don’t know if you will survive, but you have this feeling that there is a great love story in the making.  But who will be the one you are destined to be with?  Make your choice and Touch The Butts.    

There are many ways you can read through this…you can begin at the beginning and just go with the flow, or you can follow/read a specific path.  I have both options outlined below!  The outlines for each of the characters are under the ‘Keep Reading Line’.   

Start Here To Begin Your Adventure 

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Lion-Maned Puppy

From this request: Can I have a hobbit one shot where the reader is Thranduils adopted daughter or some other form of elven princess and when the company arrives at Mirkwoo, Fili is completely taken by her and acts like a love sick puppy?



“What’s this I hear about guests?”

“More like intruders,” your father replied.

“Where are they now?”

“In the dungeons, where all the intruders go.”

“Father, you should be nice to the guests.”

Your father finally looked up, his blue eyes piercing yours. “I have no intention of being nice to dwarves.”

“Don’t give me that tone. You make it sound as though they are no better than orcs.”

“Orcs smell better.”

You rolled your eyes and stepped away, plan forming in your mind.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“To the dungeons. I’m going to give our guests some of my lavender soap and have one of your ‘staff’ draw some basins of water so they can bathe. And then, the kitchen staff shall cook them a delicious meal which you, Leg, and I will be attending.”

Thranduil sighed. “Headstrong, like her mother.”

“You wish,” you called out behind you.


Fili looked across the landing at his brother. “What’s the commotion?”

Kili peered around the bars, trying to see. “I can’t tell. Doesn’t sound bad, though.”

“What could happen that would be worse than being stuck in a cell?” Fili pondered.

At that moment, you popped up around the corner. “Good afternoon, gentlemen. I hope your stay here hasn’t been too uncomfortable.”

The brothers looked at each other. You stuck a large key into the locks on the doors and pulled them open.

“Come on. It’s all right.”

The brothers stepped out, immediately crossing to each other.

You handed two small purple balls to them. “Here. Now, you’ll need to go down the stairs and follow the corridor to the storeroom. Tubs have been set up for you to clean in.”

“Tubs?” Kili asked.

Fili sniffed the lump in his hand. “Lavender?”

You smiled. “Off you go. Dinner will be served when everyone’s clean.”

The brothers watched as you disappeared up the steps.

“What just happened?” Kili asked.

Fili shook his head, lifting the soap to his nose again. It smelled lovely, matching the picture of you he had in his mind.


“My hair’s all frizz,” Fili moaned as he and his brother followed the rest of the company up to the dining hall.


“So what if that girl from before sees it? She’ll think I look weird.”

“She probably thought you looked weird to begin with.”

Fili gave his brother a shove as the group reached the dining hall. Everything in the room glittered: the table, the walls, the ceiling. A marvelous feast was spread out before the company.

“Greetings, guests,” you said with a smile, standing at the head of the table. Your father and brother stood beside you, each with a grimace on their face. “Please, have a seat.”

The company sat; Fili’s eyes never left you. You were even more gorgeous in this sparkling room.

Thranduil glared at the guests. “My daughter has insisted we show you some… pleasantries, even though you showed up with no invitation. Therefore, we hold this feast in your… ‘honor’. After your meal, you will promptly be escorted back to your cells.”

“Father,” you chided.

Thranduil’s mouth pressed into a thin line. “Please… help yourselves.”

“She’s breathtaking,” Fili said under his breath.

“I know,” Fili said, gazing longingly at the pheasant before him. “Look how plump.”

“The girl, not the bird, you idiot.”

Kili looked up. “Hm. I suppose she’s pretty in a royal sort of way.” He looked over to his brother. “She’d never go for you.”

“Perhaps you may have to play Cupid, dear brother.”

“What, you want me to shoot her?”

Fili sighed. “No, Kili. Just… never mind.”

At that moment, your eyes met Fili’s, shimmering like gems. You smiled, the apples of your cheeks full and round. Before he could stop himself, Fili blew you a small kiss. You giggled and to his surprise, sent one back down to him.

Thranduil x Wife!Reader

I wasn’t sure what to call this XD Here’s some family fluff!!

Word Count: 588

Warnings: None

You laughed as you looked around the room. It was a lovely day at the palace and you didn’t have any duties to attend too, so you decided to spend more time with your son Legolas. At the moment you two were playing a simple game of hide and seek. You had known were he hid seeing as you could see his toes poking out from under the drapes but decided to play along and pretend not to know where he is.

“Oh dear, where could the prince be? The king will be furious that his little prince has disappeared!” You said dramatically and heard his little giggles

You stifled your laugh and opened the closet doors loud enough for him to hear. You wished you could do this forever but alas you were running out of places to look. Closing the doors you hummed and tapped your finger to your chin in thought as you crept closer to the drapes. Legolas was starting to fail in being quiet by this point and you couldn’t help but stand right in front of the drapes. You hear the chamber door open and looked to see Thranduil walking into the room. Placing a finger to your lips you motioned for him to be quiet and pointed to Legolas’s toes. Thranduil grinned as he shut the door and placed his hands behind his back as he came closer to you. He understood what the plan was and knew exactly what he had to do.

“Have you found the Prince yet?” He asked as he stopped right in front of you

“Please forgive me I have not been able to find Prince Legolas.” You bit your lip to keep yourself from laughing

“Then it seems I will have to punish you, what a shame you were my favorite elleth after all,” Thranduil said as he raised his arms up

“No King Thranduil please don’t tickle me!” You gasped dramatically

“This is your punishment meleth nin.” He said and grabbed your waist and his fingers danced over your ticklish spots.

You laughed as his fingers moved and tried to fight him off you. Thranduil laughed along with you happy to see you in such high spirits.

“My little Greenleaf save me!” You laughed out and saw Legolas jump out from behind the drapes

“I’ll save you Naneth!” Legolas yelled and pushed himself between you and Thranduil

Thranduil let you go after Legolas had pushed the both of you and looked down at his son. You took deep breaths as you started to calm down. It was nice to see your two boys together, Thranduil had been busy this past week so Legolas didn’t get to see his father very often. They stared at each other while Legolas stood protectively in front of you. You bent down and brought Legolas into your arms. Peppering his face with kisses he squealed and tried to push your face away from his.


“You saved me! What a brave little elf you are!” You grinned and stood with him in your arms

“Let’s take a walk in the gardens,” Thranduil said and held his arm out to you.

“That’s a lovely idea! A walk would be lovely.” You give him a kiss which earned a disgusted noise from your son.

“I’ll race you there!” Legolas shouted and jumped from your arms and ran out of the room

“Legolas! What have I told you about running through the palace!” You yelled after your son and ran after him

The Two of Us, part 1

Characters – Fili x Reader

Summary – A friendship with a hobbit leads you to joining an unlikely party to reclaim a mountain kingdom.  Along the way, old secrets and new friendships threaten to change your entire life forever.

Word Count – 3,618

Warnings – AUJ Thorin being a jerk – is that a warning, or an expectation?

A/N – My first Hobbit series!  I am very excited about it, and I hope you are too!  Right now I am not sure how many parts it will be.  As always, please let me know if you’d like tagged in this series or in my forever tags.  I also have separate Hobbit and SPN tags if you prefer to be tagged in only Hobbit stories or only SPN stories.  Feedback is encouraged and appreciated!

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Your name: submit What is this?

When you went to Bilbo’s house that afternoon, you were only going to call on a friend and bring him some fresh baked bread and pastries.  You had thought to perhaps stay for afternoon tea, but not much later. You certainly had no idea your entire life was about to change. 

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Imagine Thranduil taking a walk in the forest when it was still healthy and coming across you, singing a beautiful song to the trees and creatures.


She held massive amounts of love in her heart and she would often spend days alone in the forest, trying to heal it from the dark magic that may upon it.

She would take books and read fairy stories to the trees and the creatures. I had often insisted in accompanying her for protections sake but she would always refuse.

I would sometimes hear faint whisps of her beautiful singing voice as she sang to the forest creatures.

But this time, she had left the woods behind her completely and all I could do was wait for her safe return.

What felt like an eternity passed before I heard the familiar hoofsteps of her horse.

I ran to the gates as swiftly as I could.

To my joy and happiness there she was. Not a day older than when she had left.

I looked her straight in the eye and she smiled a smile that looked powerful enough to banish all darkness from Middle Earth.

She waited until we were sufficiently alone before she ran into my arms.

We knew we could never be public

“ The forest! It spoke to me, my King! It told me of the times you spend there. Talking to the trees like I do. They told me.. And I hope I’m not being improper but… they told me.. that you have feelings regarding me. ” she blushed as she stood in my arms which were still tightly wrapped around her.

“ It is true, my fair lady. I also have something to tell you. Come. ” I said, leading her to my chambers where my specially crafted token lay in my bedside cabinet.

I offered her to sit on my bed whilst I produced the blue box containing her gift.

She sat and ran her fingers along the intricate carving of my bed posts.

I held the box in hand and cleared my throat.

She turned around and smiled up at me from her seat.

I knelt before her and opened the box.

It contained a white diamond moon on a golden chain with a white crystal brooch.

“ These are for you. A token of my love for you. ” I said slowly.

She gasped quietly and beheld my courtship gift to her.

I gently swept her hair over her shoulder so I could clasp the necklace around her neck.

“ Do you like it? ” I asked.

“ I.. I.. Words are not enough, my dear. ” she said in a hushed voice as she tucked some loose hair behind my peaked ear.

She leaned forward so I might put the necklace on her.

When she leaned forward, she kissed my cheek, stirring my heart into a frenzy.

  • I'm kinda amused how our term for explicit fanfiction morphed from Lemons to Sin. It's like we've all simultaneously agreed to stop lying to ourselves and admit we're all going straight to hell
Touch The Butts: Hobbit Edition -- Rough Landing (The Start)

Title: Touch the Butts Hobbit Edition—Rough Landing

 Summary: You were a simple office worker, until a twist of fate sends you tumbling into Middle Earth and into the Company of Thorin Oakenshield.  You don’t know what to expect, you don’t know if you will survive, but you have this feeling that there is a great love story in the making.  But who will be the one you are destined to be with?  Make your choice and Touch The Butts.  

 Warnings: Language. Angst.


Originally posted by laurensparkesstuff

Life is stressful, messy, and frankly a pain in the ass.  Just a great big ball of ass kissers and nay-sayers and you were done! FUCKING DONE! That was what went through your mind as you stomped through the park.  You meant to go on a relaxing walk, clear your mind from the promotion you didn’t get, even though you were perfect for the job.  You had dropped five years into that damn company and you were more than qualified! Your jaw began to ache from your teeth grinding together and you forced yourself to take a calming breath.  Anyway…

But when the time came, it was the new guy, who stuck his nose so far up the boss’ ass that he was brown all over…that guy had gotten the promotion instead of you. That brown nosing dick.  So, here you were, grumbling to yourself as you moved through the quiet, mostly empty park.  Those few people who were around gave you strange looks, regarding you with curiosity and worry.  

You were of the opinion “screw ‘em” until you saw one person shuffle away from you after you said some unpleasant words under your breath.  They may have thought you were saying those words to them for no reason, but frankly, you didn’t care right now.

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Also know as Imagine travelling with the Company, and Legolas stalking you because he likes you. 

A/N - First of all, I’m sorry its a day late. Well two days late. I finished it last night and was too tired to check through it so I did it this morning on the way to Manchester. I appear to be obsessing over Legolas at the moment (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). Yes, its in third person again I just couldn’t get second person view to co-operate with me! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it :) Constructive criticism welcome. 

Words - 1,866
Paring - Legolas Greenleaf x Reader 

Legolas knew there was something special about the human when he first saw her. For one, she was fighting amongst dwarves, which was almost unheard of. Secondly, she was beautifully feisty especially when she was defending her friends. Thirdly, she saved his behind from one of the monstrous spiders of Mirkwood. That was the reason he often found himself volunteering to guard the prisoners, much to his father’s dismay. He even found himself giving her more food than her fellow captives.
Even then, the odd little human didn’t pay any attention to him. Sure, she smiled in thanks when he gave her food but other than that she didn’t seem to know he existed.
It was insulting really. A prince shouldn’t have to bend over backwards to be noticed by a mere mortal.

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@messybitch802 and I focused a lot on Thorin today in our brainstorming for our Fanfic/Fanart project. So here are some doodles I worked on while we talked. Looking very forward to what we have in mind for our favorite king under the mountain🗻👑❤

Talk Him into Submission

Title: Talk Him into Submission

 Prompt: @bellastellaluna : I’d love to request a Thranduil x reader anything :D.  Part of the 26 Day Birthday Celebration.

 Summary: There is one council member you can’t stand, and truthfully, neither can Thranduil, mainly because the guy just won’t shut up!  So you decide to have a bit of fun.

 Warnings: Bullshit…just, you know when you just talk out your ass??  That is the kinda stuff in here…  Also, talk and hints at dirty stuff XD

 Masterlist of Fanficiton

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“I could do it…” You offer to your husband as he gives you a doubtful look.

“You have many skills, my love, but I don’t think even you have that much skill.”  He reached out to you and pulled you close, giving your hands a sweet kiss before nuzzling into your stomach.  You let him curl around you as he slumped out of the throne.  He loved doing this, and you loved it too, because it let you run your fingers through his hair, tease the tips of his ear, and when he has had enough…

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Royal snowball fight

Originally posted by tinysofia

A/N: this shot is based on this imagine by @captainsxlo 

imagine the kids of Erebor having a snowball fight and accidentally hitting thorin and SHITTING THEMSELVES because holy crap they’d just hit king thorin with a snowball and thorin joins in and plays with the kids

So I stumbled upon this a few days ago and found it so adorable, that I just had to make a drabble out of it. I had literally so much fun whilst writing it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did xx.

Word count: 1577

Warnings: none

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the signs as 2013 hobbit fanfiction tropes
  • Aries: unreasonably angry/stubborn/misogynistic thorin
  • Taurus: ponies get lost in the river scene
  • Gemini: post-Carrock bathing scene
  • Cancer: overly detailed description of the Arkenstone
  • Leo: Dain is evil for some reason
  • Virgo: putting all the lyrics to the songs
  • Libra: the OC is conveniently short enough to walk around bag end with no problem
  • Scorpio: unnecessary comment about bombur's weight
  • Sagittarius: the OC shoots an arrow into smaug's eye
  • Capricorn: making Bilbo female just to make Bagginshield a het ship
  • Aquarius: the title contains "An Unexpected _____"
  • Pisces: constantly referring to Thorin as "the king under the mountain," "the dwarf king," "the king in exile," etc