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There’s a place on the corner of Cherry Street
We would walk on the beach in our bare feet
We were both 18 and it felt so right
Sleeping all day, staying up all night

If I could find you now things would get better
We could leave this town and run forever
Let your waves crash down on me and take me away


So there’s this thing going around since the titan’s curse, that Nico is more fluent in Italian than he is in English, he misses Italy etc. But what y'all seem to forget is that Nico lived in Italy for 9-ish years, before leaving to live in an american hotel for 70-ish years.

He did sure live in Italy for longer than he did in America (and by that I mean the time he was aware he lived in America), and he sure feels more fluent in Italian sometimes, but the entire “oh mi amore I miss Italy so much” isn’t canonly accurate, simply because he lived in Italy for a small amount of time, and it was his childhood. I don’t think that at age 13 you can remember what happened when you were 7 or 8, especially with 70 years in between.

If there’s something Nico misses in Italy, it is his sister and mother.

cleareyes95  asked:

What about a Nico Di Angelo zombie AU? Any pairing is fine!! ;)

  • Nico blinked, wondering what happened. He remembers being sick and then nothing. 
  • But he didn’t feel sick anymore. He just felt sluggish. He tried to get out of his bed, but even that felt like an effort. 
  • He got to his feet and started moving. He felt fine, like he wasn’t dying. 
  • He went to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror, almost screaming. His skin was pale to the point where it was gray. His eyes looked lifeless. 
  • Moving away from the mirror, he remembers seeing people like him before, but only in movies. They weren’t real. Zombies weren’t real. 
  • He heard the door to his room open then a shout. “Nico?!” 
  • Nico walked to the door and opened it a crack. His sister, Hazel, was in his room. 
  • “Hazel.” He tried to say, but it just sounded grumbled. 
  • He walked over to his room and saw Hazel standing there with slight tears in her eyes. He wasn’t sure if they were happy or sad.
  • “Nico…you’re alive?” 
  • He grunted in response, trying to tell her that he was okay.
  • She walked over and hugged her brother. “You’re alive.”
  • He closed his eyes, loving the feeling of Hazel’s warm body against his cold one. 
  • “Why are you so cold? And so gray?” She asked, looking over him. “You remind me of…of a zombie.”
  • He gave her a pleading look. Trying to tell her that she was correct. He was a zombie. But this wasn’t the life he wanted. He was deathly ill and was ready to die.
  • “Are you…how?”
  • He shrugged, now guessing that trying to speak was pointless. If movies were right, he would just moan and groan as communication.
  • She looked at her older brother. “You’re not going to eat my brains, are you?” 
  • He just stared at her. Did he want to do that? Not really. He wouldn’t harm his sister. Would he?
  • “That’s good.” She slightly smiled. 
  • Nico blinked and moved away from her as the thought of eating her brain was starting to sound like a good idea.
  • “Nico? What’s wrong?” She moved closer to him but he lifted his arms to stop her. “Nico.”
  • He could feel something snap inside of him. Something that was more on instinct than reason. He tried not to act…but it was too late. He acted. 
  • When coming too, it felt like he was in a dream. A dream where everything felt sticky. 
  • He looked down and felt mortified. Hazel’s body laid next to his. Her eyes open in fear and blood pooled around her. 
  • Shaking, he got up and backed away. His hands were covered in her blood and so was his mouth. 
  • He wanted to run. He wanted to get away as fast as possible. Away from the monster that was himself.
Solangelo and The Mafia Part 2

Here it is guys! I made you guys wait so long I am terrible i know, please forgive me. If you haven’t read part one here it is! Hope you guys enjoy and please please please give some feedback! (also there will be a part three and we will be seeing some more characters in the third part so (((: the more feedback i get he quicker i get stuff out (usually))

Nico tapped the sides of the cup he had ordered half an hour ago with nerves as Will folded up his apron and tucked it underneath the front of the register. He didn’t know how Will was going to react.

Would he be mad? Would he tell him a “hey thanks but get outta my life you creepo?”. And what if he found out Nicos profession? He wasn’t exactly a good guy. He’d been called things. Bad things. A monster, a murderer. True things, he reasoned in his head, but it didn’t make it hurt any less.

Nico was still deep in thought when a chair scraped out from across him. He looked up and saw a hard look on Wills face, the blond haired mans eyebrows slightly furrowed and mouth set straight, contrasting with his messy, curly halo hair. Will cleared his throat and opened his mouth.

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