Ho Chi Minh City


At Home in the Crowd with Vietnamese Photojournalist @phamhaduylinh

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“I love complex photos, and that’s why I choose to work in crowded places,” says Linh Pham (@phamhaduylinh), a 24-year-old Vietnamese photojournalist. “And at the same time, I always try to find something that stands out from the crowd — a sunbeam, or someone doing something different or wearing a different color than everyone else. Photography, for me, is a type of exploration.”

One element of that exploration, Linh says, is revisiting the places he has photographed by re-examining the pictures themselves. “When you’re in a crowd you can’t see everything at once, but afterward, if you’ve taken some good pictures, you can take the time to go back and look at the details and you can see what was really going on at that moment.”

After studying graphic design in college, Linh spent two years photographing in places as diverse as Cuba, Texas, Guatemala and Switzerland. But he’s glad to be home in Vietnam. “I liked traveling and taking photos, but right now, I don’t really belong in those places,” he says. “It was important for me to come back and do something here.”

Vietnam transgender people celebrate historic legal recognition
'The new law is a victory of love and humanity,' one said

November 25: Hundreds of people have gathered in downtown Ho Chi Minh City on Tuesday night to celebrate a newly approved law that recognizes rights for transgender people. Despite the rain, people laughed, cried and hugged each other in happiness on Nguyen Hue Street, in front of the townhall. 

They shouted out: “We are transgender people" and “Thank you National Assembly.“ Some hold banners that read “Trans rights are human rights” and “We are writing history.”

The approval of the Amended Civil Code, which will take effect in 2017, is a humane decision that is expected to help end discrimination against transgender people, they said. The law will, for the first time, allow people who have undergone gender reassignment to register under the new gender.

Vietnam health officials want to legalize gender reassignment surgery