“We are Twenty One Pilots, and so are you”

I went to the Emotional Roadshow in Amsterdam yesterday. This concert, these two men, all these people here, it was incredible. It was the most loving, and caring, and accepting environment ever. People were hugging eachother, telling eachother to Stay Strong, to Stay Alive. There were people who had never met before, crying in eachother’s arms, people helping others who had a hard time, people throwing up TOP signs, and looking at eachother in complete and utter understanding, and so much care. This is magical, it’s a miracle, it’s so undeniably important, especially in times like these, to see that there’s so much love and protection going round.

Thank you, Tyler Joseph, and Joshua Dun, and, The Clique, thank you,

Stay alive. Stay street. They are Twenty One Pilots, and so are we


anonymous asked:

It makes me so angry when people who "identify as women" say they know what it's like. How can they know? How can they just put on a label and say they know what my life is like? How can they think that because they put on a dress and lipstick and heels, they know what it's like to hate your body since the first grade, to be told your anatomy is gross and disgusting, to be told that you're not good enough for anything?