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HiI Cassie! So I'm an aspiring writer myself and I'm having so much trouble with spacing out my story. Everything seems to be happening too quickly. Also, world building. UGH. Do you have any tips/resources? I would be forever grateful! (P.S You're books are one of my many inspirations not only for my writing, but for everything I do in life <3<3<3)


Not an reply right now, just to say I’m going to do a week or so of writing questions and answers (saved this one) so if you have writing questions or publishing ones, about the business of writing, send them in. It’ll be about a week before I start answering them because I’m off to Ireland to see Sarah Rees Brennan and then to Y’AllWest in LoS Angeles where I’ll be signing books and talking on panels, hope to see you there! In the meantime if you’ve ever burningly wondered how characters are developed or book covers designed, ask away. 

Now, off to a helicopter. (really.)

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Hiya rusty <3 ! i wanted to tell you that you are my favorite artist and i am so happy i found you! :3 so so much time wasted following xansin, her content is boring i let her know that! but now i gonna be following you, and spacejellybean and kayroos more :'3 <3

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again that you are being crudely disrespectful to my friends and I. We do not appreciate you going to extreme twisted lengths to call out my friends work when you could simply move on from it. Putting labels on us and comparing us to people that you simply do not favor when we’re friends with goes beyond disrespectful. I’m embarrassed by it and and I believe you owe my friend Xansin a HUGE apology. You’re being blocked and I hope to never hear you being so rude to people in the community, if you can’t simply be kind to others then you don’t deserve to be here at all. Remember that we as artists do not like being compared to others or being on pedestals above each other because that type of crap is irrelevant and I know I can speak for others when I say that we couldn’t care any less on how “famous” anyone is. We’re here to make art at will and have fun with it, it gives us something to do everyday and it makes us happy to cater to those who want to enjoy the work we make. You are not ever going to get anywhere by calling out a message or favoring someone over others, ESPECIALLY if you go to lengths to offend them and their personal life. This goes for anyone doing the same thing, this is me letting out my thoughts on this nonsense and we are not talking again. (Apologies for those who aren’t aware of what’s happening, thank you for reading.)

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Hey Guys! I just read an amazing fanfic, it was a witch Keith fanfic and he owned a store where he destroyed curses and stuff, and one day lance comes in and Keith has to help him get rid of the curse on him or he would die. I can’t find it anywhere and would be so thankful if you guys found it. Thanks! <3

Hiya anon! Here’s the fic you’re looking for 

calling me to come back by aknightley (1/1 | 50,464 | Teen And Up)

Keith is a witch who owns a shop where he breaks curses on both magical items and people under spells. Love spells, family curses passed down generations, cursed heirlooms lurking the attic – he can handle them all. But one day a boy named Lance walks into his shop, and his curse is darker and more difficult to break than anything Keith has ever seen before: the curse is draining his magic, and without his magic, Lance will die.

tw// panic attacks

D2 things that I think about

-That little prance that Uma Does when Mal comes to her ship

-Harry has ?fishnets? lining his jacket? that must be so uncomfortable.

-Gil’s face paint

-Harry’s smile

- “Hiya! <3″

-When Evie says “Don’t be Dopey” I kind of hate it.

-I don’t understand why we have “Ways to be wicked”? Like, we don’t need it bc “It’s going Down” and “Whats My Name” could easily be the movie anthem.

-The only way to describe the way harry says “Uma” is by using the word pornographic.

-Gil is such a good pupper.

-Dude, can you not.

-Is there really a Waffle hut in Auradon in accessible distance from the school?

-Is Audrey that much older that she’s out of school now?

-How does Carlos know how far away Sherwood Forest is?

-Who does the ship belong to?

-Why did we not get to see Carlos’ Club House

-Why did Carlos not get to reunite with Beelzebub?

-I’m really glad that Lonnie and Jay didn’t become a thing. I like them better as Bros

-Why does harry say “bad GIRLS have more fun”? 

-When did Jay learn to drive?

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Hey :) Why are you moving again, if I may ask? Everything seemed fine with your apartment. And to which part of Germany are you planning on moving? :D I'm from Bochum and hoping that you'll live closer to me, but I guess that won't be the case...I hope you had a great day <3

Hiya! We’re moving to the East, so very far away sadly, but I have a lot of friends in the Ruhrgebiet so we’ll likely be around to visit a lot :) We’re moving so Matthias can study and there are more opportunities for us both. Hope you have a great day tooooo x

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Hello lovely imagine writer! May I ask for a reader insert where Shinsou would ask the reader to be in a relationship with him? Please and thank you for your nonstop love for BNHA!! <3

Hiya! I hope this is to your liking, Shinsou is really fun to write! My love for BNHA will live on forever  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

Shinsou was in love with you. He didn’t notice when he started to fall for you but he knew for a fact he had feelings for you. You two had been friends for some time and you had been the one to become friends with him, consistently bothering him until he accepted you as a friend. He found it bothersome when you first began to pester him, but he soon became grateful that you decided to become his friend. Over the time of your friendship you two had grown rather close, confiding within one another and helping each other out. 

Now things were different ever since he noticed his feelings for you. He found himself looking forward to seeing you and your smile, to hearing your voice, to talking with you, anything that meant he could spend time with you. Shinsou also noticed that he became more flustered around you. Whenever your hands brushed against each other he could feel a blush growing on his face. He felt butterflies in his stomach when you smiled at him. One time it was so bad that you had believed he was sick, asking him if he was all right. It didn’t help when you pressed your forehead against his to assess his temperature, he practically felt his face explode and his soul leave his body.

After some thought, he had decided to confess. At first he had been worried, worried that people would accuse him of using his quirk on you. It wouldn’t be the first time he was accused of something like that. The thought of it made him sick. Eventually he shrugged it off, let people believe what they wanted, he didn’t care. Shinsou would never use his quirk like that on you. He truly wanted to know how you felt about him and using his quirk would defeat the whole purpose of confessing. 

The day finally came for him to confess, he just had to wait until the end of the school day. He was nervous about confessing at first. Extremely nervous. But as you two talked through out the day he felt his resolve strengthen. Nothing could stop him from confessing. When the day finally ended and everyone was packing away their things he walked over to you. “___, can I speak to you? In private.”

You looked over to him, your usual smile on your face, “Sure, Shinsou! I’m finished putting away my things so lead the way.”

Shinsou took you somewhere secluded. He had planned everything, from where to be to what to say. 

“So, what did you need, Shinsou?”

He took a deep breath and looked you in the eye, wringing his hands anxiously, “I like you and wanted to ask if you’d like to go on a date with me?”

It took you a second to process what he said and in that second he began to backpedal, “Th-that is only if you-”


He looked at you, shock evident in his face. 

“I’d like that, Shinsou. I’d really like that.”

Shinsou felt his heart soar, you liked him back. He could feel a smile make its way to his face, one similar to yours in joy. With you by his side, he felt like he could do anything.

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do you use reshade in you game? or do you raise the saturation when editing? i just loove the colouring in your pics <3

hiya!! Yes, I do use reshade! aaaand yes recently I have starting increasing the vibrance and saturation of my screenshots!! 💛 I actually used to drain a little bit of color out of them, but I’ve been mixing up my editing lately 🌞 d’aw! I’m glad you like it!! heheh <3

@piikuseruu- I’ve added in a before and after for you xo 

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Hiya! <3 Could you do one where the Chocobro's S/O had a rough childhood, and the boys accidently do or say something that brings the bad memories to the forefront of their mind, but cuddles and kisses fix it? I hope you have a wonderful day! And if you chose to not do this ask, no worries! Sorry for botherin :)

I had to do bulk cause I couldn’t come up with enough for Noctis and Prompto.

  • However your flashbacks started (Gladio is most likely going to be in an argument), they’re gonna be shocked when you stop responding.
  • They’ll all go into instant panic mode as they try to get you to respond, lightly shaking you, calling your name, squeezing your hand, etc.
  • When you start to respond again, they won’t push at you despite the thoughts and questions buzzing around their heads.
  • You can tell him when you’re ready, and when you do, they’ll listen.
  • Ignis would stay the most level-headed during this followed by Prompto, then Noctis, and finally Gladio.
  • None of them would speak unless you left room for advice or for a question that needed to be answered.
  • If you start crying during your confession, they’ll rub your back in tight yet gentle circles.
  • If you ever received any scars from your childhood, they’ll be sure to give them gentle kisses and soft rubs from their thumbs.
  • Sure they’ll be angry. Who would do something like this to a child? But they’ll let their anger simmer as they try to keep you calm.
  • In the end, they’ll try to tiptoe around subjects that are hard for you to know or talk about, in fear of seeing you break down and cry from the horrible memories,

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Hello cutie~! Quick question, how would the UF Sans and SF Papyrus react to an S/O with a Perseverance Soul having a play fight with Undyne/Alphys and winning? Need a bit of badassery today, dear, had a little bit of a rough day~ Ta-ta~! <3

Hiya Nurse!!! I hope your day gets better.


Red (Uf Sans): He’s anxious, yes. But he believes in you. But… he also knows that Undyne plays to win. But… he knows your Soul Color. You aren’t going to give up easily. And as much as he hates to admit it… seeing you suplex Undyne turned him on. Pretty soon he’s gonna be cheering from the sidelines. ‘kick her ass, doll!’ 'yeah, roundhouse! just like that.’ He’s just so proud of you for holding your own against Undyne. After you win, expect an arm around your waist and a kiss promising more when you get home *wink wonk*

Rus (Sf Paps): MY NECK, MY BACK, MY ANXIETY ATTACK. He is low-key (high-key) freaking out. Alphys is kinda intense in fights. He’s worried that you might lose or get hurt. But you keep trucking through the fight. You end up winning easier than he anticipated. See… Alphys… doesn’t have much in the way of stamina. So Rus was thanking every holy being he had ever heard of for giving you a perseverance soul. Afterwards, he treats you to Muffet’s and some cuddle time. He especially likes to comment on how badass you are.


For some reason, I love the word 'suplex.’