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Am I the only one who hates the hitmen for hire rants ? I don’t know I find Dylan acting like that so hard to watch. I think as a shy person myself I can relate to how hard it would have been to scream like that in front of a camera it’s just a bit cringe for me.

Haha, you’re probably not alone. Hitmen for Hire makes me cringe a bit too (but sometimes in a way that also makes me laugh). During that looooooong walk up the corridor, Dylan looks so uncomfortable, all stilted with his arms out awkwardly to the sides, and those kids accidentally walking in on the background always reminds me of this scene from The Simpsons. That uber amateur high school-vibe is part of its charm though.

I don’t mind Dylan’s rant as much because it’s fun to see him crack up laughing between takes, as well as some of the other the more natural moments, but I can totally understand how putting yourself in his place as a fellow shy person would make you cringe. Plus the bug-eyed screaming is especially awful to see when you know how he behaved on 4/20.

What I dislike about it most is that it’s become a go-to clip for the media to show out of context - amping up those ‘look at these deranged kids, HOW COULD PEOPLE NOT KNOW’ messages. They never show the laughing scenes. They’d likely argue that they’re justified to show them as scary because what E&D did WAS terrifying, but I think showing the seemingly normal, regular teenager side of them is a far more important message to send. 

Maybe that’s partly why you hate the rants as well? Shy people are often misunderstood by others, so possibly it’s relatable on that level too.

PS I know this is hardly a new query, but why the hell did they get Dylan to walk on the higher pavement when filming outside?!

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Did they show hitman for hire in class?

Eric Veik stated that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold asked him to film a video for them that they needed in Eric’s Government Economic class. The assignment was to create a business. Eric and Dylan came up with the idea of being hitmen. The title of the video was: “Hitmen for Hire and the original title was “Revenge for Hire”.

Eric showed the HMFH video in class and Mr. Tonelli gave him an A for it with a score of 83 out of 90.

Eric’s typed report under the cut

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