Alfred Hitchcock’s “ALIEN”

Few people know that Ridley Scott was not Alien’s original intended director. Scott took over from an ailing Alfred Hitchcock, who began developing the project after finishing Family Plot, which would become his final film.

Scott would completely redesign the film with Hitchcock’s blessing, beginning with the script and reaching new heights with Giger’s designs, and the then-revolutionary concept of making Ripley female, the character having been male in Hitchcock’s version.

Hitchcock was only days from beginning production and his creature designs had already been completed. Seen here is Hitchcock’s concept for the alien:

The creature was to have been made of glass, completely transparent. Its now-infamous life cycle was also to have been very different. Instead of incubating in a human host, Hitchcock’s Alien reproduced by cocooning people and turning them into aliens like itself. Another difference of Hitchcock’s project was that the android Ash was to have been a less humanoid robot, more closely resembling the designs from Disney’s “Black Hole” film. Most of his concepts were far more traditional than Scott’s, and would have yielded what most film analysts describe as a very Hitchcockian, but also very common horror film. Of course Hitchcock was the master of the genre, and what might have become of the project had he lived to complete it cannot be accurately guessed.

Hitchcock did live just long enough to see the final cut of the film under Scott’s direction. He is said to have applauded the film several times on his deathbed and laughed heartily through the entire movie, jumping at the jump scares, and smiling broadly as each victim met their end. His last words are believed to have been in reference to Scott’s accomplishment:

“My God what a tremendous work of terror! I do dearly hope he reboots it in 30 years with ten foot tall white people and a squid.”


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