It’s the boy you never told ‘I l i k e you

                                             It’s the girl you let get a w a y

                                    It’s the one you saw that day on the train

                                     But you freaked out and walked a w a y.


selena gomez meme: favorite music videos : HIT THE LIGHTS

It’s the time that you totally screwed up, still you’re tryna get it out your brain. It’s the fight you had when you didn’t make up, it’s the past that you’re dying to change. It’s all the money that you’re saving, while the good life passes by. It’s all the dreams that never came true,‘cause you’re too damn scared to try.

Motion City Soundtrack Announce ‘Commit This To Memory’ Ten Year Tour

Motion City Soundtrack have announced a Commit This To Memory ten year tour! A slew of bands like The Early November, Hit The Lights, Hawthorne Heights, Copeland, Hellogoodbye, William Beckett, and more will support select dates. Check out the dates below after the jump.

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