So I deflected zaryas ult on the PTR and right after on the americas server. good shit. Honestly the genji nerf is not that bad after all if you know how to play him defensive.

Happy Family | A.I

Ashton could hear the Disney music playing from the moment he got out of the car, a small smile making it’s way onto his face. The moment he stepped through the door, the smell of fresh cookies hit his senses. He made his way through the living room, maneuvering around the blanket fort. Entering the kitchen, his hazel eyes land on the sight of his wife and daughter sitting on the kitchen bench, with chocolate cupcake mixture covering the spoons in their hands. His daughter, a whole three years old with golden locks that resembled his own so well, wore a Cinderella gown, chocolate smeared all over the front and sides of it. His wife looking exactly the way he left her the early hours of this morning. Except now she had a pair of ripped jeans on, his flannel hanging loosely off her body.
“Daddy!” Lucy squealed, her eyes the same colour as her mothers shining brightly at the sight of one of her favourite people. “You’re home!”
He watches as his other half slides off the bench before retrieving their daughter and swinging her onto her hip. It’s like a small game of pass-the-parcel as she hands Ashton the small girl, watching happily as Lucy smooshes Ashton’s face in her small hands before pressing kisses all over her fathers face, squealing when his stubble brushes against her cheek.
“We made you cupcakes.” Lucy tells her father, pointing to a stack of cupcakes on the other kitchen bench. Ashton’s eyes follows his daughters finger.
“What about those one?” Ashton asks pointing to the stack next to the stack Lucy was pointing to.
“They’re mine and mamas. You got ‘nana.” She states, Ashton smiling fondly at the mispronunciation of banana. “Me and mama got Chocolate. But we ate some.” Lucy looks up at him, guilt plastered all over her face. “And the batter.”
“And I saw you made a fort.” Ashton adds.
Lucy nods vigorously. “Mama said we can sleep in there tonight if you said it’s okay.”
Ashton looks at his wife before nodding at his little girl, knowing they’d already be sleeping in there tonight whether he said yes or not.
“You gotta put me down daddy!” She grins. “I gotta go get your pillows!”
Ashton raises his eyebrows at his daughter before putting her down, watching her run off giggling before turning back to his wife. He walks the short distance to her and wraps his arms around her.
“When did she turn into that?” He asks, pressing a kiss to her forehead.
“She’s half you, she’s always been like that.”
He shakes his head. “No, I mean when did she turn into an actual toddler?”
She laughs. “Somewhere through the middle of your last tour.”
“Well then, it’s a good thing there’s another one on the way then, isn’t it?” He grins, his hand going to her slightly protruding baby belly. She watches as Lucy zooms past them before nodding.
“I guess it is.” She agrees.