Requested: Baking cookies as a prompt! 

A/N: This really doesn’t have a lot about actually baking cookies but oh well. This is for @mikeys-jet-black-demons

“Touch me with that hand and I swear it will be the last time you ever use it,” she snapped.

Michael and her spent much of the morning baking cookies for the holidays. The small apartment had taken on the scent of fresh cookie dough and cinnamon. Christmas music played faintly in the background as Y/N worked on rolling the dough to the perfect size. Michael, while helpful at first, had been banished from the pre-baking portion of cookie making after he ate a perfectly shaped ball of dough before it hit the oven.

Baking cookies was supposed to be a together activity though, so she put him in charge of decorating the already done sugar cookies.

It was going well too. In fact, Michael only defaced one snowman before he got serious about the decorating. She kept reminding him that they had to be perfect — had to be better than he sisters cookies, who everyone ate at her family’s celebration.

And then, she heard the faintest “oops” followed by his laughter.

“Look babe! I’ve been slimed!” Michael said, approaching her with his right hand covered in green frosting.

“What did you do?”

“D’know, the bag just exploded,” he shrugged. “I’ve been infected!”

Michael reached out to touch him when she jerked away from him, her arms folding across her chest. She moved around the island, Michael following on her heels, hand outstretched ready to muck up her Christmas apron.

“Touch me with that hand and I swear it will be the last time you ever use it,” she snapped.

He stopped, clutching the island to keep himself from falling over. The hand covered in green frosting hung at his side while the other moved from the island to cover his mouth, muffling the laughter threatening to spoil his plan.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

Michael could hear the worry in her voice. He knew she was nervous as she approached him cautiously, placing her hand tenderly on his back. He almost felt bad, almost. Slowly, without her noticing, he reached the hand dangling at his side behind him. Before she realized what was happening, green frosting was getting smudged across her cheek.

“Dammit Michael,” she shrieked, slapping his arm away from her.

He doubled over in laughter. Eyes brimmed with tears when he looked up to find her glaring at him. She tossed the rag to the side when she caught him staring, optioning instead for the knife sitting to her left.

“You better say bye to your hand,” she said.

“Mm I think you should be saying bye. It is the hand with your favorite fingers.” He winked before blowing you a kiss.

“I hate you,” she grumbled, rolling her eyes.

“Love you too,” he said, sticking his tongue out. “Now quit playing games. We have cookies to finish!”

I finally got a recording of her being hyper!! It doesn’t happen much!
She might be trying to play with the cats but they don’t care.

The Signs As Babies
  • Aries: Steals everyone's cookies and hits them if they get mad
  • Taurus: Cries when Aries takes their cookies cuz they don't like sharing; decides to take a nap cuz Aries is stronger
  • Gemini: Throwing tantrums and trying to tell on Aries, but they don't know how to talk yet so they just cry
  • Cancer: Is happy just cuddling their teddy bear
  • Leo: Gets in a fight with Aries cuz they are not putting up with their bs
  • Virgo: Sulking in the corner of the playpen
  • Libra: Running around and hitting things with their toys
  • Scorpio: That one baby that never cries, just stares
  • Sagittarius: The self-proclaimed leader of the group; tries to get everyone to go on adventures like climbing over the playpen or opening the oven
  • Capricorn: The mature one of the group; tries to control Sagittarius cuz they are not trying to get in trouble
  • Aquarius: Speaking in their own made up language and making friends with their dolls
  • Pisces: Crying really loudly
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