Underrated Toni Braxton: Hit the Freeway ft Loon.  This was my shit.


Toni Braxton ft. Loon - Hit The Freeway


Hit the Freeway - Toni Braxton


Hit the Freeway - Toni Braxton Feat. Loon

Omg I remember listening to this song when I was in middle school :). Got stuck in my head today, hahaha <3


Undeniably Toni Braxton and Loon take the 1st place! 

Toni has always been one of my favourite singers and definitely my choice of company during break ups and relationship lows. Her beautiful voice accompanied with her grace and sexiness just makes her unforgettably catchy! She’s made a few remarkable songs, won 6 Grammy’s and has always conveyed a strong message of girl power!

So take it from Toni a sexy, strong single woman and say farewell to your past and say hello to your future!

“Farewell my lonely one,
Nothing else you can deny (so hit the freeway)
I don’t ever wanna see you again
You didn’t do me right so
So long, goodbye, goodnight (so hit the freeway)
Maybe in some other life,
I’ll see you again.”

Happy love day survival!

<3 V

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A tour bus was engulfed in flames after it hit a fence on Freeway No. 2 near Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan, on Tuesday, July 19, killing at least 26 people on board. All the tourists killed were from Liaoning, in northeast China, according to Central News Agency, quoting Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau. Credit: 1412352402 (王瑤瑤)