Hit The Ground Running

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He also made Gabrielle, The Best Vampire Ever so i think that makes up for the fussy eater and the crimes against nature. Though I guess Gabrielle also made Lestat...

She is pretty self-made as a vampire, tho; she hit the ground running biting, didn’t let him teach her very much! In fact, it’s his own experience as an orphaned fledgling, and w/ Gabrielle as his first, that probably convinced him that he didn’t need to teach his later fledglings all that much, that they could learn things on their own for the most part.

Lestat and Gabrielle have a complicated relationship… His Oedipus is showing…

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yall tryin to justify shipping j*shaya by saying maya looks “finally happy” when yall dont realize that josh is throwing all her hopes up in the air on to run before she hits the ground

Networking in a new industry can be daunting for even the most socially adept. Here’s how to dissolve the nerves.

Networking is research-proven to be the overwhelmingly best way to land a job, better than job board hunting and recruiter services.

But for most of us–introverts, especially–selling oneself as a “brand” doesn’t come naturally. Something as small as fully owning the skills section of your resume feels like pulling your own teeth; shoving yourself out the door to walk into a room of strangers feels like a root canal.

Here’s how to calm the nerves and awkwardness that come with wading into a crowd of industry pros, in search of your next big break:

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Hogwarts House Aesthetics


Coffee stains on their work, messy handwriting squeezed into the corners of pages, curling up in front of the fire place, laying outside in the sun with the wind in their hair, chipped nail polish, scuffed shoes, hot chocolate with a sprinkling of cinnamon, earphones tied in a knot, whistling along the corridors, being breathless, wide grins and messy hair, feet hitting hard on the ground as they run, falling asleep in the oddest positions


Grass stains on knees, wrinkled sheets of paper falling out of their notebooks, a strand of hair always is out of place, squeaking of their shoes on the floors, always reminding their friends they love them, taking in deep breaths of fresh air, laughing until their stomachs hurt, singing or humming songs under their breaths, notes to themselves written in the borders of the pages of their books, blankets wrapped around them


Ink stains on their hands, wrinkled shirts, sitting by the Black Lake studying, fixing their hair, hair ties on their wrists, calm music, long showers, doodles in the corners of pages of their notebooks, stretching after sitting in the same position for hours, sleeves rolled up, wide yawns and sleepy voices after staying up way too late, piles of books they promise to read, picking at their nail polish when in class bored


Make up stains on their clothes, drinking glasses or hands, shirts tucked into trousers/skirts, drinking tea/coffee in the mornings to wake up, looking at the stars at night, ice cold water, heels on wood/marble flooring, secrets glances at their crushes across the room, loud music blasting through headphones, songs that get the adrenaline pumping, fingers skimming over water before throwing stones in, slinking into the background because they don’t want undeserved attention

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"things you didn't say at all" or "things you said with too much space between us" lirry pls 💀

well this is a bit of a literal take on things you didn’t say at all, but i figure it’d be good to dip back into the post-apocalypse verse a bit!

Liam wakes to Harry’s hand on his face, his fingers gently tapping his cheeks until his eyes crack open. He can’t see much of anything in the darkness, nothing but a faint ring of light of Harry’s eyes. Liam’s so used to them looking so dark and empty, it startles him a little to find light in them.

“Time?” Liam whispers, his throat still weak with sleep. He can barely make out Harry nodding as his eyes adjust to the dark. He swallows hard and nods back, tossing the threadbare blanket off of him.

His bare feet hit the cold ground, and it strikes Liam that this is the last time he’ll feel this cement under his feet. He’s nearly giddy with it, but he doesn’t count his victories before they’re won.

Harry grabs his hands just before they take their place on either side of the door. He squeezes at them, pressing in some message Liam isn’t sure he understands, and he’s about to ask when Harry drops them and gets into position.

Liam’s breath holds silent in his chest, the familiar anticipation building in his chest. It’s just another mission, it’s just another battle. He’s got warrior’s marks up his arms to prove he’s got what it takes to survive. It’s just another mission, it’s just another battle.

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No more excuses: Stop procrastinating and get to work with these tips.

One of the biggest problems you need to solve if you work for yourself is how to make yourself do work.

The best entrepreneurs have figured it out and just pound out the work they need to do.

But many others put off their dream careers, or stay in jobs they don’t like, because they’re afraid to figure this out. Being in a job, or staying in college, means that you have someone else imposing work and deadlines on you, and you’ll get fired (or dropped from school) if you don’t do the work. So you put off doing the work until you can’t anymore because of the fear of being fired.

What does this say about us? It’s saying that we can’t trust ourselves enough to figure out how to motivate ourselves. I know, because I was in this boat for many years. It wasn’t until I started to learn to solve this problem that I found the courage to work for myself.

It’s solvable. It’s not easy, but it’s doable. And you can do it just as much as I can–I’m no superman, trust me. I feel lazy, I procrastinate, I fear failure, just like anyone else. But I’ve learned a few things that work for me.

What works for you will be different, but here are some ideas I use that might help:

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happy september, everyone

Tried everything to organize your priorities better, and still end up scattered? Try these outside-the-box ideas for sorting your day.

The hardest part is getting started.

When there’s a long list that needs tackling every day, the hardest part is tackling what needs to be done first. You may feel intimidated to start your next big project or pull your colleague aside for an awkward, but much-needed confrontation.

And prioritizing isn’t getting any easier. In his book Present Shock, Douglas Rushkoff blames this modern-day condition on our “continuous, always-on ‘now’“ world which has made us lose our sense of direction.

Successful people know that planning, organizing, and protecting your time is no easy feat, but if you don’t have your priorities straight, who will? Below are four unconventional methods that keep the brightest minds focus on exactly what they need to:

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Smog - Hit The Ground Running

Want to be a better storyteller? Comedian and writer Ophira Eisenberg shares the secrets of how to connect with your audience.

A story well-told is powerful. It grips us and keeps us engaged, then leave us somewhat changed–perhaps a little happier, more understanding, or determined–because of it. Good storytelling skills can be a powerful asset in business, helping you in every area from presentations to crafting a great rationale for a new project.

Ophira Eisenberg tells good stories. A stand-up comedian, radio host, and writer, she is a frequent host of popular New York City story slams staged by The Moth, a nonprofit dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling. She says the rise of social media has played a huge role in our renewed interest in storytelling.

“People want something more meaty than 140 characters,“ she says. "So we go back to storytelling and maybe to revitalizing the human connection.”

Whether it’s about business or life, Eisenberg says good stories have several common elements:

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