Hit Record

I’m Not Her

​A/N: This is kind of sad, in this Hayden actually died in 5x10 (no hate against layden) and this is set quite a bit after that. It’s cute though eventually :)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar X Reader

Summary: The reader and Liam have a FWB, and she quickly develops feelings that she thinks are unreciprocated.

Warnings: SMUT, swearing, angst, eventual fluff

Word count: 4.5K

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In this campaign spot, actor, musician, and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte sits down with JFK to discuss equal opportunity.

Belafonte, who had starred in the film Carmen Jones and Island in the Sun, and had the hit record Calypso in the 1950s, was also active in the civil rights movement. He was mentored by Paul Robeson and was a friend and supporter of Martin Luther King Jr.

I was in my studio tonight. And I had this poem on my mind that I had written some time ago for this incredibly beautiful person. It is because of her that I do what love to do. And she sometimes doesn’t see how much she has grown since I met her. I wrote that poem to remind her of that. Anyway, I started playing. Just what came to mind. At some point i just hit record and went on for a while.

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