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History of Punk (Saturday Night Live) (by NBC)

“And what about Margaret Thatcher?”

“–I like her.”

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I heard bad things about this past week’s SNL, but this skit is fuckin’ brilliant.


Like Nick, I didn’t recognize the name Jeffrey Lewis either. Then when I looked up the song Nick is going to cover, it hit me all at once. I had seen Jeffrey Lewis’ video “the history of punk,” years prior when I was about 18. He was the entire reason I started covering my guitar with stickers. Of course I was silly not to realize he was an accomplished singer himself and didn’t look up his music. But now that I have I can see he’s musically wonderful and intelligent in multiple ways! Full circle.

- Sivia


On this day, November 5th, in 1977, Uxbridge, London punk rock band the Lurkers released their 2nd single “Freak Show.” The song, which summed up the anxiety of blind dates, featured cover art done by Savage Pencil.

The Lurkers were the first band to release a record on Beggars Banquet label and this single was the label’s 2nd release.