History is written by the Winners

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Fic Rec Days, Day 3: Yuri!!! on Ice

These fics were born to make history your night!

Victuri One Shots
a certain playboy by @wbtrashking
Summary: @v-nikiforov - The handsome playboy has returned to town. Please pay special attention to my Free Skate tomorrow. ♥♥♥

There’s no way that Victor, Yuuri’s childhood idol, could be calling Yuuri a handsome playboy, just because they’d met eyes at two skating events. Besides, a total stranger had given Yuuri the tickets. It would be totally absurd.

Yuuri frowns, turning his head on the pillow. Wouldn’t it?

Comments: A well-written and very amusing AU in which Yuuri not only retires but doesn’t skate “Stay Close to Me” to Yuko that fateful day. And yet Victor still finds his life-and-love-giving beauty.

Cute Young Man Yo Who The F Is This? by TheSecretUchiha
Summary: Chris gives Yuuri Viktor’s number.

He just doesn’t tell him it’s Viktor’s…

“If you want a kiss, I’ll give you one when you get here.”

“Hahaha, not from you. Thanks though Chris.”

Viktor stares at the message in confusion.



Wait, what?

Comments: A funny AU in which Chris plays matchmaker between Yuuri and Victor before the Grand Prix Final from episode 1…by being a sneaky son of a bitch. XD

on top of the world by @ladydaredevil
Summary:  In which Victor doesn’t believe in secret identities, Yuuri’s not quite sure how any of this happened and together, they fight crime! (Also the supervillain community as a whole is pretty harmless.)

Comments: This superhero!AU was hilarious, especially the part where Chris fights in his underwear (no, I’m not making that up!). And the high concentrations of sweetness was right up my alley for once.

Breathe In, Breathe out by @blessedburial
Summary: Yuuri was never one to talk to people about his feelings- or his anxiety for that matter. He always hid away in his bathroom when the attacks came, but this time he has a panic attack on the ice and Viktor must step up to take care of him.

Comments: A sweet hurt/comfort fic in which Victor helps Yuuri through an anxiety attack. (TW: panic/anxiety attack).

The Scrapbook by @helly-watermelonsmellinfellon
Summary: Mama Hiroko has just given Victor the goldmine of Katsuki Yuuri photos!

Comments: Domestic dorkiness that you can’t help but laugh at and love.

Skin Deep by @selenaestella
Summary: Viktor really, really doesn’t want to go out like this. Or do much of anything, in fact. Luckily, Yuuri is there to keep him company.

Comments: Cute one-shot–with little bits of humor (Victor, you’re so extra sometimes XD)–where Yuuri comforts Victor during an eczema breakout.

Multi-Chapter Fics
It Doesn’t Have To Be a Lie by Recesskup
Summary: Yuuri is not outgoing. That’s why when Phichit supplies Viktor as his fake boyfriend he’s bringing home for Christmas he nearly dies on the spot. And in all honesty, he’s not quite sure how he managed to convince Viktor Nikiforov to play the role of his pretend boyfriend. And he’s even more at a loss for words when he remembers he has to go along with this for two weeks.

Or- The pretend relationship AU where Yuuri is a shy Dance Major and Viktor is the attractive, outgoing Art/Photography Major and Phichit is the worst wingman ever.

Comments: This is such a sweet fic with bits of angst and humor. And of course, pining dorks.

i see quiet nights poured over ice by @ohhotlamb
Summary: He’s a despicable man, but what he offers is the truth. I’ll make you a winner, he says. And he knows—

This is one thing that Yuuri can’t refuse.

Comments: AU in which Victor really is the infamous playboy and thinks that Yuuri will be just another conquest–until he catches feels, that is. Now, I never, ever enjoy stories involving playboys, but man is this a good read/twist.

By Fate’s Side by @megalohdon  
Summary: Yuuri Katsuki is 23 years old and in the prime of his choreography career, when a sudden poor performance by one of the skaters who contracted him causes them to subsequently retire all together and drag him into a grey mass of uncertainty. Taking a day off for himself, Yuuri takes to Ice Castle Hasetsu for some quality relaxation time, and manages to spark the curiosity of Viktor Nikiforov himself after performing his own rendition of “Stay Close to Me”. The skater is drawn in, but will the dancer so easily be swayed by his proposal? Only time, determination, and a lot of work will tell.

Comments: I just love it when fic writers switch up the dynamic between Yuuri and Victor, and choreographer! Yuuri AU is no exception. There’s only been two chapters so far, but I’m really intrigued as to how Yuuri’s bet with Victor will play out.

Melodies Unheard, but Felt All The Same by @helly-watermelonsmellinfellon
Summary: Yuuri wanted to make history as the first deaf man to win the Grand Prix Final. Of course he’s a little skeptical of Victor Nikiforov’s presence, especially considering the reactions from others who have learned about his lack of hearing.But Victor proves to be different, and Yuuri appreciates that. Now all that’s left is to tell the figure skating world about it.

Comments: It’s not every day I come across a disability AU, and certainly not one as well-written and researched as this. I love how the writer just molds the story–and the characters–into something unique and their own.

Love Doesn’t Discriminate, Between the Winners and the Fakes, It Skates and It Skates and It Skates by TheSecretUchiha
Summary: And we keep winning anyway, we laugh and we cry and we break and we accidentally swap bodies with Viktor Nikiforov just before he performs.(The soul mate body swap AU)


Yuuri opens his eyes and there’s an angry man speaking Russian at him and a crowd of expectant fans waiting for a performance by the best skater in the world.

Phichit is going to love this one.

Comments: This–from Victor comforting Yuuri on several occasions to accidentally making him a meme (and Phichit capitalizing on said meme, ‘cause you know he would)–is such a sweet and hilarious soulmate AU, and I can’t wait to read more.

Poster Child by @lesbianmilababicheva
Summary: Since Yuuri was a child, he dreamed of headlining a show beside his idol Victor Nikiforov. When Victor suddenly leaves the scene to become a fashion designer he thinks those dreams are dead…until he asks Yuuri to become not only his muse but his star model.

Comments: There’s been only one chapter so far, but I’m liking what I’m seeing from this fashion designer/model AU! Plus, it has ChubbyModel! Yuuri, so how can I resist?

Non-Victuri Fics
Accidents by @onceandalwaysenglishmajor
Pairing: Leo x Guang Hong (Leoji)
Summary: Guang-Hong: About a week ago I accidentally made out with Leo.

Phichit: Really?

Guang-Hong: Yes.

Phichit: You accidentally made out with Leo.

Guang-Hong: Yes.

Phichit: Accidentally.

Guang-Hong: Yes.

Phichit: I don’t understand, did you trip over something?

Comments: Adorable leoji one-shot where Phichit fixes a misunderstanding.

For You, For Me by Val_Creative
Pairing: Leo x Guang Hong
Summary: Leo shares his headphones with Guang-Hong, making him flustered about how close they are. Having an unrequited crush feels disappointing, until maybe it’s just not unrequited at all.

Comments: Love the amount–and blending–of description and emotion in this little one-shot.

Wow, He’s Amazing by LalodyBear
Pairing: Yuri Plisetsky x Minami
Summary: Yuri has always wanted to be amazing for his soulmate.

Comments: Very in-character soulmate AU one-shot where Yuri strives to be the best skater he can be for his soulmate. Oh, and vague wording is a bitch.

Closest at Heart by HappyTreasuree
Pairing: Leo x Guang Hong 
Summary: The older boy came to a practiced stop in front of where Guang Hong was frozen on the ice. 

“Can you not skate? I can teach you if you want!” the boy kindly offered.

“I can skate! I came all the way from China to skate here!” Guang Hong said indignantly; however, it was in rapid Chinese. He knew the stranger most likely couldn’t understand him, but he didn’t know enough English to respond, and he wasn’t just going to let this kid get away with thinking he was some amateur. It was confirmed that the other boy had no idea what he said from his shocked look. Guang Hong sighed, he wasn’t very confident in his ability to respond to a native speaker, so, he decided he’d show the other instead.

In which when Guang Hong Ji first came to America he was bewildered by the clean air, fashion styles, people’s demeanors, and most of all by the interesting boy he met on his first day at the American ice rink.

Comments: Cute, slow burn multi-chapter fic that explores Guang Hong’s and Leo’s potential past together.

And last, but not least, a very special mention to @narootos/@wbtrashking’s Reverse AU! It’s probably one of my fave–if not absolute fave–AU dynamics! You can read the fics here or at @yoireverse!


“You know how to whistle, don’t you?  You just put your lips together and blow.” - Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not (1944).

Although it’s the only film in history written by a Nobel prize winner, based on a novel by another Nobel prize winner, the classic line was written by Howard Hawks when he was testing her for her film debut.  He liked the line and Lauren’s delivery so much he asked Faulkner to develop a scene around it.

I’m not trying to minimize the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust, but there were about 5 million other minority groups who were also killed that need to be brought up more in the classroom, and I say this because people freaked out that Trump didn’t specifically address Jewish victims of the Holocaust in his remembrance speech and took it to mean he was antisemetic.

And while we’re at it, no one talks about the millions more who died under Communism because the two countries where it was practiced (China and Russia) were our allies in WWII, and after all, “history is written by the winners,” so because they weren’t the Nazis they were more or less deemed “the good guys”.

To say the least, we have a very skewed understanding of just what went on during WWII that was less clear-cut between “heroes and villains” than we would like to believe.

  • Howard: Alfred Wallace created the theory of evolution years before Darwin, but it's Darwin's theory of evolution. Nikola Tesla invented alternating current, but all the power companies are named after Thomas Edison. So why are Darwin and Edison famous, and Tesla and Wallace footnotes? Because history is written by the winners. You get your name on it first, you get it out there the most, and twenty years later, you invented it.
The Reader Project #1 (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Au: The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion (kinda)

Summary: Lin, a 37-year-old single successful actor and playwright who has had no real success in romantic relationships, creates a checklist to be filled out by any and all interested bachelorettes in effort to find the perfect girl for him to silence his mother’s nagging for Lin to find love and to provide her with grandchildren. Reader works in a bar in Midtown Manhattan while getting her Master of Music from Juilliard.  

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Word Count: 1291

He had found a solution to the Wife/Baby Problem, maybe.  At the age of 37, Lin-Manuel Miranda had accomplished so much.  He had written and starred in two highly successful Broadway shows, one of which recently having had the highest-grossing season in Broadway history, written music for a Disney film, for which he was given an Oscar nomination, been a Tony Award nominee and winner.  To say that this man was highly decorated with accomplishments would be an understatement.  However, this same Oscar nominated, Tony Award-winning, genius was highly unaccomplished in the romance department, not having had a real, stable relationship since his college years.  

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It Was More Than This

And the monuments
become meaninglessness
as history is cast aside
as irrelevant
Apologetic dialectic
didactically redacted rewrites
ignoring the real truth
that history is not a book
has never been about facts
is not self aware or self effacing
history is not winners and losers
facts and names and numbers,
It is the story
of those who lived,
the unnoticed never written
experiences of people
unfortunate enough to be alive
during “historical” times,
People who had no idea
how the story would end,
who hoped for survival
not happily ever after,
The monuments speak now
of simplified narratives of good or bad
but to those who lived
in what is now a reduction of events,
whatever words are etched in stone
or cover dingy bronze plaques
are only the vaguest echo
of days and years spent yearning
for more ordinary times


This June we’re celebrating the books that bring light to the reason that Pride Month exists. Read on for 8 YA books with extraordinary LGBTQ voices that crawled into our hearts and didn’t leave.

1. Stonewall: Breaking Out in the Fight for Gay Rights: An unflinching look into the history of the Gay Rights movement, starting with the Stonewall riots in 1969, which triggered an explosive demand for gay rights. 

2. Hold Me Closer: Irresistible, hilarious Tiny Cooper (from Will Grayson, Will Grayson) takes center stage in his own story, written as the most fantastic musical ever produced!

3. Grasshopper Jungle: Austin has equally deep feelings for his best friend and his girlfriend in Andrew Smith’s intense, complex Printz Honor book. 

4. I’ll Give You the Sun: You’ll fall for Jude as he vividly describes falling for the charismatic boy next door in Jandy Nelson’s Printz Award winner.

5. Vast Fields of Ordinary: Experiencing both true love with a mysterious new boy and unforeseen tragedy in one summer, Dade’s story is hopeful and heartbreaking at the same time. 

6. Everything Leads to You: Talented set designer Emi hasn’t been able to design a love life that’s more than make-believe – until a mysterious letter leads her to Ava. 

7. On the Count of Three: Nina, Avery, and Mel haven’t been apart since age 11, but when Nina comes back from a summer in California, she’s an outsider – because Avery and Mel have started dating. A bittersweet, honest look at first love and changing friendships.

8. My Most Excellent Year: When T.C. falls in love with pretty, sassy Al, it feels black and white – but for his best friend Augie, who’s drawn to a boy, it’s not so clear…even if its obvious to his family and friends. 

What would you add to this list? 

lazypsychictheorist  asked:

Hello! I recently had a class about forensics (I'm a political science student) and we learned that it's quite a recent field, with Alphonse Bertillon etc that roughly goes back to the 19th century. Since it's not my main field, we didn't go further than that. Thus, I wondered if you knew a bit more of history about this. Are there records of forensics procedures in Ancient cultures? In non-European cultures especially? Thanks :)

Hey there @ lazypsychictheorist. Forensic Science as we know and love today is a VERY recent field of scientific inquiry, having only been established in the early 20th century. In fact, the very first crime laboratory was established by Edmond Locard in Lyons, France in 1910.

That is not to say that before then, criminal investigations were a wild west of baseless queries. Besides Bertillon, some early workers in what is now considered to be Forensic Science are (in no particular order) Sir Francis Galton (who began the development of fingerprint examinations), Sir Francis Bacon (credited with the development of the Scientific Method), and Henry Goddard (responsible for the first forensic ballistics case). In many instances, forensic science was becoming more and more prevalent to criminal investigations in the early 19th century, but was not officially a field of study until Locard. 

Earlier than that we must look to Ancient China. The earliest, and most famous case that we know of comes from the 13th century. In this case, a farmer had been killed; There were multiple suspects all claiming innocence. However, those in charge of determining who had done it noticed that flies were swarming around the blade of only one of the suspects scythes. The flies were attracted to the lingering scent of blood, despite it having been wiped away. The man who owned that scythe was arrested, later confessed and this was all recorded in a book titled Xi Yuan Lu. Google can tell you more about that case but I’ve done my best to retell it here.  

Other than that, I cannot find any other instances of ancient forensic procedures, and none whatsoever from a non-European prospective. That’s the problem with history- its written by the winners, and Julius Caesar was a dick.

Light-to-Dark Series: Clio, the Muse of history and poetry

Stories are written for friends and lovers. History is written from desperate winners and hopeless romantics. How many words are strung together out of endless sorrow and forsaken relationships? She knows the power words have over humanity and lets them drown in the emptiness of wanting more.

for @therepublicofletters

reasons why you should read “the girl of fire and thorns” by rae carson as soon as humanly possible:

  • yo what up most feminist book series in ya literature since the dawn of tamora pierce holy shit
  • features a poc cast that closely lines up with latin@s but it’s a fantasy world so not exactly
  • almost every single person is poc, the ones who are not are the bad guys this is super important
  • main character is very overweight in the beginning of the story and it’s the most realistic depiction of body image issues i’ve ever read
  • fantasy series you guys
  • eventually the main character loses weight BUT it’s earned and she doesn’t become automatically skinny, she’s still large but is super proud of her efforts in gaining muscle
  • i seriously want to emphasize this because she’s still “overweight” compared to other body types but she is healthy and that distinction matters so damn much
  • this main character’s name is elisa btw
  • she’s a “chosen one” but it’s not a surprise to her, she was raised with that knowledge and on some level it fucks her up
  • she’s got nerves of steel
  • character development what the hell so much character development
  • so she’s a princess, and gets married off in the first chapter on her motherfucken 16th birthday to secure an alliance
  • except was that the reason tho
  • there’s a religious element but it’s much closer to fantasy than like christian lit not that there’s anything wrong with that but if religion in your young adult reading makes you uncomfortable don’t even sweat it
  • also the religious stuff is closely linked with QUESTION AUTHORITY/history was written by the winners
  • court intrigue, war, espionage, magic, destiny v. choice, romance
  • hold up lemme tell you about this romance thing
  • the “love triangle” gets resolved by the end of book 1 and i won’t spoil you but dude, seriously, rae carson is takes some risks here
  • romance is also secondary to the characters
  • elisa always puts her job/duty/responsibility first and thinks with her head because she’s busy BUT she also takes control of her sexuality it is perfect she is perfect
  • btw did i mention she’s extra smart? tactician and politician and when she’s wrong she admits her mistakes
  • lots of ladies
  • nuanced, varied cast of ladies operating in shades of grey, all strong in their own ways and not afraid to show it
  • holy shit the ladies and their badass selves
  • queens everywhere! you get a queen, you get a queen, look under your seats, everybody gets a queen
  • guys as soon as you read this series we are talking about elisa and cosme and mara and alodia and did i leave some ladies out yes i did because there are lots of ladies and i love all of them
  • also hector, we are going to talk about hector
  • it is sacrilege to read this book and not talk about sir hector, captain of the king’s guard okay

i will stand a top a mountain and sing praises of this series until i die it is fantastic. if you follow me you will know to trust me on this, do yourself a favor and change your life for the better


On this day in music history: May 17, 1986 - “On My Own” by Patti LaBelle & Michael McDonald hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 4 weeks, also topping the Hot 100 for 3 weeks on June 14, 1986. Written and produced by Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager, it is the second solo chart topper for the veteran Philadelphia, PA born R&B vocalist, and the second chart topping for McDonald. Issued as the first single from the album “Winner In You”, LaBelle initially cuts the track twice with producer Richard Perry. When the results are disappointing, songwriters Bacharach and Sager offer to produce the song instead. They re-cut the track with a group of crack L.A. studio musicians that include pop music producers David Foster and Peter Wolf (synthesizers), Dann Huff (guitars), Neil Stubenhaus (bass), Greg Phillinganes (Yamaha DX-7 synthesizer), Carlos Vega (drums), Paulinho DaCosta (percussion) and Burt Bacharach himself (piano). LaBelle adds her vocals, but all agree that something is still missing. LaBelle invites singer Michael McDonald to add his vocals to the song, turning it into a duet. Besides recording their vocals at separate times, the two singers are also in different cities when the music video is filmed, pairing them together in split screen. In fact, the two vocalists do not actually meet each other in person until they perform the song live on The Tonight Show. “On My Own” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

anonymous asked:

Maybe Moon used Toffee to learn the Darkest Spell and when it messed her head up, she shot Toffee's finger off before snapping back to her senses?

Well, the tapestry made it look like there was some kind of duel going on (but history is written by the winners, so it may have been very well a lie -but I doubt it… for now), so I assume that Moon learned that from someone else (Eclipsa?).

anonymous asked:

So, for the meredith post, are you forgetting that the previous viscount was extorting money from the Orlesian navy and lynched the knight-commander who preceded meredith?

Hi, Anonymous person!

I dunno. Perhaps I am! Are you forgetting that history is written by the victors, and that the Chantry and Orlais have been collectively winning at Thedas for about 900 years now? Because I’m not!

One thing I really love about Dragon Age is the worldbuilding. It keeps me coming back even when I’m questioning the writers’ morals and politics. I know it’s not perfect, and there are mistakes and plot holes, but on the whole the Codex entries are fantastic. In Inquisition, finding a Codex entry will make me happier than completing a quest.

They feel real. You get these wonderful texts from Chantry officials and nobles and other interested parties explaining that it’s perfectly reasonable to kidnap mages and subject them to lifelong imprisonment, and that the elves should be grateful for the existence of alienages, and that the Orlesian empire has been doing its holy duty in invading and slaughtering anyone who doesn’t agree exactly with its official religion.

In short, like a not insignificant amount of real history written by winners, by the rich and the powerful and the people with a vested interest in convincing posterity that their actions were completely and utterly justified and that their enemies deserved their miserable fates, the official history is generally full of shit.

That the Chantry lies is just a fact. It lies to everyone, including its own people. To pick a not-insignificant plot point from Inquisition, it comes as a complete surprise to Cassandra Pentaghast, Seeker and Right Hand of the Divine, that the Seekers have known how to cure Tranquility for centuries, and that she herself was subjected to the procedure. They will cheerfully rewrite history, if it suits them. They will murder witnesses. They will cover up atrocities. Show me a Chantry source and I’ll show you a text I’m going to take with a whole bucket of salt. 

Reading a Chantry source and saying you know about Kirkwall is like saying you read Shakespeare’s Richard III and now know all about the Wars of the Roses.

Dragon Age 2 is particularly good about this. I know it suffers from being rushed, and from some uninspired level design, but I think it remains Bioware’s most ambitious game. It is the story of the powerless trying to wrest control of the narrative from the powerful. You see it in gameplay: a Hawke who tries to expose the Chantry’s attacks on the Qunari or its brutal treatment of the mages will get absolutely nowhere. Anders ends the game with a powerful demonstration of the fact that the Chantry couldn’t give a fuck about justice: they will murder the mages as retribution for the destruction of the Chantry because that’s what they’ve always been planning to do, and the fact that he’s sitting there quietly, waiting to be arrested, means nothing to them.

It’s also the framing narrative. It’s the point of the whole thing. The Chantry has views on Hawke, and on what happened in Kirkwall. Varric has a different story. It’s one the Chantry isn’t going to like much at all. It doesn’t mean that every word he says is necessarily true either (at bare minimum he’s lying about his knowledge of Hawke’s whereabouts, and I’m inclined to think there are parts of the story that make more sense if Varric is lying), but the fact remains that his is the kind of voice the Chantry would normally suppress. Which is part of the reason why Cassandra is interrogating him in a darkened room far from the public eye.

So, with all that, we come to Perrin Threnhold.

First things first: have you forgotten that Orlais occupied Kirkwall until 8:05 Blessed? They arrived to liberate the city from the Qunari, and then thought they might as well own the place. They do that. Nor did they courteously go home after a while: the Marchers rose up and kicked them out. Orlais has an empire. It grabs territory whenever it can. Sometimes the locals manage to win their freedom, but the Orlesians are always looking to take the land back.

Perrin Threnhold, we are told:

Used the ancient chains extending from “the Twins” standing at Kirkwall’s harbor—unused since the New Exalted Marches—to block sea traffic and charge exorbitant fees from Orlesian ships.

 History of Kirkwall: Chapter 4

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I were the ruler of a prosperous but underdefended port city that was always likely to be a prize for the Orlesians, I’d want to be able to control who could sail a fleet of ships through my territory. I might also want some damn reparations from the Orlesian empire, although it’s worth remembering that the word ‘exorbitant’ comes from a Chantry source.

Here’s the thing: there’s no right way to handle Orlais. There’s nothing you can do that can guarantee they won’t be ruling you tomorrow. Nevarra let them in and got occupied. The Dales tried to keep them out and got conquered. There’s no perfect strategy in dealing with an empire, which, unless it loses enough territory in one go to significantly weaken it, is always going to have the resources to have another stab at you tomorrow. There’s only the strategy that works today. If you’re Maric Theirin, then your fight with Orlais is going to go really well. If you’re Perrin Threnhold, yours is going to go really badly. Consequently, we get stories about Maric the hero and Perrin the monster.

Shit, look at poor Bran, beating off invaders with a stick. The fight goes on.

You say ‘extorting money from the Orlesian navy’ like I should be scandalised! Appalled! Oh the poor Orlesian navy, however will they sail around invading and exploiting people when there are giant chains in their way!

In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m not appalled. :)

What I can’t be sure of, because the sources don’t provide enough detail, is whether this was, at the time, a sound strategy that went badly wrong, or a dreamer’s plan that was always doomed to fail.

I do know that the Dragon Age was considered to be a time of political turmoil, and Orlais started the century by getting its arse kicked in Ferelden. Quite possibly Perrin saw an opportunity in both the strife and Orlais’s losses. He may well have been right; despite threats, Orlais didn’t invade, and if Orlais isn’t throwing its weight around it’s generally because it can’t. What Perrin didn’t count on was the perfidy of the Templar Order, and that was a fatal error.

Lynched the knight-commander, you say? Well, sure, let’s start there. I mean, come on: if Knight-Commander Guylian didn’t want to be treated as an enemy soldier, maybe he shouldn’t have acted as an agent of a foreign power and used the military might of his Order to coerce the damn Viscount. Just a thought.

But hang on a minute, because I’m inclined to think it’s worse than that:

Knight-Commander Guylian’s only written comment was in a letter to Divine Beatrix III: “It is not our place to interfere in political affairs. We are here to safeguard the city against magic, not against itself.” The divine, as a friend to the emperor, clearly had other ideas.

– History of Kirkwall: Chapter 4

Guylian is with me, on this one: he thinks this is a terrible idea. Let’s get the rest of the story, shall we:

Under Pressure from Divine Beatrix III, Guylian commanded the Templars to force Viscount Perrin Threnhold to reopen the Waking Sea to allow Orlesian ships to pass through. The viscount retaliated by hiring mercenaries to storm the Gallows. Guylian was captured and publicly hanged. An enraged Meredith and a group of her best marched on the viscount’s estate, determined to exact terrible justice. The captain of the city guard, quailing before the Templars, protested that he knew nothing of the plot. To prove his innocence, the captain asserted that the viscount had acted unlawfully and had him arrested. Threnhold’s lands and titles were stripped from him, and he was thrown into his own dungeon.

Word of Thedas II

Does … any of that … make any sense to you at all, Anonymous person? Because it sets off so many alarm bells in my head it’s like being bloody Quasimodo.

The Templars have the military might to take on the Viscount of Kirkwall. They are ‘the largest armed force in Kirkwall’. They have the blessing of the Divine to act, and the backing of the Orlesian empire. However, they lack two important things:

a) a willing commanding officer

b) a reasonable pretext for overthrowing the Viscount that doesn’t actually scream ‘Look at us! We’re a thinly disguised branch of the Orlesian military!’

And yet somehow, Perrin Threnhold does not, say, launch a full scale attack on the Templars … enlist the aid of the (let’s face it: probably entirely willing) mages … seize the lyrium supply … burn down the Gallows … call in assistance from his allies … or do anything that makes sense.

No. He … has mercenaries break into the Gallows, kidnap the knight-commander and publicly hang him … an act which simultaneously removes the man who had enough integrity to want to stay out of political disputes and gives the Templars reason to attack him that nobody could criticise.

Then, on top of that, the captain of Kirkwall’s largest secular fighting force apparently has no idea that any of this is going on, is not even slightly prepared for battle and freaks the fuck out when the Templars show up. There is neither a militia nor mercenaries to guard the Viscount’s Keep or protect him after he’s murdered the knight-commander.

I mean … seriously?

And, oh, wait, what’s this?

Beside the greying knight-commander, Meredith cut an imposing figure: stern, icy and uncompromising. When Guylian gave a command, it was Meredith who enforced it. Her drive and her devotion to her duty made her a bit of a legend among her fellow Templars, and privately, many thought she possessed a hundred times the old knight-commander’s charisma. Many said that it was Meredith who was really the leader of the Templars, despite her junior rank.

World of Thedas II

Here we have a young and ambitious knight-captain, who apparently has the backing from her troops to attempt a coup and who, importantly, is absolutely willing to fight the viscount.

So … I have to ask. How sure are you that Perrin Threnhold lynched anybody? How likely do you think it is that these ‘mercenaries’ even existed? Don’t you wonder why no one ever says who they were, or what happened to them? What do you think the chances are that the first the viscount heard of his ‘crime’ was when a Templar army arrived on his doorstep?

To follow up, the official history reads:

The templars were hailed as heroes, and even though they wished to remain out of Kirkwall’s affairs, it was now forced upon them. Knight-Commander Meredith appointed Lord Marlowe Dumar as the new viscount in 9:21 Dragon and she has remained influential in the city’s rule ever since.

– History of Kirkwall: Chapter 4

You’ve really got to admire the gall.

The new knight-commander, Meredith, appointed Marlowe to the seat, much to his surprise. Just before he was crowned, he met in private with the knight-commander at the Gallows. Marlowe was escorted, surrounded by grim Templars, to Meredith’s well-appointed office, and there, she explained her reasons for the choice. Kirkwall was filled with entitled degenerates. Marlowe was different. His family had always been humble. They never grasped for power or gold, never felt that it was owed them. “With my help, you will turn this city around,” she said. We will be allies.

Meredith’s message was clear: Remember who holds the power in Kirkwall. Remember what happened to Threnhold when he overreached. To drive home her point, she presented Marlowe with a small carven ivory box at his coronation. The box contained the Threnhold signet ring, misshapen and crusted with blood. On the inside of the lid were written the words “His fate need not be yours.”

– World of Thedas II

Yep. Those Templars. So eager to retire from politics. Not at all power-hungry, politically motivated thugs (note also the clear indication that they’ve been torturing Threnhold – ‘misshapen and crusted with blood’; think about what they must have done to his hands).

And one final thing:

What happened to Viscount Perrin Threnhold was a travesty. I served in the Keep, and my blood boils when I hear people call him a tyrant. He was a good man who tried his best to free Kirkwall from the control of those who use power for their own purposes. It’s always been that way here, hasn’t it? Long ago it was the Imperium. Then it was the Qunari, then the Orlesians, now the templars… when have we ever ruled ourselves? He tried to kick those templar bastards out and give us real freedom, and what did it get him?

– Viscount Marlowe Dumar

Fictional history is not exactly like real history, of course. For one thing, it’s less random. In the real world, some sources are deliberately preserved and some deliberately destroyed. But there are also things that survive entirely by chance: stuff that was put in someone’s cellar, or in a tomb, or even thrown in a rubbish heap that happened to have the right conditions to preserve something across the centuries.

Every text that appears in a game is put there intentionally. They want us to read it. This text, defending Perrin, was not only put in the game, it was associated with Marlowe Dumar. Marlowe is the victim of Meredith personally, and of the Chantry in general. He is a good, if not especially strong, man who is destroyed by the machinations of the Chantry. We are meant to read this, to look at Marlowe, and then to think about Perrin Threnhold.

So, in answer to your question … I’m not forgetting about Perrin Threnhold. Doubting might be a word for what I’m doing. Calling utter bullshit on the whole thing would be several words. But forgetting? No.

Remember Perrin Threnhold. Remember the Arishok. Remember Marlowe and Seamus Dumar. Remember Orsino. Remember the mages, the Tranquil, the elves, the Qunari, the Fereldan refugees.

And fuck Meredith, fuck Elthina and fuck the fucking Chantry.