History is written by the Winners


Remember Sisters, we ARE descendants of Queens.


Okay, now I feel better about tomorrow. Also, it’s fun, how history is interpreted by the victor. Not.

I mean, I get it. We were a country ruled by heavy socialistic regime (and you’d hear about communism, but there never was a true communism in the Czech countries) and so everybody had their teeth full of the “working class”. And so when I was in the elementary school and later in high school, none of the teachers even mentioned it, or only very VERY superficially.

Understandable, yet unacceptable. Because you read stuff about how one party absolutely hated the other but you have no explanation for it, so you decide that probably the chairman of one slept with the wife of the chairman of the other, but they actually had VERY good reasons for that and we were not taught about this and catching up to this in college is kinda’ embarassing, to be honest.

Only remaining visual rendering of Folk-god, Ou'ros, who is not recognized by any City-state as a God; Fhe'gnai, perhaps the most liberal of the city-states with a still working famiscle of government, considers Ou'ros to be, at most, a Spirit. Etching on Hide; circa CW1. Burn Damage; Scrape Damage.

“Black Ou'ros, God of the Lost, is different from the other gods- for it is the World the Gods create, and it is the World the Gods see to- for we are the stuff of their dreaming, and always has this been so;

But Ou'ros is not that kind of God. Ou'ros does not o'erwatch the great design- for that is not his job, and that is not who he is.

Ou'ros Speaks with but one Voice, and always Quietly- because Reddest Mur'vai loves the sound of her own voice, and will speak to speak, and never think of’t, but Ou'ros does not Speak unless Spoken to, and only with purpose.

Ou'ros only Fights to Kill, never for Pride or Honor or Respect- because Green-Green Ja'zzen is Proud and Honorable and Respectful, and will Fight to Fight sometimes because he is also Crazy, but Ou'ros is none of these things, and so will not.

Ou'ros Wears but one face, and one form, and never ever lies- because Yellow-Yellow Dra'neen will smile and smile and lie and lie and she will do this always, but Ou'ros sees no purpose in Lying.

Ou'ros Works for Himself, for he is selfish- because White-White Gal'noi is selfless, and forgets himself and his own Reasons and in this forgetting becomes Cruel, but Ou'ros never forgets who he Is, and so is never Knowingly Cruel.

Black-Black Ou'ros, God of the Lost, is alone in his wanderings- for he ever searches for the Ones Who Were Lost, so long ago. For he is their god- and They were the ones who cared for Ma'aleca'andra’s sleeping form, so long ago. But they are Lost, and so he searches for them.

But they are Gone, and so he will ever search for them.”

Transcription of Folktale describing Ou'ros, God of the Lost.