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It was a great joy to model at premier concept design school Syn Studio today, demonstrating I:33’s 14th century European martial arts for artists who are training to go into Montréal’s vast video game industry.
Thanks so much to Salgood Sam for inviting me again!
This work is by the following artists (I’m not 100% sure of the order), Salgood Sam, Lydia Wong, Tatiana Tung Gerencer, Renée-Claude Dostie, and Dany DiSalvo.


Liberty Aesthetic Movement copper satin tea gown, circa 1897, the waist stay stamped in gold ‘Liberty & Co Ltd Artistic and Historic Costume Studio’, in pseudo medieval style, the satin over-robe with pleated Watteau back and trained skirt, richly embroidered shaped collar, front robings, V-shaped waist belt, detached over-sleeves and closure buttons, worked in copper toned silk cord, studded with facetted amber coloured beads, with tightly gathered ivory chiffon front insert and flounced, gathered sleeves with fitted, beaded chemical lace lower sleeves, yoke and separate detachable choker collar; the inner dress of coral silk with boning at the back bodice only and gathered elasticated tapes over the breasts for comfort

Success of ‘Wonder Woman’ Could Pave Way for More Female Directors
The critical and commercial success of “Wonder Woman,” the first female superhero movie directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins, could be the catalyst that turns the tide for female directors angling to helm major studio films. Keeping the momentum going, however, will be a big challenge.
By Ricardo Lopez

“Overall, the studios say they’re working to hire more women as directors, but they have lots of ground to cover to even begin approaching parity. In 2016, men made up more than 90% of directors who worked on the 250 highest-grossing domestic releases, according to a recent study by the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University. The report found that rather than improving on previous years, the rate of female directors - 7% - dropped by two percentage points from 2015. 

Jennifer Warren, co-founder of the Alliance of Women Directors, said she senses new momentum in the struggle for gender parity in Hollywood. “I do think the tide is turning,” she said, acknowledging the historically poor showing by studios in hiring women, even in recent years. “It is moving.”

With so few female-directed tentpoles, women face sky-high expectations that don’t necessarily apply to male directors, said CAA talent agent Maha Dakhil. While “Wonder Woman” “hit it out of the park, you can’t count on every single female filmmaker or any filmmaker to get it right every time,” she said. “We need to get to a place where the pressure is just the same for both genders.  … We should be allowed to make bad movies too. Then we can really talk about the fact that we’ve arrived.”

Read the full piece here


Here is a small glimpse at one of the most amazing days of my life.

Yesterday, — thanks in large part to that-guy-in-the-bowler-hat –- me, my nephew and my sister were given a tour of Walt Disney Animation and the CLASSIC studio lot by none other than ‘Meet the Robinsons’ and ‘Winnie the Pooh’ director, Steve Anderson!

To say this was a dream come true for a lifetime Disney fan is an understatement. So many times while walking through the historic studio I felt a weird blend of deja vu and dream-come-true. I truly cannot thank you enough, Steve, for doing this. That big, goofy, embarrassing grin is a hundred percent real and due to you!

Hendrik Jacobus Scholten - The princess of Orange visits the studio of Bartholomeus van der Helst - 1850-70

The Princess of Orange, Maria Henriëtta Stuart, the widow of Prince William II, visits the studio of Bartholomeus van der Helst. In the background, the ‘Schutters’ meal of 1648 (SK-C-2). The princess has a fan in her hand, she is accompanied by two gentlemen and a woman.

Hendrik Jacobus Scholten (1824 in Amsterdam – 1907 in Heemstede), was a 19th-century painter from the Netherlands.


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