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The Love Story Of Barack & Michelle Obama In Tender & Historical Photographs

Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson went on their first date in 1989. In homage to one of the world’s most famous couples, we welcome you to have a look at their history with a collection of tender and historical photographs, which document their love story.

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Our 12 most popular tumblr posts of 2014!

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Central Ave (Route 66) in Albuquerque

Women’s Land Army

Car wreck on a New Mexico highway

Unmarried Hopi girls

Cowgirl in rodeo event

Taos pueblo man and child

Potter Julian Martinez at work

Archaeologist Alfred Kidder and friend

Artist Catharine Critcher

Profession cowgirl Tad Lucas

Navajo woman weaving

Fay Wray with New Mexico license plate

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Oyster dredging
December 1, 1953
A. Aubrey Bodine (1906-1970)
Bodine Collection
Baltimore City Life Museum Collection
Maryland Historical Society
B998 .4

Time Travelling, Gloucester Docks

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by Frederick Ardley Photography


Historic Black and White Photos Colourized

  1. Abandoned boy holding a stuffed toy animal London 1945
  2. Hindenburg Disaster  May 6 1937
  3. Japanese Archers circa 1860
  4. View from Capitol in Nashville Tennessee During the Civil War 1864
  5. Unemployed lumber worker circa 1939
  6. Auto Wreck in Washington DC 1921
  7. Big Jay McNeely driving the crowd at the Olympic Auditorium into a frenzy Los Angeles 1953
  8. Albert Einstein Summer 1939 Nassau Point Long Island NY
  9. Audrey Hepburn
  10. Old Gold Country store 1939

Fascinating Pictorial Record of North American Indian Tribes in the Early 1900s

In 1906, American photographer Edward S. Curtis was offered $75,000 by financier J. P. Morgan to produce a series on North American Indians (Native Americans) and their culture. The 20-volume work, called The North American Indian, contained over 1,500 photographs, as well as records of tribal lore and history, biographical sketches, and descriptions of traditional foods, housing, clothing, ceremonies, and customs. The photographer’s goal was to document as much American Indian traditional life as possible before it disappeared. Although an extensive oral tradition remains among the tribes, Curtis’s fascinating work remains the only written recorded history of the North American Indian way of life in the early 20th century.

Night street scene
Bolton Street from Dolphin Lane, Baltimore, Maryland
Hughes Company
8x10 inch glass negative
Baltimore City Life Museum Collection
Maryland Historical Society

  1. Helen Hulick, a kindergarten teacher and witness to a burglary, was given a five-day sentence and sent to jail for contempt for wearing pants to give her courtroom testimony. [1938]
  2. Four horsemen ride through the streets of Amsterdam on a ‘motor-less day’, when cars were prohibited due to the oil crisis. [1973]
  3. A foot guard passes out as Queen Elizabeth II rides past during a parade. [1970]
  4. When they realized that poverty-stricken women were using sacks to make clothes for their children, some flour mills started using flowered fabric for their sacks. [1939]
  5. A Ringling Brothers Circus elephant exits a train car. [1963]
  6. A bulldog guards a British home barricaded during the Blitz. [c. 1939-1945]
  7. The World’s Record black sea bass caught by Edward Llewellen. It weight 425 lbs. He bought it in alone. [1903] 
  8. A woman rides an early electric scooter. [1916]

“Young Hucksters”
Baltimore, Maryland
Elinor B. Cahn
8x10 inch photograph
The East Baltimore Documentary Photography Project
Baltimore City Life Museum Collection
Maryland Historical Society

Copyright Elinor B. Cahn, 1977

“In 1976, Maryland Institute College of Art photography professor Linda G. Rich, and two of her students, Joan Clark Netherwood and Elinor B. Cahn, began work on a project documenting the large swath of neighborhoods collectively known as East Baltimore. What was intended to be merely a project for Rich’s class on social documentary photography, instead evolved into a four-year undertaking, resulting in over 10,000 photographs, and a unique portrait of a neighborhood in transition.” Read more about the background of The East Baltimore Documentary Project.

Happy birthday to Dorothea Tanning, the American painter, printmaker, sculptor, writer, and poet married to fellow surrealist Max Ernst. This photo shows one of their first meetings at a New York gallery, a few years before their wedding. 

Max Ernst and Dorothea Tanning and Muriel and Julien Levy Playing Chess, The Julien Levy Gallery, New York,” 1945, International News Photos