I lowkey want a bleach fic where minor character Hisana travels back in time at the moment of her death because she knows literally nothing relevant to the main plot. Her main concern would be taking care of Rukia properly this time because she spent her life regretting one decision made in a moment of weakness and now she has a miraculous chance to make up for it and she’s not going to let anyone or anything stop her.

She leaves the Districts because there’s no way to make a life there and she knows it, she tried so desperately for so many years and she survived, yes, but never truly lived.

She goes to the Academy because she had enough of a spark the first time around to be noticed and sure enough, she still has it. Not enough to be great, but enough to be good if they’d let her past the front door, but she’s a stick thin teenager with a baby in a sling on her back and that’s all they see when they look at her. A cheap kimono and fragile bird-bone wrists, a face half covered by messy hair that hasn’t seen a comb in too long and sunken eyes that burn. But it’s not fever or sickness. It’s determination.

She comes back the next day and the next and the next after that, always polite because she acted the noble lady too long to stop for something so petty, no matter what excuse they use to turn her away yet again. But she perseveres and eventually gets to take some silly little potential competency test which she, of course, passes.

And then she’s in. This is where it starts. She’s going to make everything better for her sister, just wait and see. She’s got it all worked out. She’ll study material she vaguely remembers already learning and graduate and earn money enough for food for both of them and for Rukia’s future when she isn’t around anymore and things will be good.

The first time someone tries to tell her she’ll have to do something with Rukia because she can’t attend school and take care of a child, Hisana… pauses. Turns to look at the person. Smiles. And politely tells them why that will not be happening. Ever. It’s five minutes after she gracefully walks away that the person gets the shivers, like Unohana just walked over their future grave. Scary.

And then Aizen and Byakuya would get involved and plot shit would happen but I really just want this. Hisana working so hard for a redemption she thinks she doesn’t deserve and can never earn but still trying her absolute best and somehow someway things do, actually, get better. For everyone.

Except Aizen because fuck that guy.

Getting upset every time I remember that
  • I didn’t know how Byakuya and Hisana met. 
  • I didn’t know who put hogyoku in Rukia, when, and where.

  • I didn’t know how Rukia Survived after Hisana left her, and before she met Renji. Who took care of here when she was a baby.

  • I didn’t know how Hisana and Rukia died in the Real world, and when.

  • I didn’t know what is their last name. 

  • I didn’t know how the noble families became noble families, and why Shiba is not anymore.

  • I didn’t know If Rukia knew that Ichigo is a Shiba member.

Hisana Kuchiki is SUCH an interesting character to me. Like I wish we had so much more information on her life and who she was as a person because her entire situation just fascinates me. 

Like, if Rukia was a baby when they came to Rukongai, that must mean that Hisana remembered her time in the world of the living, which also means she remembers what their parents were like. I wonder what their living situation was like in the world of the living and at what time they actually lived, though we have an estimate based on how old Rukia says she is. I wonder if they lived comfortably or were even wealthy, so when they died and ended up in the poorest district, Hisana was so overwhelmed that she abandoned Rukia. ALSO, I wonder how they died. It must have been together for them to both end up in the same place in Rukongai. I wonder if Hisana remembers her death in the world of the living and if it was tramautic enough for it to stay with her. 

And then, she somehow ends up interacting with one of Soul Society’s richest nobles. Like how did that happen? How did Byakuya and Hisana meet and fall in love? And can you imagine how she felt when Byakuya Kuchiki, the man people claim to be cold as ice, one of Soul Society’s most important nobles, defies everyone in his clan to marry her. Imagine what that must have been like to be suddenly thrust into the position of Lady Kuchiki, wife of the rich noble Byakuya Kuchiki. I wonder what their marriage was like, and how much her sickness shrouded over it. 

And then, she spends the majority of her time with Byakuya practically scavenging through the districts of Rukongai, desperately looking for the sister she abandoned. That guilt must have stuck with her and plagued her so much that she literally DIED searching for Rukia. I wonder how dissapointed she must have been, that she died before ever knowing the sister she abandoned. She never got to see Rukia other than as a baby. She never got to see how similar they looked. She never got to appreciate Rukia’s unique personality. She must have had nightmares thinking about what she did. 

This turned out longer than I anticipated I just have so many feelings about Hisana and I want an entire book about her life and her story with Byakuya she’s just so interesting to me. 

Rukia is no longer just a mirrored version of Hisana to Byakuya, she is more than just a promise he made. She is his pride, his weakness, his reason to continue living besides his honor as the 28th Head of the Kuchiki clan. 

Rukia and Hisana are very different when you compare them personality-wise. Hisana defines grace, kindness, and gentleness (And I’m not saying Rukia doesn’t share these characteristics, however she wouldn’t be defined that way if someone was asked to characterize her with three adjectives) while Rukia defines determination, bravery, and inspiration.

Byakuya has come to this realization that even though their appearance may be similar (Rukia’s haircut does change the similarity but regardless), they are two different people that have equally changed his life for the better. It’s not a matter of significance because even if Byakuya is devoted to Hisana, that doesn’t mean that if he was put in a conflict where he had to choose one, it would be easy. Hisana was his wife/life, a person he devoted himself too and loved. Rukia is his sister-in-law/adoptive sister/light, a person he promised to protect and ended up devoting himself too as well.

His heart was suppose to die with a person who meant his life (Hisana), only to be resurrected by a person who became his light (Rukia). 

Byakuya sees Hisanaas in the woman of grace, the woman of kindness, the woman of beauty, the woman who supports peace, the woman who won’t back down, and the woman of his life.

Byakuya sees Rukiaas in the woman of determination, the woman who supports peace, the woman who encourages, the woman who inspires, the woman who fights, the woman of beauty, and the woman of his light.

Understand that what Rukia means to Byakuya is not based on Hisana. What Rukia means to Byakuya is defined by herself.