i don’t get centrelink but my friend katie was telling me when it was her only income she was getting $330 per fortnight

if your rent is cheap you probably have to pay $240 a fortnight
if you have a phone that’s probably at least an extra $30 a fortnight

if you have internet that will be at least $20 a fortnight

power usually works out to be about $10 a fortnight

leaves you about $15 a week for food

For the tag thing that hisamusingworld tagged me in
  1. You need to make a pitch for a reality television show, and of which you will be the host. It should be unique and cater to your tastes/personality, but should also be commercially viable. Wow me: Mortal Kombat: The TV show. Just get a bunch of super-awesome martial artists together for fights and have an arena with changing platforms and poles, but also looks like every heavy metal album cover ever
  2. Look at your history. What was the last website you visited that wasn’t a social network or blogging site? Post the url.: www.battleofmaldon.co.uk. I was looking up the poem for a Call of Cthulhu thing
  3. What’s your dream job?: Professional swordsman.
  4. You can pass any single piece of legislation through your national/federal parliament. What do you do? (You are still limited by your constitution and separation of powers, however): I’ll legalize the gay marriage.
  5. Choose: Do you spend the rest of your life in one city, or move every year to a new city you’ve never lived in before? Assume finances are taken care of: Stay in one city.
  6. Related; You have to spend the rest of your life in one city. Which city do you pick?: I’ve never been to Copenhagen, but it sounds pretty great. If we’re going with one that I’ve actually been to, Auckland, NZ.
  7. One book you wish you had written: The Blade Itself, by Joe Abercrombie
  8. Describe your perfect birthday: Alcohol,  sword fights and laughing way too hard at things that aren’t really that funny
  9. You are leaving town forever tomorrow, and can only bring with you one small box of sentimental items. What’s in the box?: A sword, my Manowar shirt, probably a family picture or two.
  10. Most amount of people you’d be willing to have sex with at the same time: 3.
  11. What does your dream friendship circle look like?: Pretty much the one I have now, though a girlfriend in the mix would be nice too