i don’t get centrelink but my friend katie was telling me when it was her only income she was getting $330 per fortnight

if your rent is cheap you probably have to pay $240 a fortnight
if you have a phone that’s probably at least an extra $30 a fortnight

if you have internet that will be at least $20 a fortnight

power usually works out to be about $10 a fortnight

leaves you about $15 a week for food

hisamusingworld replied to your post: I’m half British but I’m not allowed British…

but you’re a commonwealth citizen so getting the citizenship is super easy and you don’t even need one to vote so cool I love the Commonwealth

Wait what really?? Do you just have to be a permanent resident or something?

I mostly kind of want citizenship so working in the EU would be a lot easier (because my career path is almost guaranteed to lead there) but also the prospect of perhaps studying over in the UK with domestic fees and everything.