Suho’s existence is slowly destroying my life because of how perfect he is
(Day 10/14) [10/12]

Well, atleast i know i’m a sentimental fucker.

A man was playing saxophone on the street, he seemed very sweet. I dont actually have anything to give, but i felt so bad for him i gave him all my lunch money. He thanked me so much, and what do i do? Start crying.

Rearranged: Chapter 7

Title: Awareness

Rating: G

Summary: Klaus investigates his assistant.


Chapter 1: Contrast

Chapter 2: Helpless

Chapter 3: Equivalence

Chapter 4: Twisted

Chapter 5: Numb

Chapter 6: Surprising


A/N: We’re winding this up. Just a few more chapters and an Epilogue. <3

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  • Alec:* sees Jace as the person he loves the most *
  • Alec:* gets scared and starts explaining himself afterwards *
  • Alec:* doesn't have a girlfriend, and isn't interested in getting one *
  • Alec:* constantly has sexual innuendos and flirty comments thrown at him by Magnus, stutters in his presence, makes heart eyes at him *
  • Alec:* has whispered conversations with Isabelle where she repeatedly calms him down after he gets annoyed with Jace *
  • Alec:* gets jealous of Clary *
  • Alec:* stares at Jace longingly *
  • Jace:What's up, Alec? How's my favorite heterosexual parabatai doing tonight? Very straight as I see, lol, almost as straight and wonderful as my naturally blonde hair * wink * Wanna grab a drink at the bar? There'll probably be some chicks.
  • Alec:* screaming internally *

Violet telling him he’s in love with Peggy is probably the first time since shipping off to war, someone reminds him that he is worthy and special of any woman and he deserves to be loved and truly be happy.

anonymous asked:

Would you marry Mark if Jinyoungie told you to?

No cuz Jinyoung is the type to use that against you. Like this is all a test lol. & if I say yes, he’s gonna be like “omg so you love Mark more than me?! Go & enjoy your life with Mark!” & then he’ll always bring it up. “Remember that time you said you would marry Mark.”


he had walked into the wedding ready to just kill everyone. in fact, he had started to carry out his plan… then he saw you.

he stopped what he was doing. watching you for a moment. you were so beautiful. the way the dress fit you made his heart melt. he had met you once before, you were a friend of Bonnie’s. 

thats when you saw him. you must have been able to tell he was up to no good because you walked over. “what are you doing here?” you asked, trying to be nice because you knew he had a knack for rampages. 

“dont worry, im not going to kill anyone.” he grinned at you… and he meant it? 

oh no. you were a good influence.


Jared where are you?

She stayed on the porch to see if he still lived here but fell asleep. When Jared found her, he grabbed her in his arms to carry her to his home since it was closer.

When she woke up in his arms, she moved her head up wondering who was carrying her.

??: “Jared?..”

Jared froze and slowly looked back at her. he was so preoccupied with her safety that he didn’t take a close look at her but now that she was awake and close to him, Jared could see Lexie’s beautiful eyes, and he felt his heart break once more.

Jared: “You do remember me.”

??: “I remember everything..”

Jared sighs heavily: “But your not Lexie..”

Maybe I should tell him that I am.. I am a part of her after all..

??: “No I am not..”

Jared: “Let’s bring you back to Xavier.”

She heard the cold tone in his voice and it hurt her a little bit.

I am sorry Jared.. 

…it’s from my nature that I’ve always been someone who likes to keep to himself and stay away from attention.
People say “Well you picked the wrong career for that, buddy.”  But I’d disagree. We all have obstacles we face.  Life is designed to give us hurdles that would keep us from following our dreams, keep us from making new memories, and from being happy if we choose to let fear run its course in us and always take the path of least resistance.  But life is made that way because happiness and satisfaction come from accomplishing things that we think are beyond our limits.  How many of you have done something that you didn’t want to do because you didn’t think you could and felt nervous, and afterward felt so good and satisfied for now having accomplished something you didn’t think you were capable of?  It really is designed that way for a reason.
…So yes, it’s a challenge for me, but I don’t intend on giving up.
—  David Archuleta, from new blog The Fight For Balance Within (Feb 9 2016)