Oh God, guys. Oh God oh God oh God - 



I was taking a break from writing and was watching some old Once Upon A Time clips and got to that scene with Charming and the Siren and how she enchants herself to look like Snow and -

Just - 

Bog and a Siren. The Siren enchants herself to look like Marianne. 


I have literally been studying for my Greek final for almost a week now, more than I have ever studied for a test, and I started with the hardest guy first so tl;dr now I’m doing the easier stuff, and I’m just READING IT. At some point in the semester I went from absolutely not being able to do this at all to BEING ABLE TO DO THIS. I’m seriously sitting at my kitchen table drinking English Breakfast and casually reading a law case in ancient Greek!!!!

CURRENT ASSESSMENT OF ABILITIES!!: I am wearing khakis and an open blouse, tracing the spellbook with my fingers. We are making our last stand in the temple complex of Oxyrhynchus–claymation skeletons are already scaling the cliff. There is sand in Chris Pratt’s hair. He is pleasantly brown. 

“ANY TIME NOW WOULD BE GREAT,” he yells back at me, peering over the edge and reloading his revolver. 

“Oh, give me a minute,” I huff. (I have a British accent, and am clearly more annoyed at his distress than anything else.)

“Oh my god!” I yell.


“A three-bar sigma! These papyri are much older than we-” 

Chris Pratt makes a strangled sound and opens fire on the skeletons. I blow my bangs out of my eyes and continue translating.

yurika-schiffer asked:

You know that post about the female owl who killed her partner because he had a small dick? What if Bokuto knows this fact and goes to Kuroo and is like "bro I hope your dong is as big as your heart because else way you're gonna end up like that poor owl" (Kuroo doesn't show it but he becomes suddenly self-conscious about his dick size and searches the internet to know if it's not too small)

haHAHA imagine if one day Kenma has to use Kuroo’s phone because his is dead and he goes on the Internet and the browsing history is full of questions like ‘average penis size japan’, ‘is my dick too small?’, ‘do owls kill other owls because of sexual frustration’
And Kenma just looks at Kuroo with that face: ఠ_ఠ

Jessi wants a man who dresses like Ji Chang Wook

April 24, 2015 @ 12:36 pm

Tiffany’s good friend, rapper Jessi, appeared on the first episode of her new Mnet program, ’Heart_a_tag,’ on April 24 and was asked to choose the the style she liked best among blind choices (as in their faces were not shown).

She chose the third candidate, explaining, “If I had a boyfriend, I would like for him to dress like that.  I like the clean and simple look.”

It turns out the third candidate was none other than the handsome Ji Chang Wook! Designer Kwon Moon Su analyzed his look, saying, “I think he dressed very well because even though he did not wear an excessive article of clothing, he makes a simple item come off cool.”

Credit: Allkpop


The Speech of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

ibn Qayyim al-Jauziyyah:

“Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) was the most eloquent speaker of all of Allah’s creation. His speech was sweet, comprehensive, and he had the most beautiful way with words. His words captured the hearts and souls. Even his enemies had to admit to this quality.”

[Eng Translation of Zad-ul Ma'ad fi Hadyi Khairi-l ‘Ibad 1/312]

“how many crayola products am I going to have to take away from you before you realize that none of their products are food?”

He’s pretty good at playing human, but he still struggles with stuff. He doesn’t need to eat, but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to. His favorite foods are just about anything that someone has, “made with love.” uwu

headcanon time

naruto hasn’t spoken to sakura or helped her out in so goddamn long because he can’t look at her. he can’t bear it. he feels guilty almost avoiding her and leaving her alone, but his heart bursts every time he sees how lonely and worn out she is from the last 12 years. he can’t help her because it’s not his place to anymore. sasuke should be the one to help her, he has his own family to worry about. 

and he blames himself entirely for the state that she’s in. he let sasuke leave again. he didn’t keep his promise of a lifetime. he can’t protect her. 

and sometimes, at night, hinata can hear him crying when he thinks she’s asleep. a part of her knows, but she ignores it. she’s happy. he’s happy. nothing - no one - will ruin that.

Sherlock’s seen her hurt before, of course he has. But he’s never quite been faced with the very real possibility that she could actually really die, as much as he is right now.

He sees Molly’s crumbled form as soon as he enters the warehouse, and everything else fades into the background. She’s lying in a steadily growing pool of red, the pretty emerald green dress she wears, stained beyond recognition.

Sherlock’s legs feel numb as he run towards her and his heart beating faster than ever. He’s prepared himself for so many outcomes in his life, he’s thought through so many different scenarios, but he’s never been able to contemplate the idea of Molly’s death. It’s so incongruous with everything that she is. Light and happy, warm, kind and beautiful, the thought of her vitality being extinguished is unbearable.

He drops to his knees beside Molly not caring that her blood is staining his trousers and Belstaff. Sherlock’s fingers fumble clumsily, shakily to find her pulse point, slipping against the blood that’s coating her pale skin. He doesn’t even realize that he’s been holding his breath until he feels the weak throb beneath his fingers. Unsteady and slow, her heart’s still beating. The wave of relief that rushes through him is dizzying.

Sherlock gathers her into his arms, Molly’s hair brushing his chin. There are still enemies to be taken down, but he doesn’t care in that moment. The only thing that matters is Molly; the soft breaths that tickle his neck, letting him know that she’s still alive, the warmth of her pliant body in his arms, the comforting scent of her shampoo.

The gentle motion of Sherlock’s walking wakes her up and he looks down at her pale face to find her eyes fluttering open, confusion and pain filling her pretty brown eyes.


Molly’s hand scrabbles to find purchase on his Belstaff, gripping him in as tight as she can manage, as though trying to anchor herself to something, to him. He gives her the most reassuring smile he can muster. He’s not sure he manages.

“You’re fine.” Sherlock murmurs, telling himself just as much as he is her.


Molly squeezes her eyes closed and a couple of stray tears slip down her cheeks. Sherlock holds her just a little tighter, dropping his lips to her hair, before he can think through what he’s doing.

“You’re gonna be okay.”

Sherlock whispers the words against her hair, pressing a second lingering kiss to the crown of her head.

“Just hold on, alright? Just stay with me darling, and you’ll be fine.”

Molly mumbles something incomprehensible, and burrows her face into his Belstaff. Sherlock’s chest lurches, at the simple act of her seeking warmth and comfort from him, at the idea that if he doesn’t get her help soon, she might not be okay. She has to be okay. There’s no other option. There’s no other outcome of this night that makes any worldly sense.

She has to be okay.


Molly’s stabilized a lot quicker than his heart will be. Even when she’s wide awake and chatting, a little loopy from the painkillers, his chest still feels like a million rubber bands are wrapped around it. Sherlock doesn’t think he’s going to forget this night for a very long time, if ever.

She came so close.


He realizes his eyes have been fixed on her chest, remembering in vivid detail, the rivulets of blood that had dripped over his hands as he carried Molly to safety. Sherlock forces his eyes to meet hers, her pupils dilated and glassy from the painkillers.

“Did you call me darling?”

She sounds surprised and amused, and so Molly that it’s the most reassuring thing she could’ve ever said to him in that moment.

“Uh…oh…sorry.” Sherlock mumbles, his forehead creasing as he remembers the word slipping out against her hair.

Molly snorts, her nose scrunching up cutely as she laughs. Sherlock’s chest lurches for a whole new set of reasons.

“What’s so funny?” Sherlock asks, unable to stop the corner of his mouth lifting in response to her mirth.

“You whispering pet names,” she giggles and shakes her head amused.

He cracks a proper smile because Molly’s alive, she’s talking and laughing and happy.

Outlander 112: Lallybroch

Here be spoilers so leave now if you haven’t watched it. 

I loved Jenny, her personality is just as loving and prickly as in the books. Laura Donnelly and Sam Heughan have amazing chemistry. It truly felt like they were siblings, who fought and loved fiercely. The casting just continues to be spot on. 

They kind of heightened the conflict between Jenny and Jamie from the books. They fought, but basically everything was fine after he learned that she didn’t have BJR bastard child in the books. Here, there was more of a conflict of a younger brother suddenly showing up and inserting himself in a space that was exclusively his sister’s for years. I liked how this was fleshed out in the series. Although I really can’t picture Jamie being foolish enough not to collect any rents, no matter how big his heart. 

The scene between Jamie and Jenny in the graveyard moved me. So much pain and guilt and love, it felt like a reconciliation between two real siblings. I thought that it was interesting how much guilt they felt about their father’s death and how they each felt responsible for it. Jenny wanted to blame herself for not really giving in to BJR, and it reminded me of how victims of sexual assault often feel a lot of misplaced shame. I loved how Jamie firmly told Jenny that it wasn’t her fault or his, that the blame of what happened fell squarely on Jack Randall’s shoulders. No victim blaming here. 

I’m falling more in love with Jamie and Claire’s relationship with each episode. I couldn’t stop grinning as Claire told Jamie about airplanes and ridding elephants. Jamie’s wonder about the future will never get old to me. And that lovely scene towards the end of the episode where they exchanged “I love yous” was just perfect. 

But then , , ,  looks like more trouble next week. I was hoping we’d get at least 2 episodes of domestic bliss before hurling down to emotionally taxing finale. Maybe we’ll still get some more respite from Lallybroch somehow next week.

We sure are going to need it.