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Harry teasing the shit out of you when you blush and hide your face in his chest after he complements you or kisses you. “Don’t try to hide your pretty face from me love” and he has this big smirk on his face, tickling your sides, blowing raspberries on your neck trying to get you to come out of hiding. When you do he can’t help but pull you closer and kiss your pink cheeks and lips “there’s my pretty girl, I thought I lost her!” BYE



“Gimme kiss.” Puckering his lips out and tapping them until you kiss him. “Again.”

And you laugh. “Harrryyyy.”

And he leans in and kisses your nose. “What? I missed you while I was gone.”

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(I love the way you write so much!) Please may I request a mild nsfw (since I don't want you to feel too uncomfortable) Keith x female s/o scenario? After finding out he's part galra, Keith starts to go into heat. He's never done anything with s/o before as she's quite innocent-minded, so it surprises him that she wants to do it with him.

Slightly NSFW

“Seriously y/n!You’ll never know when you’ll need it!”You blushed a dark red as Lance teasingly held up a condom with a cheeky smirk on his face.God knows where did he even get the condom from.“Trust me,you’re gonna need it one day.”Lance winked,giving you his signature finger guns before shoving the condom packet into your hands,walking straight out of the room.You stare down at the packet with wide eyes before another wave of red bloomed on to your cheeks.“Lance!!!”Flustered,you shouted the Cuban’s boy name before racing after him with your slipper in hand,spewing out curses rapidly,trying to throw or hit him with the slipper.

That was a month ago.You didn’t even know why you kept that condom for.It was clearly no use to you at all.The paladins were currently training and you had nothing to do at all.Along with both Pidge and Allura who both trained at a different time from the guys right now.Usually you would’ve been at the sidelines watching them train but Allura forbidden you to go see Keith for this whole month but you simply couldn’t resist seeing your boyfriend.The princess of Altea wasn’t going to stop you at all.Hearing many pairs footsteps walking to the showers,you glanced back at that direction for a bit before sneaking into Keith’s bedroom.You rarely ever get to see Keith at all.Whenever you would check his hangouts,he wouldn’t be there at all.Whenever you were in the room,Keith would always walk out very stiffly.As if someone was pointing a gun at the back of his head kind of stiff.

The room’s door slid open and closed once you had stepped inside of Keith’s room,sitting on the edge of his bed,trying patiently to wait for him to enter after his shower.The sound of the door sliding open was heard as you looked into your ravenette boyfriend’s purplish-blue orbs that reflected off many emotions ranging from fear,lust and love.“What are you doing here (y/-”Keith was cut off by you.“Why have you been ignoring me!”You cried out before continuing,“It’s like you’re never here anymore!Like we’ve never been involved with each other romantically!If you wanted to break up with me,you should’ve told me face-to-face immediately not making me hope that there was something left in-”You squeaked as Keith pinned you on to the wall by your hands,leaning very close to you.“Do I look like I wanted to do this?”Keith muttered as he stared at you with a pained expression,“It’s because I am experiencing my first galra heat and it’s uncontrollable especially if you’re close to me like now!It hurts so bad to control myself from pouncing on you!Allura kept you away from me because of this reason!”You listened to his explanation,letting that information slowly seep into your mind.Thinking back about that condom Lance gave you,it was probably a good time to use it since Keith was experiencing the heat and it was already in your jeans’ pocket so…

“M-maybe I can help?”You stuttered out as a red that could rival the shade of the red lion’s colour could be seen on your face.Keith was shocked that you agreed to this.What if he had made you uncomfortable because he just explained what was happening to him?What would he do then?His face showed pure shock as you stared at him for a bit before gripping his jacket with both hands.Pulling him in,you smashed your lips onto his.By then,he had recovered,kissing you back.Keith let go of your hands and wrapped his arm around your waist while the other slipped under your shirt.You ran your hands through the ravenette’s hair,moaning as you felt Keith group your breast.The red blush on your face that appeared slowly faded off. “K-Keith…”You stuttered out before moaning as you felt him kissing down your neck,leaving hickies.You mewled as Keith found your sweet spot.

Sitting on Keith’s lap,you began to grind on him.Keith groaned,closing his eyes in pleasure.Before any of you could continue or even move,the door slid open to reveal the paladins as well as Coran and Allura.“Keith you’re late for-Argh!!!My eyes!”Hunk yelled as he covered his eyes using his hands,turning away from the two of you.Both of you looked like a deer caught in headlights.“Guys come on.You could’ve locked the door at least.”Shiro sighed,one hand covering Pidge’s eyes. “D-Didn’t I teach you all the locking system to lock the doors.P-Princess?!”Coran exclaimed as he saw the two of you in the lewd position before noticing Allura taking pictures of you two.“Blackmail material.I knew (y/n) would pull a stunt like that so I gave up on keeping them away from each other.”Allura shrugged,seeing everyone except Pidge,you and Keith staring at her.“Told you that you might need that condom one day (y/n).”Lance said smugly,wiggling his brows.

Needless to say,dinner was very awkward and the paladins as well as Coran and Allura never got much sleep that very night.

Heya kitties!
Sorry for not posting content for a little while…And so it’s my first time at a little NSFW stuff and it took a while for me to actually write this because it was very awkward to write this in front of my family members but I did it.Hopefully it’s not that bad!
Thanks for reading this kittens!
Also thanks fir(Pun intended) the compliment on behalf of of all the mods here!Be sure to read their writings! ~❤️Mod Addi👩🏽‍🎨

First Tree, First Home - Fred Weasley

Prompt: Reader and her husband Fred Weasley decorate the Christmas tree in their very first home!

Words: 938

Warning: None, just fluff! 

“Darling hand me that ornament.” Your husband, Fred Weasley, instructed you. His left hand was grasping the top of the green tree. Due to his towering height, Fred volunteered to place the ornaments on the higher branches to save you the struggle.
From the wood floor below him you sorted out the ornaments from the shoe box. Taking out two, you held them up to your face and gazed up at Fred.

“The new pretty colorful snowman one or the boring dull old bulb looking one?”
Fred chuckled at your opinionated question and faked hesitation as he placed his hand around his chin. Tapping his finger against his skin the red head said,

“Based off your obvious preference, I’m think you’d rather have the snowman.” You smirked agreeing. His body was turned on the step stool as he waited for the decoration from you. You repositioned to your knees to attempt at reaching his outstretched hand.

He was on tree duty while you were sorting through the new and old ornament. Flicking your hair behind your shoulder you turned your nose to the sky and spoke in a funny accent saying,

“Wow, you know me so well, Fred.”

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Omg what if it’s your first Christmas together and Harry can’t stop looking at you with heart eyes. Gem and his mom has caught him multiple times loosing interest in whatever he’s doing to stare at you talking to his family and he doesn’t realize he’s staring until his sister says something to him. And ofc whenever he sees you under a mistletoe he has to come up and kiss you with a big smirk on his face with his eyebrows quirked up, “looks like I’m going to have ta kiss yea again” ansnsns

“Oh noooo, look where we’re standing again….”

And you laugh and let him pull you in for what feels like the hundredth time that day. He leans down and gives your lips a few quick and giggly pecks and it’s so cozy and maybe he tastes a bit like the spiked eggnog that Anne made.

And Gemma rolls her eyes from her spot on the couch, eggnog in hand. “Let her BREATHE Harry.”

You pull away with another giggle, cheeks red as a tomato. Harry scoffs and shoots her a fake glare. “Sod off, Gem. She’s fine.”

“I dunno, H,” you speak up. “I’m feeling a bit suffocated.”

He smirks at you, pulling you close by your hips. “S’enough outta you, innit?” After one more kiss, he pats your bum and shoves you towards Gemma.



Characters: Mino x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Length: 3,756 words

Started: 19.11.17

Finished: 20.11.17


“Do you think you’d settle with someone anytime soon?” Dara asked Mino, while they were on break.

They were on Running Man for an episode. He was there to promote their much anticipated comeback that year, after a year and three months without any activity from their group. And of course, how could anyone spend their break time better than his noona asking him questions about his love life? He smirked in sarcasm as that thought passed his coconut.

“Do I really need to answer that, Noona?” he shook his head.

Dara just had this annoying smile on her face that meant he had no choice. So, just for the benefit of bringing the topic to the bin, he surrendered and answered her. “No.”

“You sure?” she wiggled her brows up and down, as if to annoy him more.

“Noona, what the hell!” he chuckled. “What’s with these questions, really?”

The older woman just shrugged her shoulders in mock ignorance. “I don’t know, Mino. But I’m hearing a lot of things about you.”

“Things like what?”

“Oh, you know… you getting under the pants of different women” she tapped his shoulder, with a smug smirk on her thin lips.

He just shook his head in dismay. Rumours. How can he not anticipate that? Of course, rumours would circulate within the biz. He could not deny what Dara heard, because they were not certainly fake but also not a hundred percent true. Yes, he’s been with girls. Some actresses and some from idol girl groups, but they knew that they couldn’t tie him down. He’s not one to be tamed. But he never went with a lot of them. He tried to stick with only one woman until they both get tired of each other and their myriad. It’s always been like that for him and he made sure to set these girls’ minds straight before they even get to his bed the first time. No commitment, that’s his rule.

“You know what, dude? I think you’ll regret your answer real soon” the girl he was just conversing with before he spaced out, broke him away from his thoughts.

He frowned, getting confused all of a sudden. “How so?”

“Well, because no matter how adventurous you are right now, when you finally meet that someone, the right one, you’ll be tamed. You’d be so struck, you’ll willingly surrender your leash to her.”

“Nope!” he popped the p on his reply to emphasize his answer. “Not gonna happen, not even in a billion years, noona” he smiled in amusement.

“Oh, we’ll see about that, Mino. We’ll see” she smiled cheekily.


“Dude, you’re fucking late!” you guffaw while watching Mino.

He is late and the director of the show is pissed. Both of you are together to host in a variety show, also with a few others (Let’s just assume it’s Weekly Idol ‘cause I freaking love Winner’s episode on that show). He sauntered inside the dressing room, his hair still wet and dishevelled from his morning shower, not having too much time to blow dry it. Sitting down on the block placed beside you, he pants quite heavily.

“Did you ran from your dorm to here? Why’re you so exhausted?” you open up the bottle from the table in front of you and offer him to drink it up.

“Thanks” he say in a low tone.

Noticing his forehead wet with sweat, even with the a/c on, you grab your script and you begin to fan him. He look at you with his brows drawn in together and because of this, you see beads of water dripping down his forehead. So, you reach out and wipe it with the back of your hand. “You’re sweating too much, Mino.”

“I know. The elevator’s taking too long and I was already fifteen minutes late, so I had to take the stairs down here in this basement. Plus, I ran out the car to the parking lot and I had to jog through the lobby too” he explained.

“Aigoo! This baby had to go through so much just to get here” you cooed, trying to ignore his penetrating gaze on you.

You’ve been friends with Mino for awhile now. Ever since you debuted as an actress-slash-comedienne-slash-variety show star from YG, you’ve been close to the Winner boys. At first, you’d bump into them from time to time inside the YG Building. After a couple of awkward hi’s and hello’s, you found yourself being Mino’s constant confidante and drinking buddy. Both of you were always together off camera, that a lot of fans were speculating that the two of you were dating. But it isn’t the case. The two of you never talked about anything beyond your friendship. You know all about his escapades with the ladies within the industry. It is no secret, anyway. However, that just always straight up cut you heart in two.

You’ve always been attracted to him, since you first saw him inside your agency’s building. The more you get to know and the more you two spend your time together, your feelings for him grow. And you, as his confidante, would always hear who he brought to bed again and again. Yes, it hurts like hell but for you, being within Mino’s circle is enough. Never praying for more, you opted to stay and get hurt each time he lets you meet his flavour of the month.

“Seulgi and I decided to stop whatever we’re doing” he confess, bringing you out of your reverie.

“What?! Are you serious?!” you gasp in surprise. Why won’t you be, when he also said the same thing last week.

“This time it’s for real. We’re stopping. I’m tired of her already” he sighs as he gazes on his lap, where both his hands are resting.

As much as the news is making you feel giddy, you can’t help but doubt his statement. He usually had this thing going on with a girl for three months. But with Seulgi? It’s almost a year now. And why won’t it be? Seulgi is very attractive, beautiful even. She’s the woman every guy dreams of. A guy would kill just to get her to notice him. But with Mino, it’s like he didn’t even try. And you know that they are perfect for each other. It’s like when they’re together, the clouds in the sky would open up, the angels would sing and whatever crazy shit there is. You just know, Mino might be so into her and with the sad look in his face, it could be because he is ready to commit already. It’s just that he doesn’t do commitment.

“Are you in love with her?” you try your best for your voice to sound stable, but it gave a croak at the end, you could only wish he didn’t notice.

Mino snaps his head to your direction too suddenly, you thought it might break his neck. “You’re fucking seriously asking me that question? You know that I don’t do that shit” he chuckles heartily.

His laugh never fails to send you tripping down the cliff each time you hear them. You sigh in contentment, as you stroke your hair with your fingers. “I just noticed that you’ve been with her the longest, you know? And I just had this thought that maybe, maybe I’d be your best ‘lady’ sooner than we all anticipated.”

He is taken aback. It is clear with how his brows knit together in a line and how his thin puckered lips form a circle. “What’s with all these ‘settling talk’ with you guys? I’ve just had the same one with Dara noona not too long ago! Are you all sick of me being single that you just wanna tie me down with any woman I get into bed with?”

You shrug your shoulders, hoping he will not do so. “I don’t know!”

“Hey, (Y/N)! I’ll just borrow the boyfriend for a bit to do his makeup, can I?” the makeup artist ask you.

“Boyfriend? Who? This guy?” you point towards Mino. “Not happening, Unnie!”

“Yah! As if you’d be my girlfriend! FYI, I don’t and won’t settle down. No one would be able to hold me down, never!” he spat while laughing, as he get up and walk towards the makeup chair.

“Fine, fine. Whatever you say, lover boy!” you giggle at his silliness, but with the hope in your heart that maybe one day, he’ll notice you too.


“Yah! Dara noona!” Mino exclaimed as he sees the older woman in the YG Cafeteria eating alone.

He walks fast and sit beside her. “Yah, noona! End this curse now!” he taps her shoulder a couple of times to get her to notice him.

“What’re you talking about?” the lady ask him while chewing her food.

“When you told me that I’d settle down soon a couple of months ago, I figured out that you put me under a spell or something. Take it off, remove it, give me the antidote, or do whatever! Just stop this, will you?” he begs, with both his hands clasp together.

“ I don’t do voodoo, Mino, if that’s what you’re talking about. Besides, how can something natural to happen be a curse? All the people in the face of this planet would somehow fall in love at least once in their lifetime. So, I don’t really know what got your butt on fire!” she says nonchalantly as she continues to chomp on her lunch.

Mino pouts, “no. Something weird happened to me after our talk.”

Dara’s ears perk up and she put down her utensils to drink soda first, before she faces her dongsaeng. “I love weird. I live for these things. Now, I’m all ears. Shoot!”

He sighs deeply before he begins his long rant. “I keep dreaming about things. I keep hallucinating about things. The sun shines so bright, even the rain seems to glimmer and I can’t help but to think that I’m going crazy.”

“Okay, you don’t have to go all poetic on me. Just straight up tell me what’s happening. I won’t be able to help if you’ll speak in riddles, you know?” Dara rolls her eyes at him as she rests her chin on top of palm.

Again, Mino heaves a very deep breath. “(Y/N)…” the only thing he could say at the moment.

The listener had her eyes like saucers after he spoke of her name. “So she makes the sun shines so bright and makes the rain glimmer?! Wow! I didn’t know she knows witchcraft! Maybe you should ask her to take out the spell you were talking about earlier!” she laughs sarcastically. “I get it, okay. She makes you think and act crazily. But what’s the extent of the damage?”

Mino looks at her, albeit he had this glassy look in his eyes. “She… I… Seulgi and I had been together for almost a year because of (Y/N)…”

Again, Dara rolls her eyes after hearing what he just said. “Wow! So, Seulgi was your last fuck-partner. As if no one knows within the biz!” she snaps at him. “I’m not really interested hearing you blame my innocent (Y/N) for something that you’ve been doing for years now. Now, go on with the story without your crazy non-committal relationships.”

“You see, (Y/N) have always been so caring and sweet towards me, I get that. I knew that and I see that. But for the past few months, I’m feeling weird about it. Whenever she’s near me or when she’s making me food or brushing my hair with her fingers to help me relax, I feel these stupid fluttery in the pit of my stomach. And don’t get me started with the sparks getting into my skin when we hold hands or whatever. Those were always there, ever since but it ascended into sky-rocket high just for couple of months. Help me, noona!”

Dara chuckles at his confession and gives him the ‘I know so’ look while tapping his shoulder, as if trying to empathize with him. “You, my boy, you’re fucking smitten! You’ve been tamed!”

“No!” both Mino’s hands grab his hair after realization sinks in. “No, no, no! I’m not in love, no!”

“Who are you telling that to? Me or yourself? ‘Cause one thing’s for sure. You are in love with your best girl friend and if you don’t act right now? With her knowing you’re a fuck boy, chances of her dating an actor or an idol anytime soon is as big as your ego. So, if I were you? I’d man it up and ask her for a date!”

“Noona, I don’t d-”

“What? You don’t date? You only fuck and then leave? Well then, go ahead. Ask her to fuck and see if you won’t get a slap in return?” the older woman sighs. “You know she isn’t like that, Mino. She deserves better than being a fuck-buddy. Your system won’t work with her.”

“I know…” he whispers.

“Then what the hell are you waiting for?” she quirks up a brow at him.

There’s another sigh from the boy. “There’s a problem.”

“What?” Dara crosses her arms on top of her chest, awaiting Mino’s reply.

“I wanted to do more than just a date. These visions and hallucinations I’m seeing… the dreams… they’re more than just dating. And that’s what makes me scared. I’m seeing something fast forwarded.”

“Oh, boy!” she smiles as she knows what he’s talking about. “You ready to wear your ‘lifetime’ leash?”

He looks straight into Dara’s eyes and even before he speaks, she already knows his answer. With a smile on his face, he said “yeah, I think I am.”


You notice Mino being weird. He’s always been so thoughtful towards you. He never let you be alone in a corner during parties, he would always pull out a chair for you, gets you drink and stuff but he’s been into a whole lot of weirdness for the past few days now. Like what’s he been doing tonight.

You, Mino, Bobby, Dara and Seungyoon are eating dinner. And it’s Korean beef barbeque for tonight. You’ve noticed, since you were seated, that he’s been taking care of you a lot. And you often see him making eye contacts with Dara, as if they’re keeping something from the rest of you. He also wrapped and fed you Samgyeopsal couple of times already. When you tried grilling beef for the group, he’d take it from you and would offer to do it himself, saying that he’s in the mood to grill the meat as an excuse.

But the weirdest part was when you’re getting up to go to the restroom, he grabbed your wrist and asked where you’d go. So, telling him that you had business to do in the ladies’ room, he got up and accompanied you. Completely confused, you just let him. You thought that was it, but the moment you stepped out from the comfort room, your gaze landed on a guy with jet black hair, leaning on the wall opposite where you came from and he’s drooling with sexiness. You had to bit your lip hard to prevent from humming the satisfaction of just seeing him looking at you like that.

When the night’s over and you feel a little light-headed, he asks the others of you can all call it a night. In which everybody agrees, with too much enthusiasm that leaves you wondering if something’s going on that you definitely are not aware of. But yet again, you just shrug it off, blaming the alcohol you had for being paranoid. Mino takes you home, as usual. He opens the door for you and guides you out from his car. All the way to your unit, he just keeps acting strange.

When you’re both in front of the door, you not wanting to end your time with him yet, “you wanna go in and have coffee?”

He smiles, his eyes turning into tiny slits. “Of course, I’d love coffee at this time. This is the best time for coffee.”

You frown, his reply is just too much for a cup of coffee. Without answering him and still feeling more confused than ever, you punch in your passcode and lead him inside. You offer him to wait by the couch in the living room as you make your way to the kitchen to brew some coffee for the two of you. Once you’re done, you go out and sit beside him, handing him his cup.

He takes a sip, without even blowing out the steam. “As always, you brew the best coffee, (Y/N)!”

You chuckle at this. “It’s just coffee, dude. That’s no biggie.”

“Whatever you say, but you still make me the best one though.”

“What’s up with you tonight?” you can’t help your self anymore, so you ask.

“What’s up with what?” he ask, now confused too.

“Forget it,” you sigh. “I probably was just imagining things. I’m a little tipsy anyway. So, what’s new with you?”

He rests his back on your black leather couch as he chooses to stare at the steam of his coffee. “You remember asking me if I was in love?”

Of course, you remember. You asked him about falling for Seulgi. And he said he wasn’t and you are still hoping that he isn’t in love. Not with Seulgi not anyone. You can put up with him playing with different girls but the thought of him being in love and having a girlfriend is just too much for your heart to take in. It would be the death of you. He would be the death of you.

“Yes, I remember.”

“Do you wanna ask me that question again? Ask me if I am in love with someone right now?” he asks, still not looking at you.

No! You could only scream in your head. But what comes out of your mouth is the opposite. “Yes, sure. Are you in love? Who’s the lucky lady?”

Instead of him answering, he just smiled. And thinking that some other girl could make him smile like a fool, something that you’re seeing that moment, it cracks your heart. And it’s being crushed little by little. But you need to stay strong. This guy right here thinks that you are his best friend and best friends support each other.

“What’s your ideal type, (Y/N)?” he asks.

Although taken aback, you think carefully what’s the answer to his question. And you just ended up scanning his face. “My ideal type? Just… just someone who’s stick by me through thick and thin. Someone I’m comfortable just being me, without pretentions. Someone I trust, that someone I could talk to for many hours in a day and not get tired.”

He smiles again and looks straight into your eyes. “Yeah… me too.”

“Whoever she is,” you cannot help but sniff but you continue talking, “she is one hella lucky girl, Mino. She’ll get the best guy there is.”

He shakes his head defiantly. “I don’t think so, (Y/N). I think I’d need to keep reassuring her for all our lives together that she’s the only one, that I’m done playing games. And I’m willing to do that now, since I already found the one.”

Tears brimming your eyes with what he just said. So, he’s in love and he never even told you before. But who were you to blame him? You’re just the best friend, someone who just have to listen and give advices. Nothing more. “I’m happy for the both of you. I told you before, I couldn’t wait for your sorry ass to be tied down, right?”

“I’m glad you actually said that” he said as he pulls something out from his back pocket.

My Son


Warning: fluff, sadness

Summary: A cadet slips up and calls Levi dad but he doesn’t mind and cadet continues to call him this. Who would have this would have been his last words the last name he called

Note: This was suppose to be a fluff and I’m guessing the anon who requested this wanted it to be a fluff as well but it’s not I’m sorry if you don’t like it. Get ready for the heart break

Originally posted by fudayk

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