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Congratulations, Tom & Jason

The Emmys people have announced this year’s juried award winners in animation. Hats off to Tom Herpich and Jason Kolowski for receiving awards for their work on Adventure Time. This is the second Adventure Time Emmy for Tom, who gets the trophy for his storyboard work on the last episode of the Stakes miniseries, “The Dark Cloud.” Jason Kolowski of Bix Pix Entertainment is recognized for his production design work on the stop-motion “Bad Jubies” episode. Jobs well done, and accolades well deserved.

Image from “Bad Jubies.”

Kim Yugyeom Appreciation Post

I’m just gonna leave this here about why I love Kim Yugyeom



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(youngjae looks so done omg)

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(which he should be very proud of cause he’s great)

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But most importantly, I love Kim Yugyeom because he is himself.

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So Elo and Jay Park performed an acoustic version of Tattoo on Dingo Music with Coke Jazz. And of course, it’s eargasmic with lots of extras especially when Jay Park is involved. xDDDD Watch Full

It ain’t easy when your boss is next to you haha…Jay coaching Elo on how to introduce himself.

The way Elo stopped and stare when Jay does his adlibs haha

Dayum check out Elo with his falsetto!

Elo is so done with Jay Park’s extra adlibness xD

Full Vid below

  • What she says:I'm fine.
  • What she's thinking:Okay, so there's Paul and Ringo left, but why aren't all of them here? Why did John and George have to go? Anyway, I get that Paul has done more musically since The Beatles broke up, but everyone pushes Ringo to the side and dismisses him because he was the drummer. Have they even heard some of Ringo's solo work... And let us not forget his narration skills for a kids' show. I mean, his narration was gold. Also, Ringo is basically Dhani's uncle and that it adorable. Like the time when he went to go and teach Dhani the drums and Dhani got scared because the drums were so loud. Side note, we haven't seen Ringo's eyes in forever and he spreads peace, love and positivity everywhere he goes. His selfies are so precious. So yeah, Ringo has done stuff too! Also Paul is so adorable and talented, I love him. I love all of them to be honest.
The Signs as Iconic BB18 Moments

Aries: Michelle wearing 3 different outfits during double eviction night

Taurus: James and Natalie’s first kiss with literal confetti

Gemini: Victor throwing beads at Zakiyah and Michelle during his nomination speech

Cancer: Natalie beating Corey for HOH by 4 seconds

Leo: Corey announcing his Patriotard punishment is done as Paul is roasting Nicole

Virgo: Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, and Bridgette smoking Paulie’s cocky ass in the jury house

Libra: Glenn’s existence

Scorpio: Michelle calling Nicole a snake, live, for millions to hear during her speech

Sagittarius: Michelle and Bridgette’s character development from enemies to allies

Capricorn: Pussy Cauliflower crying when he went up on the block

Aquarius: Da'Vonne’s sassy hair flip and “pissed” when Tiffany put her up on the block

Pisces: Michelle falling during OTEV

Knight With A Messenger Bag

Author: Cherrywhisp

“Guys I’m out,” Spencer slid off his barstool and looped his messenger bag around his body. Two beers in and he was done. No amount of alcohol was going to make him comfortable in this club. The strobe lights flashing were going to give him a headache and he could barely hear himself think over the sound of the bass thumping.

His colleagues and friends protested but he shook them off. They’d have much more fun without him anyway, and at least they wouldn’t have to worry about taking it in turns to keep him company as the rest of them danced. He threaded his way through the bodies grinding together on the sticky dance floor and exited the club, breathing in the clean air of the autumn night. He walked a few paces and then stopped, noticing his lace was loose. He stooped down to retie it.

A few yards ahead of him he could see a young woman leaning against the wall, her phone in her hand. A man was by her side, touching her arm and face, leaning into her. The woman was looking around and Reid could hear the volume of her voice go up.

He listened for a few seconds more until he was certain he wasn’t misreading the situation.

“My boyfriend will be here any second, he’s just collecting his coat. If you don’t leave he’ll be pissed,” to anyone else the girl seemed calm enough, but Reid could detect the slight panic in her voice.

“Oh please sugar, I’ve been watching you all night. You didn’t come with no boy, only that sweet little brunette that left an hour ago. Now why don’t you let good old Johnny boy here take you home. I’ll take care of you, show you a good time,” the man was drunk, wobbling from foot to foot.

“My boyfriend will be here any second” the woman spoke again, this time through gritted teeth. Reid noticed she slipped her hand into her bag searching for something, pepper spray perhaps?

“Why you lying to Johnny, baby? Give it up, you know you’re gonna come with me in the end…..”

Spencer couldn’t listen to anymore, he straightened himself up and strode over hoping the girl would understand and not think he was another creep.

“There are you sweetie, I thought I told you to wait directly outside the club for me?” he touched her lightly on the shoulder giving her a pointed look.

A relieved smile spread over her face. “I was going to but I thought it might be easier to get a cab a bit further up. And then Johnny here came over and started…. talking to me.”

Spencer looked over at the man who now had a confused expression on his face.

“Yeah I heard Johnny here talking to you,” Reid’s voice was cool and edged with steel.

“Hey man, I was just chatting to your lady friend here. Didn’t mean nothin’ by it,” Johnny held his hands up and backed away slightly.

“Really? You didn’t mean nothing by telling her to give it up because she knows she’s going to go with you in the end. I’m fairly certain you meant something by that.”

Spencer’s hands curled into fists in anger, although he managed to keep them by his hand. The girl touched his arm lightly.

“Sweetie, relax,” she spoke softly to him.

“Yeah dude, chill out.”

Reid took a deep breath, knowing he was getting worked up over this guys actions but that he couldn’t actually do anything as he hadn’t technically done anything. He stepped closer to Johnny, keeping his voice low and controlled.

“Leave. Leave this bar and don’t come back here again. If I ever catch you talking to women like you to talked to her, I will dig so far into your past and find something that I can arrest you for. I work for the FBI, I’m a profiler if you even know what that is. Just studying you for a few minutes tell me that it’s not a case of if you sexually assualt someone, it’s when, and if I could arrest you now, I would.”

“Erm…….erm…….” Johnny stuttered a few times, looked fleetingly at the girl and then turned on his heel and bolted.

Spencer and the girl watched him go, before she turned to him.

“Are you really an FBI Agent?” she asked.

Reid nodded and slipped his wallet out of his pocket, flipping it to his credentials. She peered at them, her eyes squinting.

“Dr Spencer Reid………Well, thank you Dr Reid. You saved me from pepper spraying his ass,” she grinned at him.

“I did see you going for your bag, thought I’d try to save you the hassle of having to replace that stuff.”

“Well you did. Although had I had to replace it, I would have billed my so called best friend for the new bottle. She dumped me here to go home with a guy a while a go. Didn’t even know she was gone until she text me, I thought she was at the bar getting drinks.”

“Well she sounds like a fabulous friend.”

“Doesn’t she just. Anyway, I’m sure you have other damsels in distress to rescue, and I need to find myself a cab. That’s what I was doing before Johnny boy showed up,” she looked up and down the empty street and sighed. “I live like ten blocks from here, I shouldn’t even have to take a cab home.”

“You’re totally right, you shouldn’t.” Spencer agreed with her whole heartedly. “I hate that women feel like they can’t walk around alone becayse of jerks like him, it sucks. Listen…..I don’t live too far from here either. If it’s not too weird I could walk with you, or just share a cab and make sure you get home okay.”

The girl pursed her lips in thought and then tapped away on her cell phone quickly.

“You’re googleable, and there’s a picture too. I’d say you wouldn’t believe how many guys around here claim to be FBI Agents to get female attention but you probably would.”

Spencer nodded, he’d seen Prentiss, JJ and Garcia shut down guys pretending to be Agents to get their attention before. It was always extremely entertaining to see them pull out their own ID’s and to watch the guys flailing.

“If you honestly don’t mind being my knight in shining armour for a while longer then I live on fifth. We could walk?”

“You live on ffith?” Spencer raised his eyebrows in surpise. “Me too, Fuller Apartments.”

“Seriously? You live opposite me. How strange.”

The girl smiled at him again, the grin lighting up her whole face.

“Soooo, shall we walk then?”

Reid nodded and the two began their walk through the streets, the fifteen minute walk home ending much sooner than he wanted it too. During their brief stroll he learnt she was two years younger than him and worked as a teacher at one of the local elementary schools. She was single and had lived opposite him for eighteen months, having moved from Chicago.

When they reached her apartment building they stopped, Spencer glancing across the road to his own building.

“So, thanks again for coming to my rescue Dr Spencer Reid!”

“You’re welcome……erm……” he realised that during the whole of their brief encounter she hadn’t even told her his name.

“Y/N. It’s Y/N.”

“Well….you’re welcome Y/N,” he grinned at her, watching her awkwardly tuck a lock of her hair behind her ear.

“Erm…..So this is probably totally inappropriate and I’m so definatly way off base here but……” Y/N bit her lip nervously before continuing. “Do you wanna maybe get brunch with me tomorrow morning? My treat to say thank you.”

“Oh!” Reid was schocked, he hadn’t intervened to get anything out of this. But….he would like to see her again.

“Erm…..yeah. That would be really, really great.”

They made plans to meet up in the morning and exchanged numbers, Spencer waiting for her to enter her building before crossing the road to his own, a huge goofy smile on his face.

Tonight hadn’t been a lost cause afterall.

I’ve believe, after doing quite a lot of background research and brainstorming, that Rhys is actually a siren. We see the blue print following across his chest that stretches to his flesh arm, and even down to his upper thighs. A lot of people think they’re tattoos, but his are light blue, and in some side canons done by gearbox initiatives, they even glow. They’re very similar patterns to the one’s found on Maya, Angel and Liliths’ bodies. What leads me to believe he can’t use any powers is his arm, the other sirens lead off with their dominant hand, and we know Rhys uses his robotic hand more than his human, and the energy just doesn’t transfer through. I think his parents, or possibly even himself, removed his arm in attempts to subdue his abilities. I know people don’t like the idea, but even Troy Baker quoted ‘I think it’s really cool to see TellTale expanding the game… I like how they incorporated old characteristics to their characters to match the BL series’… Rhys is the first male that can we’ve seen like Angel since the series started.’ Point made.

Anon Suggested: “Omg! Cas and Mary broship! I need it!”

- Cas greeting Mary like and old friend and Dean and Sam being confused.
- Flasbacks to the time travel ep with Cas coming to Mary sick and weak and promising to watch over them, hence the delay in him returning and Mary’s line:

- Mary being Motherly to Cas and Cas being unsure.

- Cas confiding that “I have never had a mother…my father didn’t see me for a millennia. I don’t really know what parental love is supposed to be like. Or what is expected of me?”

- Mary being heart broken and cupping his cheek. “I don’t expect anything of you baby. You’ve done enough. You’re enough just as you are.”
- Cas with his crooked little smile and puppy eyes.

- Cas is surprised by all the love that he gets.

- There’s a time where Mary is in trouble and Cas throws himself in-between her and said danger and for some reason it hits Dean really hard in the chest.

- Cas is sick because of said collision with danger. Mary cooks him food and stays home with him in the days. Dean stays with him all night. Sam tries to force him to sleep.

- Dean compromising and sleeping next to Cas.

- Dean having a bad dream about losing Cas, kinda like Season 10. Sam comes in to find Cas trying to weakly shush him he pushes Cas back down to sleep and calms him quiet. Then falls asleep in the chair. When Mary comes in the next morning she kisses their foreheads or strokes their hair and whispers. “My brave boys.”

Mafia BillDip Drabble

Dipper crossed one leg over the other, his short shorts hugging his ass and hardly covering his indecency. He sighed softly over the man who was speaking across the long table, leaning his head against the chest of his master, Bill Cipher. He tips his foot to look at his high heel, shimmering silver even in the dull light.

The man huffed and glared at the boy, who seemed apathetic to his anger.

“Sir, can we go? This meeting is so dull…” He mutters, and the demon smirks and rubs his head. “Oh my sweet little thing, we’ll be done here soon, I promise.” He plants a kiss on the boy’s head, and he sighs, fingers trailing down the thigh high socks he wore, black, and decorated with little golden triangles.

“Mr. Cipher, please, keep your little brat under control, this meeting is important and crucial for-”

The man’s voice catches in his throat when a rifle is suddenly pointed at him. The boy, who seemed so dainty and small in the large demon’s lap, had somehow acquired a weapon between the seconds the guest had looked to his owner.

“My my, you should know better than to speak to anyone under my employment like that…” Bill shakes his head, smirking wide.

The man’s lips press together and he sends Bill a withering look before going back to the barrel of the gun staring him down, the boy looking at him with disinterest.

“And you know I never keep anyone around just because they have a pretty face.”

Drabble #16

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8. “No, I didn’t fall in love with you just to lose you.”

Jaehyun x reader



“Jaehyun?” You whimper, chest rising and falling erratically. The vampire in question shakes his head, pressing his hands frantically to the gaping wound in your stomach. “I - I can’t see the stars anymore…”

The wintry air seems to get colder at your statement, and the tears rolling down Jaehyun’s cheeks feel like ice. “No,” he’s muttering to himself, “No, no, no - I didn’t fall in love with you just to lose you.”

Your breaths are slowing and spaced out, wet tracks slicing your skin from your pained tears - his eyebrows furrow, vaguely hearing his brothers hunt down the witch who had done this to you in the forests surrounding you. “J-Jaehyun…”

“They’re shining above you, my love,” he whispers desperately, grasping your hand that’s gradually growing colder, “The stars. They shine for you - but they don’t compare to how beautiful you are.”

“Do it,” you murmur softly, weak and frail but still able to get out a few words, “Turn me - hurry.”

He stops for a second, wondering if he should ask if you were absolutely, positively sure - the life of a vampire was not for the weak hearted, and it wasn’t that he doubted your strength, and he certainly didn’t want to live without you - but your happiness was his first priority. He decides that just once, he’d be selfish and do what he wanted - and he wanted you to live.

His fangs sink into his flesh easily, leaving a wound on his wrist and blood seeping out onto his hands - he’s quick to hold his wrist to your greying lips, urging you silently to drink up, to not resist the metallic liquid slipping down your throat.

And then he watches as your eyes close, your heart stops, and you’re gone from his world…

…And then he watches you colour seep back into your skin, breath filling your lungs and back arching from the ground as you come back to life.

The stars have never looked so dull in comparison to you.



Day Six: The Moment You Will Never Get Sick Of

2x25-Girl Meets The New Years

This scene is so damn hilarious and powerful at the same time. First we have Lucas’s being so done with Charlie and his “popcorn and licorice”. And then there is jealous!Lucas trying to prove that he knows Riley better, specially all her little quirks at the movies. He doesn’t like that another guy, in this case Charlie, knows that. Because he wants to be the only one to know everything about her. Also let’s be honest the “He is like a creepy creep creep” never gets old. Oh, and Maya asking him why he is so interested, we all know you are boy, don’t lie. ;)

anonymous asked:

Do people not remember Eleanor Calder or what? The girl that was latched to every Tomlinson for years ,do people think Louis really wanted that while Harry got pushed to the side like the dirty secret?? Do they think Louis wanted to stand there and watch his beard in his moms wedding ? Please , to this day I'll never understand why Jay did that but regardless , contracts do extend to families, lol how else can they sell Louis with a female just on his own actions when he's looked done since 2011

Of all of the things that I’ve considered, there is one probability that is depressing as hell but probably true.

With the exception of Harry, there is a common denominator in the demographic of One Direction’s members. They don’t exactly come from affluent backgrounds, and whilst I wouldn’t say any of them were at the poverty line, they were mostly working class, with three of the five of them coming divorced parents.

When they came in third on the X Factor Simon was under no obligation to give them a record contract, and with most of them being under 18 the eventual contract they were given would have undoubtedly been discussed with their parents, none of whom were contract experts I’m sure. I’m not saying that they were stupid or ignorant, but it would make sense that when in that kind of situation where your child’s dreams could possibly come true that you would be easily manipulated to agreeing to things you may not fully understand.

What I’m suggesting is that if the families were actually part of the initial contract process then they would have absolutely been involved in certain responsibilities when it comes to the band’s image. I’m sure there’s a way to make all of this seem exciting and like a great thing for everyone involved, but imagine a year later when two of the boys are in a relationship and want to come out and suddenly you find yourself complicit or directly responsible for a breach in their contract. 

This is all quite vague, I know, but like I said I don’t know anything about their particular contracts, I just know of similar situations and how ruthless things like this can be. I unfortunately think it’s far more likely than not that the families are legally obligated to perpetuate whatever image is being built for the band. With this amount of money involved there is no way anyone is allowed to just say and do whatever they want without the threat of legal action looming around them.  

I could also be completely wrong when it comes to the motivations of anyone in this, but I think it’s more likely than not that the members of One Direction aren’t the only ones trapped and manipulated by Simon Cowell. 

Fic: We Own Tonight (32/35) (M)

Author’s note: I wanted to get this posted before I left for the weekend. Almost the end, everyone. Enjoy!

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

Chapter Thirty Two

Stony silence reigned in the Great Hall. Emma sat to her mother’s left, Killian’s hand in hers. As her fiancé and future royal, he now had his own seat beside her, which he accepted with stunned surprise. He didn’t love Emma for her title, but he would be her consort one day. It was important that the people seem him in his rightful place. Especially today.

Liam’s gaze flitted between Killian and the prisoner as he waited for the judgment like everyone else. He’d given his testimony, even taken responsibility for Ian’s attempted escape, but the Queen absolved him since no harm was really done. His was not the only testimony, as both Killian and Emma had to relive the attempt on the princess’s life. Beside him, Elsa shed a few tears as she listened; she still felt like all of this trouble was her fault. Liam squeezed her hand and tucked her into his side with one arm. She was no more at fault than he, her terror that fateful night understandable, given her upbringing. She showed so much strength, not only in overcoming it and letting love into her heart, but facing yet another fear in coming all this way to support her friend. He loved her more than ever.

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Eric Clapton & Enoch Powell To Morrissey: Race In British Music Since ‘76

On 5th August 1976, Eric Clapton took to the stage at the Birmingham Odeon. This strange brew of a man was hitherto known as a slightly self-effacing virtuoso who liked a quiet life and had done his best to keep the peace while in Cream between the ever-warring Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker. He was seen as a musician whose heroes included Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson; as someone who idolised Jimi Hendrix even as he tried to rival him in the late 1960s; as a brilliant guitarist who had rejected the noisy histrionics of rock God-dom in the 1970s in favour of a mellower, more reflective style. Tonight, however, somewhat the worse for wear, he had something on his mind. Something ugly and toxic.

“I used to be into dope, now I’m into racism,” he slurred. “It’s much heavier, man. Fucking wogs, man. Fucking Saudis taking over London. Bastard wogs. Britain is becoming overcrowded and Enoch will stop it and send them all back. The black wogs and coons and Arabs and fucking Jamaicans don’t belong here, we don’t want them here. This is England, this is a white country, we don’t want any black wogs and coons living here… Enoch for Prime Minister! Throw the wogs out! Keep Britain white!”

He later attempted to pass the rant off as a “joke”, yet never apologised for it, repeatedly, soberly extolling the virtues of Enoch Powell, who had warned of the dangers of immigration in 1968 with his infamous “Rivers Of Blood” speech.

Clapton wasn’t the only rock star of a twisted, right wing bent in the 1970s. David Bowie’s comments about the need for Britain to experience a disciplinary dose of fascism, coupled with his supposed Nazi salute delivered at Victoria station were greeted with horror but in fairness he managed to live the infamy down over the years through repeated acts of contrition, his outburst not forgotten but forgiven. Less publicised and more commonplace were the reported attitudes of Roger Daltrey (who recently spoke out against “mass immigration” and declared his intention to vote for Brexit) and Rod Stewart, who displaced The Sex Pistols’ 'God Save The Queen’ at number one in 1977 with 'I Don’t Want To Talk About It’. What he had been happy to talk about was his own enthusiasm for Enoch Powell, who he described as “the man”.

Rock Against Racism was formed in 1976 off the back of an open letter written to the music press by Red Saunders and Roger Huddle in response to Clapton’s outburst. Describing him as “rock’s biggest colonist”, they argued for a rank and file movement that opposed the “racist poison” of the likes of Clapton, as well as that disseminated by the growing threat of the National Front. RaR succeeded in politicizing punk and dispelling its early bad habit of sporting the Swastika.

The groups that came after the initial punk wave began to reflect the increasing diversity of Britain’s streets. Come the 1980s this was evident not just in The Clash and PiL’s avowed love of reggae or the mordant take on funk as an alternative, serrated weapon as practised by Gang of Four, The Pop Group and A Certain Ratio. It was also seen in the healthy racial mix of groups like The Beat, The Specials, UB40, The Selecter, all of whom had pop hits and a public profile. They   represented an extremely potent, practical example of the slogan Black And White Unite To Fight, just when it was most sorely needed. It was no coincidence that Madness, despite their adoption of ska, attracted such a strong National Front contingent – they contained no black members. The spectacle of racial integration was vital, and in their case, vitally lacking.

The wave of punk-derived New and Electro-pop, from ABC to Depeche Mode to New Order, scotched lumpen assumptions that it stood in opposition to disco, representing some roar of Caucasian street authenticity. The best new early 80s music was alive to other cultures in a way that white 70s rock, with its grandly conceptual, gatefold, virtuoso pretensions and implicit disdain for more earthy styles, as well as its head-up-arse, unreconstructed political attitudes had not been. [Read More]