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@cityofinoue It’s Samirel’s mate!

Bracken was born with strong magical energies within him. Even from a young age, he showed huge magical potential. Born within the Sunbeam Ruins, he was destined for greatness. But as he grew up, he learned more about the world…and how cruel it was. He saw first-hand how cruel the Light territory was, with haughty Pearlcatchers, and holier than thou Imperials. And stories about Emperors in the Hewn City gave him nightmares for years. Even now, he’s scared of them. At an early age, he fled from home, living in the forests that seemed to call to him. He didn’t want to live in a place where cruelty reigned. However, he was unfit to live in the woods. He didn’t prepare, and only brought very food and water from what he could nab from his home. The further he went into the woods, the more and more he realized it wasn’t such a good idea… After little over a week, Bracken ran out of supplies, and collapses, succumbing to exposure.

But death never came.

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i had so many things to do and i stayed up until 4am last night playing video games like ‘its fine i can do them tomorrow’ but guess what not sleeping has an impact on the next day?????