初めて名前で呼ばれた時の話 [The story of the first time he said my name]

初めて名前で呼ばれた時の話 by biwako

Saikyoudai Wizards Club Room

Have you edited the data from yesterday’s match?

I’ve completed it, Hiruma-kun.

— Anezaki?


Have I been upgraded from Fucking Manager?


I realised there’s a lot of managers now in this Uni

There’s no way of telling which Fucking Manager is which

It’s much more reasonable to call you by name


I see…

Out of all the mangers

You’re the most useful

When I call out your name, come quickly.

Okay, I will.


Can we just talk about how Sena dreamed that Hiruma was in Mamori’s “Bride” Room? I know by the whole “you took your damn time getting here” thing that Hiruma probably shouted this in reality and it had bleed into Sena’s dreams, but still… it’s nice to think that Hiruma managed to beat Sena to Mamori on the rescue mission! ♥

Or even better: Hiruma was responsible for the whole thing and was the one to put Mamori in those shackles. ;P

Images from Jump Super Stars.