Also, though Kill la Kill doesn’t have character songs sung by the actual VAs, it does have the six vocal songs on the soundtrack that are basically just character songs sung by other vocalists. Kind like what Phil Collins does for the Tarzan soundtrack.

So, even though CASG isn’t Toshihiko Seki, I still can’t help but think of Senketsu every time I hear CASG sing in a Hiroyuki Sawano song after hearing them sing from Senketsu’s perspective in “Till I Die.”

The song here, “mio MARE,” strikes me as feeling especially Senketsu, particularly in this one line:

I know she’s a tough girl, but she has a fragile heart too 

My heart. 

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The Hiroyuki Sawano Interview for Season 2 of Attack on Titan is out translated!

Sawano talks about the music for the second season, the approach he took with it and his personal thoughts on the series and how individual moments can be made more awesome/sad.

He also talks about the Beast Titan’s Theme, which is confirmed to be the music used in the first PV. The new vocal song which he made with mpi, Yosh and Gemie is also discussed.


English version of the Hiroyuki Sawano in interview is up!