Anime name: Chobits

Genre(s): Romantic Comedy, Science Fiction

Lauren’s Like Rating: episodes up until last three 1/10 last three 10/10 (The majority of the episodes I found it to be irritating and slow, but the last three episodes I found interesting and enjoyable to watch.)

Character (s): Hiroyasu Ueda, Chitose Hibiya, Yuzuki, Minoru Kokubunji, Hiromu Shinbo

Hiroyasu Ueda is the owner of Chiroru, a local bakery where Chi ends up working. He is 39 years old and jokes that he has a “baby face” because he looks more like he’s in his twenties. When he first opened the bakery, he needed help with math and accounting, which he is bad with, so he bought a persocom named Yumi. Over time he fell in love with Yumi and married her, but she developed a hard disk fault which caused her memory to slowly degrade until she eventually remembered nothing, save for rare moments of clarity. He was too afraid to get her repaired, as there was a chance that moving her memories to a new hard drive may erase them completely, which he felt would make her a different person. After awhile, her moments of clarity started only lasting seconds at a time and Hiroyasu had to watch her at all times to make sure she wouldn’t wander off. One night they were taking a walk together and Hiroyasu accidentally walked into the middle of the road while lost in thought. Unaware of the truck coming towards him, Yumi had one final moment of clarity and pushed him out of the way, which resulted in her getting run over instead. The last thing she said to him was the greeting that she had said the first time they met.

Chitose Hibiya is the landlady of the apartment building where Hideki and Shinbo live. She writes the A City with No People series to help Chi find the Person Just for Her.

Yuzuki is custom persocom built by Minoru. She was designed to look and act like his late sister, Kaede.  She was built with self-teaching software that allows her to learn things on her own without new software. Minoru put all the data he could remember about his sister into her. She is kind to everyone she meets.

Minoru Kokubunji (M) is a rich twelve-year-old genius who is an expert on persocoms. He has built many of them, but Yuzuki is a very special custom model that he created out of love for his late sister. He helps Hideki with technological problems and also gives him persocom relationship advice.

Hiromu Shinbo is Hideki’s best friend. They go to the same cram school and are next-door neighbors. He has a mobile persocom named Sumomo. He often gives Hideki advice and assistance with persocoms.

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