Today Hiromi Tsuru, The voice of Bulma, has passed away at the age of 57. She helped bring the world of dragon ball to life and is one of the reasons we still have this beloved show today.

You will be forever in our hearts. You have inspired so many voice actors and children and will continue to do so. You have made your mark on history in the hearts of children and the hearts of those who grew up listening to you. You brought Bulma Briefs to life. You will forever be remembered and your accomplishments will be celebrated

Couldn’t believe this is the last we heard from her…here she is staring at the stars, and now she has become one 😢

I’m silly but I always think these people, anime voice actors and actresses would live forever…but I think in a way they are.

Thank you, Hiromi Tsuru, for giving us 30 great years of dragon ball. The show will go on but will never be the same without her voice acting for Bulma. She will live on through all of us dragon ball fans, she will be missed 🙏