Happy Pride Month from NHFC and ANHFC!
I decided to use this special to answer a question I’m legitimately surprised nobody’s ever asked me before:
If Cousin’s androgynous, why do everyone and their Aunt Margaret keep referring to them using male pronouns in the comic?
The answer to that question is, well… They really don’t care WHAT people call them, as long as it’s not derogatory. Don’t get me wrong, Cousin’s still androgynous. Always have been, always will be. They just don’t put a whole lot of stock in pronouns because, for them, it doesn’t matter whether people see them as a boy or a girl or neither. To them, all that really matters is that people see them as, well… Cousin.
At least that’s my interpretation. ; )
So, whether you’re androgynous like Cousin or fall somewhere else on the LGBTQ spectrum, have a wonderful Pride Month, and above all else:
Be true to yourself!
‘Cause in the end, isn’t that what this month is all about? : )
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