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Rules:  List the first lines of your last recent stories.  See if there are any patterns, then tag your favorite writers!

The Devil For His Own (original fiction (novel); a Romeo & Juliet adaptation, where he’s a company man’s son, she’s a miner’s daughter, there’s a strike on, and there might be something down in the pits, too.):

What I remember most about them is their hands.

The Secret House (original fiction (novel); Victorian mystery set in the bohemian art and spiritualism circles of London):

Mary fell off the back of the hansom with a curse.

Crossplugs (original fiction (short story); sexually transmitted advertising):

Hiromi Kravitz beamed down at me from the videoboard that dwarfed the city’s skyline, before taking another pull from the tantalizingly frosted bottle of soda in her hand.

Do What Thou Wilt (Batman etc fic, sparked by that post about Jason coming back from the grave as a something supernatural):

Jason knows that no matter how much it seems like it sometimes, Gotham isn’t hell.

I haven’t worked on much else since before school started at the latest, even though I’ve got a plethora of unfinished fics in my wip folder (I am the living worst, I know), and even these I’ve only been able to steal the smallest snatches of time to work on, but there you have it.  I’ll tag @soemily, @takingtea-and-tellingtales and @bisexualtimothydrake, with no pressure, and invite anyone interested to participate.