I will become as strong as Izumi Nee-san. Making a perfect cage. I will protect you.

- Then, just so you know. If you ever possess such tremendous power, please kill me. I’ve had enough. Being an undead.
- I got it. It’s a deal. But I don’t have that power yet. Let’s call a truce before then.

The Japanese dub added like 15 years to my life. 

For the anon questioning RWBY’s popularity, just know that this official Japanese dub I imported is distributed by Warner Bros Japan. In this 35 second scene alone, you have the VA work of Saori Hayami, Hiroaki Hirata, Kazuhiko Inoue, and Yoko Hikasa. Who are no joke. Roles off the top of my head would be Shinoa from Seraph of the End/Fubuki from One Punch Man, Sanji from One Piece, Kakashi from Naruto, and finally Mio from K-On!/going back to Seraph, she’s also Horn Skuld. So ya….it does well in Japan too, in case you’re wondering.