Kohei Uchimura began training in the Ajinomoto National Training Center from the start of December. He will be coached by Hiroaki Sato, his junior in high school.

“After Rio, I actually considered taking a break from the all-around for a year. But as time passed, I realized that I couldn’t let myself suddenly become a specialist. I’ll compete as an all-arounder, and if I fail to qualify as a result, then I’ll look for a way as a specialist. 

Of course I’ll lose eventually. But I’m not afraid of losing. I thought I had lost in Rio, and I found out that even if I had lost with that performance, I would have accepted it. I want to value quality over results from now on. I want to help the general public understand what Japan’s beautiful gymnastics is.”

[Some excerpts from Nikkei 「だから、僕はプロになる」, 恐れ吹っ切りプロへ –Dec 8, 2016]

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Can you think of any Japanese names that have something to do with sunlight, warmth, fire, or light in general? I'm having a hard time finding some.

Sweet! Okay, so originally I was going to list each name and their kanji variations, but for some of their names, there are an impractical amount. If you decide to go with one of these names and you do want the kanji, let me know and I’ll throw it your way! 

Names for Dudes:

Akemi - Beauty of Dawn, Aki - Bright, Akihiko - Shining Prince, Akihiro - Shining Abroad, Akihito - Bright Person, Akio - Bright Boy, Akira - Clear Dawn, Fudo - God of Fire and Wisdom, Haruma - Distant Sun/Light, Hideaki - Shining Excellence, Hikaru - Light / Shining, , Masaaki - Correct Brightness, Hiroaki - Broad Light, Akimitsu - Bright Light, - Akinobu - Bright Trust, Akiyoshi - Bright Justice, Haruki - Sunny Brightness, Haruto (it rhymes with Naruto though) - Sunny Person, Youta - Big Sun, 

Names for Dudettes: 

Amaterasu - Sun Goddess, Anka - Colour of Dawn, Asa - Born in the Morning, Asami - Morning Beauty, Atsuko - Warm Child, Ayahi - Sun Colour, Chiasa - One thousand Mornings, Haruka - Sunlight Blossom, Hika - Fire Smell or Fire Flower, Himari - Genuine Sunshine/Fire, Hinako - Sunny/Sunlight Child, Hinagiku - Fire (It also means nothingness if you’re emo enough), Hinode - Sunrise, Hinori - Sunset, Hiyori - It’s something weather and sun related, Homura - Flaming Beauty, Hoshimi - Ray of Light, Jomei - Spread Light, Miho - Beautiful Fire, Akiya - Bright Night, Aika - Burning Love, Kaho - Fire of Protection, Haruna - Sunny Weather, Hikari - Light, Youko - Sunny Ocean/Child

Names that have no time for Gender Labels: 

Akari - The Light, Akatsuki - Dawn (don’t do it), Akira - Bright and Clear Dawn, Asahi - Rising Sun, Haru - Sunny/Sunlight, Hiko - Day’s Child, Himawari - Sunflower, Hisen - Spiritual Fire, Hinata - Sunny Place / Toward the Sun (don’t do it), Hikaru - Light/Brightness, Hina - Sun/Day Plants, Kagari - Bonfire,  Hoshimi  - Ray of Light, 

Just Words:

Hizashi - Sunlight (But there is already one in the series)

Naruto OCs do have a convention of being named random words (Masashi likes food words in particular) so this is one of those rare instances where you can play with google translate for a name. If you need any help there, I have a Japanese Dictionary at the ready. 

There’s probably more out there. There may have been some duplicates. There are definitely some in there you shouldn’t use (like Hinata.)

Behind the names is a good site for name ideas, so there should be more there if you are interested. Baby name sites are beautiful, beautiful things. 

Thanks for sending this in! Good luck with your OC!



I will become as strong as Izumi Nee-san. Making a perfect cage. I will protect you.

- Then, just so you know. If you ever possess such tremendous power, please kill me. I’ve had enough. Being an undead.
- I got it. It’s a deal. But I don’t have that power yet. Let’s call a truce before then.


Hiroomi and Akkey being perverted boys as usual.