Here it is! My Show Reel for Freelance Editing

In this video, you will see the basic things I know how to do, or what I use often in my videos, there is still things that I am learning, and things that I do that you often don’t see, (Multiple Layers in videos, Typography, Crop Effects).

Of course, I still want to edit for Mark or Ethan, but I do need to support myself, so since editing is my passion, I want to help people out!

I will be charging $20 a video, due to a feeling I will mostly be helping small creators, and I know its hard to make a solid living from youtube.

If you are interested in having me help you, please let me know! My email is businessforbarry@gmail.com 

Also in the tags, you will see me tag a few YouTubers, that’s due to them either being in the video or talked about in the post