what if… Lotor goes to the other reality with the evil Altean Empire:

  1. It’s where the comet his ships were made of is originally from.
  2. He wants an Altean Empire and the Alteans in the other reality already have one.
  3. They want the ability to pass to other realities to further expand their empire (and spread “peace”) and Lotor has a ship capable doing of that.
  1. i was shouting “that’s not shiro” at my screen for most of it, because, i don’t think that’s shiro.
  2. zaggar is real, but it was not a healthy relationship.
  3. allura’s connection with blue is amazing and i cried over it like 3 times
  4. keith has a hot head, but a big heart
  5. zethrid is so trigger happy and i love her.
  6. ezor is snarky and i love her.
  7. narti is so powerful with her mind control, and i can’t wait to see future uses of that.
  8. i feel like auxia is holding back, there is more to her.
  9. seeing zarkon and alfor’s friendship deteriorate was honestly one of the saddest most heartbreaking things i’ve ever seen. and the fact that it ended in alfor’s death? it just… it was so much darker than most of the series. seriously.
  10. i feel an inexplainable connection to sven and i love him.
  11. at first i thought sven was an older keith from another time line, but then everyone called him shiro, so i was like… keith and shiro fusion? maybe? but then he talked and i was like, oh good ‘ol sven, never change.
  12. power leads to corruption no matter who wins. in the alternate reality the altean empire was the one to be feared and that says a lot. allura was blinded by love for altea, that it took the others to see through hira’s lies.
  13. pidge and hunk being super smart nerds together was the cutest thing ever.
  14. slightly disappointed that coran was not in the flashback at all, but it’s aight.

*looks around* …..  *waits for season 4*

Las cicatrices te hacen más fuerte, pero la gente tiene miedo de las cicatrices. Nadie quiere estar con alguien demasiado fuerte y demasiado independiente. Esa es la parte triste y aterradora, no tus cicatrices.