Post Apocalyptic Disney Princes and Princesses (drawn by Kasami-Sensei)

characters go left to right, top to bottom:

Mulan(left), Merida(right), Ariel & Eric, Anna & Elsa, Cinderella(left), Snow White (middle), Sleeping Beauty (right), “zombie” John Smith & Poccahontas, Flynn & Rapunzel

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Hipster Merida-I Was Against Arranged Marriages Before it was Cool.

Hipster Made and Modeled by Me.

Photography by Tranquilitycosplays.

Editing done by me.

During Halloween last year I wore Merida and to be funny I put on hipster glasses and happened to have starbucks coffee. I then said ‘I was against arranged marriages before it was cool.’ Well nobody got the joke but I still wanted to do a Hipster Merida from then on. I finally got the chance to do it and I am wearing it to Disney’s 24 on May 23. It took me two days to make which wasn’t too bad.