My latest, a weeknd inspired rhyme. The concept is 1st verse I'm high, 2nd I'm coming down. Yo enjoy and spread some love today 😘❤️

I know I talk a lot of shit but I practice what I preach/
Say you love me then whys there another man in your sheets/
You should really clean your teeth/ before you speak/
Shit you really thought I was that weak?/
I could do a mountain of coke and still wake up next week/. Damn…
You underestimated the flow/
Underestimated the knowledge I possess/
Levitate to higher states, it’s your mind that I caress/
And it’s true I’m careless/
So watch your tone, coz best believe I could careless/
I don’t need the world or the love/
I got a bag and some fiends/
And we can do lines till we see God/

Dying to be me/
Using this drugs, just tryin to be free/
Shit is getting tough, will you smoke with me?/
I know we all got struggles, but will you cope with me?/
Drowning in the water, come and float with me/
And she asked was all the misery/
Really necessary/
To be love/
But baby you’re my drug/ and all I know is/
When I’m with you my face is numb/ and I love it/

My latest

They say my verses are like a work of art/
But I say it’s more of an art of work/
Coz I had to survive since my cursed birth/
Mama had no retirement, ain’t got no trust fund/
One of four, but definitely the one/
With the drive to get out the slums/
Fuck packing a gun/
I’m on a journey for knowledge/
So I skipped collage/
Complex math/ ain’t get me no ass/
And the fundamentals is where it’s all at/
Man life is so simple/
People just love to confuse shit/
Add a story or two to it/
So when you receive the news/
It’s worse than the truth/
Worse than you thought/
Penny for my thoughts/
Or a penny for my thots/
Who’s gots/ the biggest shoulders/
To bear the burden of Gods soldiers/
It is I, K-nowledge/
Don’t forget the dash/
Or I might have to leave you with a gash/
Now yall speaking about my kingdom/
Well I’ll bust in your eye..
Show you where I come from/
The coolest cat, straight from the tundra/
My words light up the sky, mama called me thunder/
So it’s my right to go Zeus/
in the booth/
Spitting lighting bars/

This world is like an empty pool, go ahead and dive in/
My brothers are only ones I can confide in/
Coz everyone is just masked men, hidin’/
A whole bunch of fakes, snakes and puppets/
Will merk they own mother for the profits/
They given up on God and all the prophets/
And try to run away from the prophecy/
This is for my real hip hop fans n em/
The ones who work hard to provide for em/ and ain’t out for just the riches/
So fuck the hoes and the bitches/
Will the real ladies please stand up/
And can the men finally fkn man up/
Get a job, drop yo side hoe and grab your princess/
It’ll be only joy you’ll have in this madness/
Fuck the limelight, I know I rhyme tight/
But fame it’s not in my sight/
I’m here on a mission.. To make a fucken difference/
Knowledge ya’ll!

I will never be inferior/
Or live in fear of ya/
but less about you n more about me.. uh/
Freed my mind, now my soul is livin’
But I still feel like im trapped in this solar system/
How much can you just keep on givin?/
until there is nothing left?/
Just know even in all my downfalls.. I gave my best/
but she just like.. yo miss me with the text/
And that’s just/ how it goes, I guess/
So here is more than a penny for your thoughts/
Cashed the cheque, and a tree is what she brought/
As reminder of us/ what a real mind fuck/
Might fuck up ya mind if you lighten up/
But she made sure its all tightened up/
I’m a titan, but more like zues/
When I enlighten you/
Enlighten them/ c’mon girl who nice as him?/
I don’t see no one…
Just like my feelings I keep the bombs in the basement/
So when I explode, you’ll feel the vibration/
I keep ya mind hurting, shaking/
Coz im the latest of the masked generation/
See, this world wana see me deceased/
I survive, but for how long?/
Ever since my heart died, I been tryin to hold on/
The happy days are all gone/
But I cope with that weed, I smoke it writing these songs/
Should I stay, should I go home?/
I don’t know… please let me know…