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“Hip hop is dead”

“ See my cousin’s in the game/ thuggin’ & things
He plugged me with a dame/ Who was half-Mexicano?
She gave the ass up/ I'ma mack daddy Soprano
She passed me the indigo/ but the imbecile
shoulda never tippy-toed/ thought my eyes were closed
Openin the hotel room do’, to let her goons in/
But I moved in a manner, on some Jet Li shit/
I let the hammers blow, wet three kids ”


                           - Nas - (Get Down)

Still Dreaming featuring Kanye West (Prod. Kanye West)
Still Dreaming featuring Kanye West (Prod. Kanye West)

Still Dreaming Featuring Kanye West-Hip Hop is Dead. “some people, some people, some people really are”. Now storytelling is all a matter of perspective, and although I may not have any experience paralleling my life with the likes of Kanye and Nas, they seem to connect with me on this song in particular due to it’s universal relationship drama. The sample ‘still dreaming’ reaches me like an elusive fantasy that feels like it’s within arms reach but just out of hands grasp, and a combination of rhythm and lyrics that just seems to work.  Even though the rappers involved can come off as hard and weathered, their message hits a soft note like they are singing their raps as opposed to spitting them, making for a special jam.