Tupac and I had many discussions. During those discussions we began to clarify what struggle is and what is the stress of struggle. We would argue. Tupac and I had beefs. When he tattooed ‘Thug Life,’ I asked him, ‘What is this ‘Thug Life’? I said, ‘What is that about–snatching someone’s pocketbook?’ We argued about it. He said, ‘Hell no, it ain’t about snatching a pocketbook!’ I told him to define it, to do some research and to make it his own definition. -Mutulu Shakur

Mutulu Shakur, a member of the New Afrikan Independence Movement, was Tupac’s stepfather. Though he was incarcerated for most of Tupac’s life, he was still able to share advice, wisdom, and life lessons. Mutulu was instrumental in assisting Tupac substantiate the Thug Life movement in the early 1990’s. Thug Life became an honor code and celebration of the street soldiers Tupac worked hard to represent. But of all of Mutulu’s contributions to Tupac’s life, the most important was his last name.