Hino Matsuri

“I did it so that the precious future ahead would not be destroyed and lost, as it would have otherwise have been eaten by ‘their’ greedy hunger. I do intend to take responsibility for my acts. I worked hard for this moment to come…“

Chapter 47, volume 10

- A sense of foreboding for what was to come.

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The right sequence of the Zeki history

Our “dear” Hino sensei, mixed events of her story, in the last chapter of Vampire Knight and in the extra chapters.

The real sequence of events should be like this:

Zero asks Yuuki to stay with him, but she is torturing herself for the guilt against her brother.

…then Yuuki learns she is pregnant

…so, Zero feeds her and Ai which is in her womb.

Ai was born.

Zero and Yuki continue their relationship as lovers and Zero helps Yuuki to grow Ai which recognizes him as her father.

Time passes. Yori dies, but Yuuki and Zero continue to be very close.

Even if they are a family already, Zero incites Yuuki to live her life, in the way she wants because he knows that she loves him.

 They have a long and happy life together.

They have a son.

 Then … Zero passes away and Yuuki says he gave her a lot of happiness and … she goes and dies.


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What a huge surprise to see these two cuties in Lala again.

Hino gave an interview with Wakatsuki Yumi, Yuuki’s actress in the musical, in this month’s Lala to promote the revival of the musical. 

In the interview, Hino talks about her process for creating this cute image together with Wakatsuki Yumi. Yumi-chan added the flowers, and Hino added the characters. Originally Hino wanted to add the full trio, but then she decided just to show Yuuki, and then she thought that the Yuuki of this time period (first arc) wouldn’t be without Zero, her partner in crime, so Zero just had to be added. 

Yumi-chan said her favorite scenes in the manga are Zero and Yuuki’s parting scene in chapter 46 and Kaname reaching for the sun after Yuuki changes him in chapter 93.