Aṣṭa Lakṣmī Stotram

॥ aṣṭalakṣmīstotram ॥

1. Ādi-Lakṣmī [Supreme Lakshmi]:

॥ ādilakṣmī ॥

sumanasavandita sundari mādhavi
candra sahodari hemamaye ।
munigaṇamaṇḍita mokṣapradāyini
mañjuḻabhāṣiṇi vedanute ॥

paṅkajavāsini devasupūjita
sadguṇavarṣiṇi śāntiyute ।
jayajaya he madhusūdana kāmini
ādilakṣmi sadā pālaya mām ॥ 1॥

Victory and victory to Ādi Lakṣmī
Oh, darling of the killer of Madhu,
Who is worshipped by all good people,
Who is pretty and sister of the moon,,
Who looks as if she is made of gold,
Who is saluted by all groups of sages,
Who grants salvation,
Who talks sweet words,
Who is praised by Vedas,
Who lives on the Lotus flower,
Who is worshipped by all devas,
Who showers good qualities on people,
And who is the personification of peace,
Please protect me always.

First of all, abandon all self-identification, stop thinking of yourself as such-and-such, so-and-so, this or that. Abandon all self-concern, worry not about your welfare, material or spiritual. Abandon any desire, gross or subtle, stop thinking of achievement of any kind. You are complete here and now, you need absolutely nothing.
—  Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

94% of hate crimes against South Asians motivated by anti-Muslim sentiment, report says

  • The South Asian Americans Leading Together published a report on Wednesday documenting hate violence against South Asian, Arab, Middle Eastern, Sikh, Hindu and Muslim communities from November 2015 to November 2016. 
  • SAALT reported 207 instances of hate violence and xenophobic political rhetoric.
  • That’s an alarming 34% increase within less than one-third of the time covered in their 2011-2014 report Under Suspicion, Under Attack.
  • The new report found:
  • 140 incidents of hate violence of which 94% were influenced by anti-Muslim sentiment.
  • 67 instances of xenophobic political rhetoric used by key political figures and presidential candidates; 1 in 5 of these documented comments were by President-elect Donald Trump. 
  • 96% of all incidents of xenophobic political rhetoric were motivated by anti-Muslim sentiment.
  • A total of 196 incidents, or 95%, of all documented hate violence and xenophobic political rhetoric were motivated by anti-Muslim sentiment. Read more

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