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Hey! Haha apparently I just can't stay away from your ask. Since there are many different scenarios as to how the Quitting played out (planned for a while, a stunt was planned but then something went down BTS to explode into the 'quit', his leave and then Quit all spontaneous, etc) I'm wondering that with a bit of hindsight what you believe to be most fitting. I hope that makes sense, hah. X

Hi rogueziam​!  Nice to see you again!  You’re always welcome at my blog.

So this is something that I and many of us who are watching the stunt have discussed on and off, and it seems our opinions all change as its plays out.  Notably, it was a popular opinion in the first month or so after the “quitting” announcement that the stunt was put together haphazardly by M!M, but that is not as popular a view anymore.

Right now, I think that the stunt was probably planned well in advance by the new team with M!M’s cooperation.  That being said, I do think the stunt has been marked throughout by what look like disagreements between M!M and the new team, so while the stunt may have been planned well in advance many of its minutiae have probably been negotiated along the way.

Certain things point to careful planning:

  • The Coca Cola/Toyota commercials: Since these ad campaigns were certainly planned and signed well before the boys, including Zayn, were in Asia to film them, I imagine Coca Cola and Toyota were notified about the stunt to prevent legal issues.  It is also rather fishy that both Coca Cola and Toyota based their ad campaigns on friendship, since the Zayn “quitting” stunt is at heart a betrayal-of-friendship narrative.  Since Zayn apparently filmed the Coca Cola commercials, it is possibly Coca Cola was notified suddenly, but I doubt this.
  • We Love Pop: In hindsight I think We Love Pop and the wave of stunts (Elounomore, Lauren Richardson, Zayn’s recall to the UK, etc.) were at least partly if not entirely carefully planned.  They even played out in extended arcs: Lauren Richardson will return and we will see what role she plays; it looks now like she was always planned to return.  Why the stunt would have We Love Pop, best known for The Ziam Kiss, as its prelude remains nebulous.  (It was and still is popularly speculated to be “seeding” for Larry and/or Ziam coming out.)
  • Zaughty: Since many invested parties (i.e. Sony) and Naughty Boy himself stand to gain from both Naughty Boy’s ventures and One Direction’s ventures doing well, and since they are connected by Naughty’s work for the band as well as the Zaughty collab, I suspect his participation was negotiated well in advance.

There are other examples, but these three are particularly salient.

I do think the profound shadiness of the prelude, announcement and first few days after—which were initially explained as sudden—were M!M’s responsibility and possibly unplanned for by the new team.  For example, it was once popular to consider the stunt a desperation move from M!M to force Zayn to cooperate with something, specifically Zerrie stunting, because the announcement was run at a time when Zerrie stunting started (Lauren Richardson) only to stall (Zayn’s recall to the UK).  Furthermore, many who considered Zayn’s “quitting” to be a stunt actually thought so very early on just from the way the announcement and the first few days after were handled—with absurd sloppiness.

I suspect the new team has had to adjust for M!M’s work (and vice-versa), evidenced in competing narratives and what look to me like clap backs (the Zerrie sex tape vs. “Perrie bans the boys”; “just four super-sad lads”; “our brother Zayn” and the Ziam media blitz).  So again, while I think the stunt was mostly planned well in advance by the new team and M!M, along the way it seems there have been disagreements between them that may have influenced the stunt’s details.

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Hindsight is a funny thing. I was reading some these metas/reviews on S1 and it occurred to me that Oliver and Laurel's moments decreased in intimacy as the season went on. That kiss in 1x05? Open mouth, flash of tongue. The hook up scene and then good bye scene? No tongue. No open mouth. Ripping off clothes sure, but not a lot of intimacy.

Katie always looks like she’s in pain when they’re kissing. It doesn’t sell. 1x05 was probably the best moment between them, but even then, jbuffyangel mentioned something that made me go:

It’s the first kiss that we see for this supposed “epic love story” and Laurel decides to give his lip a bite? That’s hot and all, but this is a first kiss. Their first one since he’s been back. Shouldn’t we, in this “epic love story”, see more… love?

And then it just got worse and worse.

This is from 1x09. She pats him on the back, their faces turned AWAY from each other. If there’s any disconnection between Stephen and Katie, it’s bled through here.

And the BIG moment?

This is the closest pic I could find to the grimace she makes during this scene.  To be honest, I find more lacking on Laurel’s part than on Oliver’s in terms of chemistry.  She never clicked with him as well as she did with Tommy.

Did I mention they used an apocalypse song for this scene? 

Then there’s the fact that season 1 had been building up this amazing amazing Merlance relationship for about 16 of the 23 episodes.

Look how happy she looks. No grimace in sight. 

And lets not forget the sole “I love you” in all of Season 1:

I think by the middle or end of season 1, as they were writing it, they were getting negative feedback on La*river as it was being aired, positive feedback on Merlance, they themselves had been writing this beautiful Merlance story, and ultimately decided to bring Oliver and Laurel together just to END the story.

Because they claimed it to be some big love story in the beginning, they had to conclude it somehow. They had to bring them together. But they wrote all these circumstances surrounding the union that it honestly grosses me out they they got together when they did. With a beautiful Merlance ship in troubled waters, with Tommy seeing the hookup, with Oliver encouraging their reconciliation on one hand but then disregarding his friendship with Tommy behind his back, with Oliver not even being sorry about it and not letting Tommy even get a punch in, with Tommy coming to Laurel’s rescue, with Tommy telling Laurel he loves her, with Tommy dying. This is the world in which the writers brought this ship together. In order to tear them apart again… because they were simply not working.


Song of the Sea scene readraw…thing. In hindsight this probably wasn’t a good section of the film to do due to me only owning 2 shades of grey market and all my blues being very bright but though I wasn’t able to capture the scene itself, as a picture on its own I think this looks quite good :) I might have had better luck with water colours, but markers were quicker and easier plus I haven’t used them in a while and I wanted to try out my new white gel pen.

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How did you embed the stars in your resin cast for Amelia?

HEY YOU *o*. And.. well it took multiple trials. In hindsight, it was maybe more trouble than it was worth because I could have just painted the backs, since the whole ‘embedded’ object doesn’t look vastly different than just a regular back…

I actually just watched —> THIS VIDEO <—– multiple times to do the resin embedding. The only difference is that I used EASYCAST resin rather than the one in the video. One step I would suggest SKIPPING from that video is adding dye to the final 3rd layer of resin. Just cast the entire thing clear and then paint the back of the fully cured gem with sparkly paint/nail polish. LESS likely for the dyed resin to bleed into your other layers, and the colour will pop better.

In hindsight, the fact that Kaylor had their first major moment (The little dance at VSFS 2013) during “I Knew You Were Trouble” is pretty freaking ironic.

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we found an upscale bar here that carried pappy van winkle. i asked how much for a shot and he said $75. at least he let me hold the bottle.

Jesus, that’s just crazy. When I was in Philly last they had it at some bar and it was $40 a shot and at the time was like “fuck that noise”. In hindsight I now regret that decision if that’s how much it’s going for now.

Con Adventures Pt 3- the final

I mostly bought presents at the con- I got pocky for my Mom and some Japanese juice drinks, as well as pocky and a Fairy Tale key chain for my date, and a little something for another friend. 

For myself, I found a Sailor Saturn plushie, which is so rare to come across I had to get it. I wanted to get the Pluto plushie so my collection would be complete (my differently sizes some-bootleg-in-hindsight sailor moon plushie collection) but her skirt was way too short (you could see her leotard from any direction) and it really bothered me. Don’t worry Pluto, you’ll join someday.

I also got a Nausicaa art piece and a Steven Universe art.

My friend and I also went to the Crispin Freeman panel- it was interesting but I didn’t know a lot of the shows he was in. He’s very passionate about mythology and the art of voice acting. Maybe I should have gone and asked about Utena or something (like now I just remembered that he would have met Ikuhara) but eh.

Thaaaats about it for the con! I had fun and got some nice compliments on my cosplay. I did lose my badge for five minutes at one point and they are hella strict about that so it was stressful, but…oh and we went to the “madness” room of  second and among the wacky clips they showed the entire special about Mamoru’s transformation from PGSM so my friends got to witness that despite not being a Sailor Moon fan. I was such a scatterbrain during this con in general honestly, I’m lucky to have a patient, cool friend. Hurray for friends at cons!

Pig Craps Inside A Police Car And Looks Unbelievably Pleased With Herself

Daisy decided to relieve herself in the back of a Shelby Township police vehicle after chasing a woman into her front yard.

Check out how happy this pig looks.

The animal, named Daisy, is pictured inside a Shelby Township, Michigan, police car after chasing a woman into her front yard.

Debbie DeRiemaecker told 7 Action News she was doing some work outside her home on Wolf Drive on Thursday evening when the escaped pig came hurtling towards her.

The local news reports said DeRiemaecker didn’t know what else to do, so rang the police.

Shelby Township Police Department

And the animal was subsequently placed in the back of a police car.

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Facebook: video.php

Which in hindsight may have been a mistake.

The Shelby Township police department wrote on Facebook: “Now we know why that pig is smiling in the first pic! Lol.”

Police said the pig was a local resident’s pet. According to WXYZ, the owner came and cleaned the car before taking the animal home.

Shelby Township Police Department

“In light of what is going on in our profession on a daily basis, a good chuckle is always welcomed.”

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Nothing boosts your confidence like scrolling through your art tag and actually seeing improvement. Still finding my way, but it’s encouraging.

I have Inquisition to thank. Before this…. obsession…, I hadn’t so much as doodled in years. Literally. Years. Kind of hurts to think where I’d be if I hadn’t given up, because this is almost like starting over… but you know what they say about hindsight.

  1. Nai Harvest - The Bikes & The Basement
  2. Forrest. - Southsea
  3. Hindsights - Mirrors
  4. Pipedream - Once As One
  5. Cardinal - Past Mistake
  6. Square Business - Weight
  7. Sunday League - Low Fives
  8. Plaids - Four
  9. Well Wisher - Fast Past
  10. Gnarwolves - Coffee
  11. Bangers - The Borrowers
  12. Wisdom Teeth - My Hands Alone
  13. Living Room - Life Lines

Compilation No.2 is here and is once again available free for streaming and download!

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All these bands are awesome. 

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