Reminder: Luke and Leia being born on the same day and them finding this out isn’t and wouldn’t be some amazing OH WHAT A STRANGE COINCIDENCE AM I RIGHT??? HOW WEIRD!

It’ll only seem obvious in hindsight. (And even then, it’s a minor clue, honestly.)

Because I’m pretty sure there’s billions upon billions who share their very same birthday, and the chance of them sharing a birthday with at least ONE more person on any given rebel base/ship is… pretty large, you know?

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I think Johnny's portrayal of jack in this film might have to do with his life at the time. I think it was the time all the shitstorm began so maybe he didn't have the courage nor the will to go in depth, maybe he just wanted to let go and distract himself from all the mess in his personal life? Also I hate to say that but he probably wasn't fully coherent due to his drinking problem at the time. Btw i'm not making excuses nor blaming him just speculating why the character is so different 😥

No no anon don’t worry, actually Lottie and I discussed that very thing. I disagree about the drinking thing though, he was trying to make Jack sound like that don’t worry - but I was thinking that in hindsight, we know his life at that time in Australia was a mess, he was being manipulated and emotionally abused, and I think he viewed Jack as an escape from that, from his mind, and so just completely lost himself in utter nonsense. I was hesitant to fully write that out in my post because I also don’t want to blame nor make excuses, but I’d be lying if I said the thought hadn’t crossed my mind.

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Sooo, thoughts on how the next season is gonna go for our favorite losers? ;)

Well, there are a couple of options, and they all pretty much depend on how much time Yara and Bridget have for JtV. I have no idea what Jennie intends to do with their story from here, but that doesn’t mean I can’t speculate wildly and be proven totally wrong in a couple of months.

So the whole of season 3 was pretty much setting Rose up for a fall from grace (from edited archive footage to Rafael suddenly being hyper observant) so jail was pretty much inevitable (hindsight is 20/20 vision). But unless JtV is going to find a new villain in Luisa (they won’t, Luisa’s beef is with Rafael, who more than deserved it), they can’t keep Rose there. A villain in jail is effectively no villain at all. But who knows, they might keep her in jail for a bit, off screen and out of our minds until they need her. It isn’t the first time they put a character on hold (Luisa’s endless stints in rehab, anyone?). So option A is keep Rose in jail while Luisa digs herself a hole to fall in (this is gonna happen, one way or another, I don’t want it to, but it will)

Option B would be Rose escaping and whisking Luisa away right as she is about to crash and burn (would be cool if Rose breaks out because Luisa is crashing and burning, but when would jtv let either of them do something romantic on screen?) And after that escape we would probably never see them again because we have gone through every possibility of them being in Miami while Rose is still a criminal.

Option C is very unlikely in reality but this is a telenovela so realism was never something to strive for. The police could offer Rose a deal; no jail-time if she flips on all the other master criminals she knows. She would take it, end up in witness protection with Luisa somewhere in Wisconsin (I mean, Florida is out already) and just like in option B we will never see them again.

My final and favorite (and therefor most unlikely) option is the second part of my earlier posted theory where Rose gets acquitted on all charges through lies, subterfuge and a shotgun marriage to Luisa and returns to the Marbella victorious and no longer a wanted criminal. Can you imagine how good that would be? Rose would still be Rose, and she would still have done all that stuff, but in the eyes of the law she is innocent. Just Rose and Luisa returning to the Marbella like nothing ever happened? What a huge slap in the face it would be to Rafael? I get excited just thinking about it. It would make Rose the most effective villain simply by existing. She doesn’t even have to do anything, just being there is enough to get everyone up on their toes. It is incredible. 

For it to work thought we will need a trial, which means an in-dept Roisa storyline where both of them have a lot of screentime, so that is never gonna happen. Ignoring the logistics problems of option D, it would be amazing to have Rose be Luisa’s trophy wife as they run the Marbella (possibly into the ground) together. 

Some combination of options A en B is probably most likely, but option D is the option I choose to believe in because it would be so good. So very good. So yeah, that’s pretty much what I think season 4 is gonna have in store for them. And the odds are decidedly not in our favor but Rose was dead for a while and that sorted itself out, so why not have hope  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Idk if you can/want to answer this but will all the wmb pieces involve the reader working in the same field and/or alongside them? And will they all be like... idk the word but they end up together as opposed to starting with a relationship already? Also the tae piece seemed extra fitting because he said he'd be a farmer if not for bts, so will they all be kind of canonical? For lack of a better word. Like in hindsight will the job descriptions be like oh yeah true

Lots of good questions here! About half of the fics in this series have the Reader and the member already knowing each other and working together (whether in the same building, or the same field). The other half of the series has a different set up where the Reader and member don’t work together, but end up in the same space for one reason or another. In order for people to hook up, I have to write stories where it would make sense for two people to be in the same area.

I tried to pick jobs that would jive with the members’ personalities, but some of my choices are definitely not the standard. Everyone clearly understands why Tae’s job is a farmer because he talked about his family’s farm, but the others have required more creativity on my part. I am 100% expecting that some readers will see the descriptions for the future WMB fics and nope the fuck out based on the job, and I’m okay with that.

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Melly- I see Niall's label have discounted his song on its third week of release to try and move it up the chart. I have no issue with that- good for them. Z's U.K. label also discounted at a good time (with the video release) but I saw that it was never discounted in US which reeks of rank stupidity. Zayn's career is being so comically badly run that it makes my head and heart hurt.

There are so many things that chap my ass about how Zayn’s career has been handled by his team over the last two years that I am forever just like

@zonshine brought it up the other day that IDWLF Acoustic was never actually released on iTunes, and I was the very picture of “WELL I NEVER” indignant boobs.  I still can’t believe we’re almost into June and they still haven’t released it? In hindsight, I do wonder if them putting the video on the second verified Zayn account on YouTube was a workaround for contract restrictions (because why else do that, especially since they never added it to his main account or uploaded any other videos). Mostly the point is that I would very much just like Zayn’s team to stop being so shit, please and thank you. 

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"danrln asked: Do you think Devoid would have been better received if it was a super type, instead of an ability word? No one complained back in the day about Snow not having any direct mechanical effect." "Yes, a supertype would have gone over better than a keyword." Why was it a keyword then, and not a supertype?

Because only hindsight is 20/20.


Loving the wrong person can interrupt your entire life. Please be aware of who you invest your time, energy and soul into, because before you know it, your dreams and aspirations have taken a back seat and you’ve become fixated on fixing them. Don’t put your life on pause for anybody. People rarely change anyway and plus that is not your responsibility. Ignore the guilt trips and invest in something with a better return, you. Plus, people who have your best interest at heart will never allow you to lose focus/ let opportunities slip through your fingers. Stay woke and be careful of energy vampires. There are people out there who purposely seek those with pure souls and plot to drain them of everything they have. Emotional labour is the most unrewarding time-consuming unpaid occupation known to man. Be careful and remember if the positive energy isn’t reciprocal, fucking leave. This is a regret you don’t want to be burdened with.


No one posted the Generation X character art so I’m doing it! I’m so excited!

From the commentary, apparently Jubilee’s the fashionable team vampire mom, Morph is the resident Sad Boy, Hindsight’s the new half Korean character (like writer Christina Strain herself) who has psychometric powers and loves vintage clothing, Bling is struggling to find herself and fit in her diamond skin, and Naturegirls going to have a hard time connecting with the others because she understands nature better then people. There wasn’t info for Eyeboy and Quentin, but the art is from Christina Strain’s twitter. Strain chose artist Amilcar Pina to be the penciller bc of his alternative and modern style. Check both of them out on Twitter! Issue 1 of Generation X is coming out in May!