I swear to god, if I’m getting another cold, I’m gonna be pissed.  My workout routine has taken a massive hit the past couple of months because of constant illness, the heat has kept me from biking anywhere, and I’m only JUST beginning to not cough all the time after the last cold.  What the fuck, immune system?  You used to be win as tits—what happened??

…Maybe I should rest up, just in case.

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why is alka a seer of rage? she seems nice? im not saying she shouldnt be, im just curious :?

she is very nice! but also doesnt go off very often, so she has some repressed rage inside. her role gives her a new hindsight on the whole thing!

Wow. Moving I found this blast from the past (I know I already posted these on another account but since it was me it doesn’t count as reposting right??? lol. hope not) 

Anyway check these out that I made back right after season 1 aired:

Her attack is fire hydrant. fire hydrant. Oh Jemma

He’s got a tail. I guess I thought Fitz was actually going to be a monkey someday XD

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lol yeah i used to be a fan of the books but like in hindsight its?????/ so??????? problametic????????/ and ????????????????????? why???????????????????????

why is Cassandra Clare published it honestly gets me soooo annoyed like there’s so many well written, representative fics and I’m like that’s what everyone deserved and instead we got toxic relationships, a bunch of white straighties and incest ☕️

So in hindsight, three huge cups of coffee was probably a poor choice when I’m already freaking out about having to attend this faculty get together this afternoon and make small talk with a bunch of people I don’t know or barely know. O_o

On the plus side, the ten day forecast here has a couple days with highs in the sixties, omg. *bounces with overflowing joy*

Happy weekend, you guys!

OUAT Rewatch S5E01: The Dark Swan

Baby Emma ❤️. In hindsight I think Merlin could’ve made that warning less cryptic.

Arthur’s face when he sees the missing tip is one of my favorite things. I loved the reveal of the dagger as part of Excalibur.


Blue Fairy ❤️❤️❤️. I can hear the Antis already: “I headcanon that she murdered the Apprentice.” Well that’s fanon. NOT CANON. For all we know, she cared for him and did her best to prevent him from showing up in the UW during 5B.

“You’re resourceful.” I’m a sucker for any magical character who appreciates Belle and fosters in her a sense of adventure. And she gives Belle a rose! My Blue Beauty shipper heart… 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 I’m getting palpitations. Was a bell jar practical? No, but it was still a prettier Disney reference than anything you Philistines could’ve come up with.

Clippy!Rumple led Emma straight to Merida. Which leads me to believe Rumple wants to be the sole Scot on the show. The One True Scotsman and all pretenders must be eliminated. Dark.

“Something that belonged to Emma; something… meaningful to her.” And of course the camera is on Hook for this sentence. ❤️

I liked Merida and Emma working together. “What month is it?” should be a finals week reaction gif. Merida’s face at hearing Emma speak to Clippy is also a favorite of mine.

The Captain Cobra didn’t go well but I enjoyed Colin’s inability to wink, the twirl, Henry’s spilled drink plan, and Nurse Ratched’s overdramatic reaction.

Zelena, your hand looks very different lying on the floor. Exactly like 2x04 Killian’s disembodied one, though.

Look at Snow White being a mother to two people older than her. 💛 there are no white hearts wtf

“You continue to get everything!” That’s funny, I know some people who would claim that Regina is the most long-suffering, victimized character on the show. But I love Zelena’s crazy scenery chewing

The twister at Granny’s is cool. Regina needs to do the whole Granny’s-realm-crossing-by-twister more often.

Dark One reflexes. I want them.

I thought this was my favorite reunion when I saw it. But after Season 5, that’s definitely changed.

Emma: This is too dangerous, you shouldn’t have come.
Snowing: haha oh my baby just wait until you see who we brought along :)

Hook: Well, you don’t look like a crocodile.
Emma: Guess I lucked out.

I live for the way Granny clasps her hands and smiles at Emma. ❤️❤️❤️ And for Dark Swan taking her lingering resentment issues out on Sneezy. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

The Camelot look suits these people. That’s one thing I really missed in 5B.

And the Dark Swan reveal was… promising. I’ll say that much.