Hinata Hyuga

coralscanvas  asked:

What are the Konoha 11 and the sensei's favourite guilty pleasure dessert and show? Like picking up mint chocolate chip ice cream and then watching Jerry kind of thing (might be my real life example)

you can find the guilty pleasure show headcanons right here bby

  • Shino likes melon flavored everything, but especially popsicles. he has a tonne of popsicle sticks shoved under his bed (and a small colony of ants living off the sticky spots left from the melted juice)
  • Chōji likes literally anything (does anyone remember that scene in Matilda with the kid (Bruce Bogtrotter) and the chocolate cake? that’s choji)
  • Sakura eats an insane amount of cupcakes
  • Hinata will eat a truck load of cinnamon rolls, she’s a sucker for anything with cinnamon and sugar. she also likes fruit flavors and is one of the few people not ashamed to say that she’ll eat cherry ice cream. 
  • Neji likes daifuku and wagashi (but never makes it out of the freezer section without the Ben & Jerry’s. he’s a skinny guy, let him eat) 
  • Kiba just snacks on sweet flavored meats, douses it in fruit infused barbeque (extra points if it has the tiny chunks of pineapple/mango in it)
  • Rock Lee is tryna sell you on these vegan cupcakes made with like avocados or something
  • Shikamaru would choose bread over most things honestly, so when that entire bag of mini croissants goes missing–he ate it. 
  • Tenten is one of those girls who buys the chocolate milk and adds more chocolate sauce. 
  • Naruto likes Ramen à la Mode
  • if the Hot Light is on at Krispy Kreme you can bet your sweet ass Ino is stopping for some doughnuts
  • Kakashi just doesn’t like sweets, not even birthday cake (what a sinner)
  • Gai loves smoothies and could have one for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, second dessert, midnight snack. he’s always trying out new recipes (typically with fruits you’ve never heard of and a tonne of of kale. yeah Gai, what a bad boy you’ve been drinking all those health smoothies…)
  • Asuma would be the type to say fruit cake is the bomb (especially the one made with rum). 
  • Kurenai is a simple lady who enjoys a cookie (or a handful) every now and then
How to Deal with Haters

Haters are unavoidable. People are not perfect. Some are full of negativity and they’ll take it out on things that matter to you and you’ll never know why they’re like that.

Here’s one way on how I dealt with one. Once, there was a Hinata appreciation post.

There were some comments that agreed with the OP.

Then the hater comes in.

Ignoring the negative comment, I added a positive one.

But then the hater replied to my comment.

The comment was intentionally mocking. Nonetheless, I replied.

When people are called out of their lack of manners, some have the decency to stop. But others don’t have one.

Now a wise man had said, “Haters have deep internal pain that makes someone lash out and do something hateful. These are hurt people that wants to hurt people.”

I didn’t see the need to argue more with the hater. So I extended a hand of friendship. She declined and I made her know I respect her decision.

Another commenter came for Hinata’s defense. The hater answered with the same mocking tone.

I now know enough that this might turn into an unnecessary comment war. I  decided to intervene by appreciating the commenter’s words. It then turned into a conversation.

The commenter then focused on me instead of the hater. And the hater was never heard of again.

Did the hater won? Since the hater refused peace, I gave it to others:

To the guy who cheered for me, I thanked him and we became internet buddies

To the commenter, where we had a nice conversation.

And lastly, a little more positivity shared to the OP. To let him/her know that his/her post didn’t create bad vibes because of one person.

I don’t know what satisfaction the hater had from her actions. But I felt at peace at the goodwill that I have given and received back. In the end, the commenter, my new internet buddy and I realized the hater doesn’t matter at all.

Spread good will to your fellow fans. Appreciate what you both love together. In the end, just like the troll in Wander over Yonder, the hater will just shrink into insignificance.

What are your experiences with haters? And how were you able to deal with them?

I will forever want justice for every female character who was demonized by fandom because their canon ties to a male character was deemed a threat to a popular slash pairing.