Hinata Hyuga


Blah blah. Sakura fans are funny af. I honestly laugh when I see shit like this. At least Hinata:

*Isn’t a total bitch
*Never mocked him for being an orphan
*Doesn’t punch him whenever she gets ready
*Has loved him unconditionally from the start
*Has always had faith in him
*Doesn’t cry about every fucking thing
*Was willing to throw away her life for him when she faught pain
*Bettered herself into someone worthy of standing by Naruto’s side
*Revived his will to fight after Obito basically crushed it
*Didn’t break his heart by falling onto Sasuke crying, after Naruto was the one who saved her sorry ass
*Tried to bring Naruto back after he was taken by Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki

And if that’s not enough, the reddit Screenshot should shed some light on this tired as hell “bashing Sakura while praising Hinana” argument

New SasuHina one shot!

Just a ‘little’ 32k one shot about my babies. No big deal lmfao This was a request from a while ago that I didn’t get to until now.

You, Me, and Them (Romance/Family/Humor)

Sasuke and Hinata’s twins are sent back to the past for thirty days. Sasuke finds his children trying to play matchmaker for their parents, accidentally poisoning their mother, and intent on driving him insane. Despite evil in laws, puppy requests, a clueless hokage, angsty pasts, and step dad candidates, their future is looking pretty bright.

I hope you guys enjoy! I take requests 24/7!