Hinata Hyuga


Source:  ナルヒナログ by HAL

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Naruto and Hinata are forever saying eachother’s names

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Boruto: Dad, when did you know you loved mom?

Naruto: It took me a long time, but it all happened during this mission…

Boruto: Yeah, I know that story. But mom said you guys used to hang out before that. Did you ever realize it before the mission?

Naruto: Well… now that I think about it…

Boruto: Seriously, dad? o.O Ramen?

Naruto: I should have known that anyone who could eat more ramen than me would be my soul mate. *laughs*

Boruto: -_-

Naruto: She’s so graceful when she eats ramen. It’s so cute. ^_^

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“La película de Boruto, por primera vez todo comienza, comenzando con caracteres originales. Es decir, es una obra original del autor, de mi (Kishimoto), con todo lo que existe por completo y sólo dentro de mi cabeza. Por primera vez en la onceava película de Naruto, escribí el guión completo por mí mismo, hice el diseño de los personajes, perfeccionandolos hasta que me gustó, que en aras de la perfección solicité que el personal lo refinara aún más. Cuando terminó la serialización, de inmediato todo el tiempo que solía pasar en el manga se vertió en la película. En realidad esta es la película de Naruto que realmente quería hacer. Una última palabra … .Después de esto no voy a sacar nada más.”

“Después de esto no voy a sacar nada más.“

Ok, let’s be honest. This is probably one of the most enjoyable Naruto Shippuden endings that I’ve seen since a long time ago. Since when did we wait for this to happen, finally Ichiraku ramen get some credits in the anime. It’s a symbolic place for Naruto, a place where he shares many things with his friends, it’s a place that brings people together, especially those connected to Naruto. This ending is the proof. Big thanks to Teuchi and his daughter ^^

This ending made me all emotional, not gonna lie. This little Naruhina moment was really… informative and cute :3, with Minakushi moment, it’s not us but Studio Pierrot who want to show to the fandom that we aren’t wrong and that there’s definitively a parallel. Plus, it’s FLOW… Dammit, it’s FLOW!!! This amazing J-pop band who did countless great songs and did so much for Naruto! At this point, I never saw a music band who did so much for Naruto, it’s their 4th song for Naruto. They’re not SP’s friends but theirs lovers, yeah! A original ending with a FLOW’s song… It’s the guaranteed death combo.

Got me like:

This is just so much to handle… and we got news for Boruto’s movie, they planned everything. Nicely done Studio Pierrot…

Also big thank for FLOW, by far one of the best Japanese music band.This crazy group that makes my body moves on his own! They really got the… flow!! #Badpun (Seriously, how can I put that differently?).