"Write it as a dream, read it as a goal."

Himitsu no Arashi-chan # 167

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[2012 Mar 12]

(on marriage and having kids)

Aiba: But you know, during your teens, when you were a student, didn’t you think, “I am probably going to be married before my thirties”?

Sho: I did!

Aiba: You did, didn’t you?

Sho: I had already planned to have two kids.

Aiba: At that age, at your present age?

Sho: Yeah.

Aiba: I thought like that too…

Sho: I was supposed to have one kid each when I was 26 and 28.

Aiba: You sure had your life planned out!

Sho: I did, I did!

Aiba: But you were the one who was most likely to plan his life!

- -

(on future goals)

Sho: You know, let’s not talk about something as broad as a future dream, but… Do you have “five-year-goals” or something? In the first place, do you even set goals?

Aiba: I don’t really set goals.

Sho: Even before this?

Aiba: Yeah. Sho-chan, do you set goals?

Sho: Well, I did! In the past, that is.

Aiba: How about recently?

Sho: In that sense, I don’t really set them… I guess…

Sho: But you know, I do make really short term goals and stuff.

- -

Aiba: You know, it’s the first time we’ve talked about the future in a leisurely way like this.

Sho: Well, with just the two of us, yeah?

asdfjkl; so many feels for this episode ♥ I downloaded the wrong ep (was supposed to get the one after this, the Blackboard special HnA ep, but I’m glad I downloaded this. Not that I am a fan of Sakuraiba, but there’s something just so… poignant about this exchange.

asjfkl; JUST. SO many feeeeeels. I love these boys so much ;___; Especially Sho… I can’t even bear to see the day Sho gets married, even though I know it’s an inevitable thing…. ;____;♥

Himitsu no Arashi-chan 108 (2010.11.18)

This is from the Koyuki episode and she has just explained that when they were filming Kimi wa Petto, Jun bought her chocolate for Valentine’s Day.

Here is a reenactment of what my chat with elfie looked like as we watched this episode together:

Jun: Becuase I’m a pet.
kinoface: kajhdkajsd
thenjw: OH GOSH
Jun: I had to buy it for my master.
thenjw: OH GOOOOSH

I just. I JUST.

Love Aiba’s outfits here (I usually don’t like his) and how he tore the t-shirt <33 Honto ni oshare!

And maybe because he was too happy, he went to right side  

instead to the left 

(Just want to tell, I like this comedian guy esp after he guested AniShi but I don’t even know his name hahak) 

He kinda replacing Nino’s here (and the place too, it was Nino’s :P)