what to expect on b.a.p’s concerts (and why you should attend):


amazing solo stages by members who worked hard in creating their own songs or covers

iconic and powerful performances (perhaps warrior, no mercy, one shot, badman, yw&f, skydive, wake me up, etc.)


illegal sexy bap

heartfelt talks

bap always saying thank you and i love you

bap always saying to not worry about them

*member says a joke or something

water fights

encore #1

song between bap and babyz (either with you or b.a.b.y)

encore #2

happy bap and their happy songs (like carnival, be happy, dancing in the rain, etc.)

encore #3


encore #126


BAP Bingo Talk is now subbed!
Over confident DaeJae
Awkward couple BangDae
Reaction Kings JongLo
and Gukkie’s fast(?) rap


Click CC for Subs. Click to watch on YT and thank Cindy DamChui for subbing this and the hour long B.A.P radio interview with Lee Guk Joo

[ENG SUB] 170313 Lee Kuk Ju’s Youngstreet with B.A.P

Hello and welcome to ‘Be Happy with Himchan’, a day for celebrating what it is about Himchan that makes you smile! This day is part of a project organized by the B.A.P member networks, that will span from March to September. This project is open to any B.A.P fan, regardless of whether they are a part of any of the networks hosting this project! If you want to become a member of the networks, applications are open for some of them, so it wouldn’t hurt to check them out!

The 27th of April will be ‘Be Happy with Himchan’ Day, where you can show love and appreciation for Himchan by showcasing what it is about him that makes you smile. Essentially, what it is about Himchan that helps us to ‘Be Happy’.

On this day, you can post any original content that you create in order to show off what it is that you love about Himcan. The tag to use for this day is #behappywithhimchan (please make sure to place this within the first five tags).

We hope you will take part in the project and help show what it is about Himchan that makes you happy! You can create any kind of content you wish: gifs, graphics, fanart, videos, writing, and anything else you can think of to help be supportive of Himchan in any way that you can! You don’t have to be an experienced creator; first timers are more than welcome!

For details regarding the entire project, please look at this post here.

If you have any questions, you please direct them to kimhimnet!

So I got my friend @meztermind into B.A.P and the fic writer she is let it take over. Since she doesn’t run a b.a.p or kpop blog in general she asked me to post it on mine which SURE BITCH I LOVE YOU LEGGO

anyways enjoy :) 

B.A.P Reactions To The Morning After You Spent The Night (In the dorm) After an unusual night of all the members having good, close friends over for a party… (Hyung Line)


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He would pull you in close for long cuddling, just thinking about last night. He growls in your ear a joke from last night that makes you both smile and laugh. His smile alone reminds you of last night. It was like a dream, too good to be true. You struck him as something special last night with how you carried yourself and he always kept a respectful distance but invited you on a dorm tour. You felt really special when he showed you his studio, a sacred space that he wouldn’t just allow anyone in. You boldly and playfully turned a few nobs, making him smile and laugh. You take off your jacket and walk into the booth singing a few of his lyrics into the mic just to see that kid-like, innocent smile and baritone chuckle. You intrigue him in more ways than any of the other ladies at the party by leaps and bounds with how comfortable you are in your own skin. You don’t allow his usual shy and sometimes seemingly standoffish demeanor scare you. You two end up on the roof, spending the whole night talking under the stars until you nodded off. He brought you back to his bed, not for anything explicit but because he knows how exhausting he can be when he gets really into anything. He forgets about time and just talks endlessly but you make him feel that comfortable. You’re fully dressed in yesterday’s clothes but he didn’t want to violate your space and left clothes out for you in case you wanted to change. He cherishes the feeling with you and who you are, he doesn’t care who knows it. When you have to leave, he walks you out proudly regardless of other member’s opinions. Daehyun and YoungJae are grumbling over food and look a little shocked by your presence but offer you to stay for breakfast. Yongguk looks at you with a giddy smile and you politely decline because you have to go. He tugs you along and kisses your forehead gently, looking forward to the next time you can see each other. He makes you promise to text him when you get back to your place. He stresses to you that he will be expecting your text, you aren’t someone he wants to let go…


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You’d wake up alone and a bit confused because you can’t find him… Until he walks in with a tray of food, tea and a smile. He’d see the concern on your face and assure you that he only stepped out momentarily to grab you breakfast. He’s set down the tray beside your bedside, and pull you by the collar of his shirt that you’re wearing and kiss your lips gently. You two had a passionate night after a long night of jokes and chatting. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of you and always seemed to gravitate to where you were during the party. You too couldn’t help flirting with him, he was always the gentleman, making sure you had whatever you wanted. As the night went longer, you two couldn’t help the skinship, always having a hand on one another. At a certain point you couldn’t help yourself, while he was joking around with friends and you leaned in to kiss the back of his neck. You felt him stiffen and miss a beat of conversation but he continued trying to be a good host. When conversation died down, he excused himself and winked in your direction in a subtle way that no one else seemed to catch… The rest was history and here you two are, the vibe hasn’t changed, he’s still being nothing but a gentleman as he was last night. Looking at you like you’re still the only thing that matters in the room. You two enjoy breakfast together, laughing, he’s actually quite the chef. Nothing seems awkward at all, until you get a call that you need to leave. You start to worry about what the other’s will say.  He sees you freeze at the doorway and he rubs your hand gently, kissing your forehead. You make awkward contact with Yongguk, who’s eating but he says nothing and just continues with his cereal. YoungJae and Daehyun see you while bickering and smile but continue to bicker. While Jongup and Zelo are both too into their video games. He called you a car because he doesn’t want to worry about your safety, which is unexpected. You think that everything from last night was just meant to be extremely casual but he programs his number into your phone to please call him when you arrive. You did just that and as soon as you hang-up, he texts you admitting he misses your voice…


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You wake up with alone in a huge beanbag chair with the softest blanket on you that you’ve ever felt but you aren’t really confused about that. You knew exactly where you fell asleep but you see Daehyun’s body slouched asleep in chair a couple feet away. You two had a fun night chatting and joking yesterday, he was quite the host. You were the only person to enjoy a joke that YoungJae teased him for. All of his stories made you giggle and he enjoyed seeing you smile. He even commented on it playfully, which took you by surprise. With the drinks flowing, the stories turned into flirting, both of you getting to know each other better. He was taken by how much you valued your family and friends a trait he found so admirable. YoungJae couldn’t help but notice how you two had isolated yourself and joked about it with Daehyun. Saying you too should “get a room” and he was annoyed at the teasing, Daehyun did just that… He grabbed your hand and brought you to his room, apologizing for YoungJae’s comments all night with a smile. He apologized as well for his rash reaction without asking if you even wanted to come to his room. You smile and blush explaining that it’s okay. His stomach growls and you both laugh again. He starts talking about his snack collection in his room and you spot the biggest beanbag chair, you’ve ever seen in your life in the cleanest white. He walks up to you quietly and catches you staring and offers you to sit on it with a smile. This is the closest you two have been all night and you can only nod in agreement when you realize how dazzling that smile is up close… His lips and and smile are so inviting. He balances the snacks in his hand and leads you over to the chair. He plops into it and invites you to join him. There’s a blanket on the floor and pulls it up to cover you two. You guys are sitting a comfortable distance from one another with snacks between you two, chatting again while the soft music from the party plays in the distance. Until he opens up something foreign to you. “Cheese Doodle?” you say without thinking and he offers you some, explaining how AMAZING they’re and he found them on his last tour in America. He admits you have to try it to understand it. You accept and he tries to feed you… You blush a bit at the friendly but intimate gesture and lean in and take the entire cheese puff, trying not to lick his fingers. He pushes the bit remaining in your mouth encouraging you. Your eyes widen a bit and he smiles, licking his fingers and then watching your face explode with amazement at the flavor. Until a knock on the door, Daehyun excuses himself but that’s all you remember until you wake up. You must have passed out while he was away but he respectfully didn’t bother you. You realize how early it is and don’t want to disrupt him but you had an idea and crept out gently. Fifteen minutes, later you came back with breakfast, an omelette with a smile and some fruits but he’s sound asleep still. You decide it’s best to just leave then wait for him to wake-up. The sun hasn’t rose and maybe it’s what would be best… So you cover the food up to keep it hot and gather your things. As you find your way out of the maze of hallways, you put your hand on the doorknob and hear a yelp which startles you. You see Daehyun heavily breathing behind you. He must have ran after you, he pulls his hands up to his lips and kiss them, you blush but he then leans in to kiss your lips gently. He tells you how much he appreciates you and asks for your number. He expresses how sad he would be if you left after last night and that your heart was the biggest in the room if you could please share more moments with him, he’d be so grateful…