!!Attention B.A.P fandom!! Please help out a Baby who has recently been diagnosed with cancer!

Hello guys,

I’m only making a post like this because I know how accepting, loving, and charitable the boys have taught us, as a fandom, to be.

This is Pahoua Chang. She is a mother of 7 children andwas diagnosed with breast cancer which has spread and is now lymphoma. She has a large family and paying for treatments has put her in a serious financial strain. I don’t know this woman personally but I do know that she does not deserve this and we as a fandom can help her! She has set up a Gofundme page that I will link below. She is asking for support in the form of just $3,000. She only needs $1395 more to get to her goal and I am confident that if we all got together and donated within our means, we can reach the goal in no time! Yongguk has always taught us to be charitable and do good deeds without question. We should help out one of our own in her time of need. Let’s make our boys proud!


B.A.P Reaction to -

You catching them staring at your clevage


Bap reaction when you catch them staring at your chest


He would be kind of embarrassed at first, but he would quickly get over it. After the embarrassment quickly washed over he would pull you into his arms.

“Jagi, you know how hot you are. How can I not look at you?”


When you caught him staring in the midst of a conversation, he would apologize. However it wouldn’t keep him from staring at your cleavage. 

“Sorry jagi my eyes, just, kind of, drifted.”


I feel he could go two ways; completely cocky, or completely flustered. It would honestly depend on the occasion. However when you caught him staring in front of the rest of the boys, he would awkwardly laugh it off.

“Jagiya, you know I would never do that.”


He wouldn’t even stop. He would keep on staring off in his own world. Once you snapped in his face, he’d look up giving you a smirk. 

“Oh were you talking babe?”


Honestly he’d get so flustered. He’d look up at you with an apologetic smile, constantly saying sorry. When you told him it was okay he’d still insist he was wrong. 

“You are really beautiful though jagi.”


He would be a little shocked/embarrassed that you caught him. But he would try to play it off. 

“Well you are my girlfriend after all. I can stare all I want.”

-Admins A & JC


overwhelmingly adorable  (≧▽≦)

if u ever catch yourself thinking “I wish bap never filed that lawsuit” then watch the video of bap preforming Angel at the world kpop festival 2014 where daehyun had literally been pulled from the hospital not a few hours before, having that bandage on his wrist from where the IV was and himchan not being well enough to preform that he still had to sing his parts from backstage. Listen and read the lyrics of yongguks AM 4:44.

Tbh just find a picture of the boys at any point before filing the lawsuit and see how tired/un well they looked. Daehyun, being a literal ball of sunshine, lost his glow and hardly smiled any more and we know how depressed he got.

If you catch yourself thinking “bap lost a lot of fans” look at photos of them now, look at videos from their recent loes, vapp and airport photos. You’ll change and say “I’m glad they stood up for themselves” because if they didn’t file that lawsuit you can bet that the boys we met in 2012 would no longer be in there, rather there would be extremely depressed, tired and only a shell of who they truly are. Who cares if babyz left, what’s more important? Their health and happiness or the amount of fans they have? If our small fandom can love them as much as a huge one can then it’ll make up for it, I promise you.