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【161031 TRANS】 K-BOY Interview - Kim Himchan

1. In your song “Good Time”, there are the lyrics “the things that do not change”. Is there anything that you think “This won’t change” or “hasn’t changed”?

Saying to myself “This is what I have to do!”, that hasn’t changed.

2. For example?

Everything. When I think “Let’s eat!”, I eat. When I think “Sleep!”, I sleep.

3. (From a different angle) I, I see. In spite of deciding, “Today, I will eat ___”, when you can’t eat, don’t you get irritated?

No, I will definitely eat. There’s never been a time until now where I’ve decided to eat and haven’t eaten. HAHAHAHA. Of course there are times other than eating where I think “Don’t do it!”.

4. By chance, has your personality changed from how it was before?

My personality has changed quite a bit. As I get older I feel it changing. A long time ago, there were a lot of moments where I felt like I didn’t understand, however now, I think I’ve come to be able to understand many things. This is what one calls man’s power, right? HAHAHA.

5. The lyrics to “Good Time” gives courage to those who listen. When you feel anxious, how do you get rid of these feelings?

To be honest, in my whole life there’s never been a time where I’ve felt anxious.

6. What! Even before you debuted, you’ve never felt anxious?

There have been times. (Eh?) However, I always think positively and optimistically and think to myself “It’s okay! It’ll work itself out somehow”, “I can do it!”. Thus, I don’t think it’s bad. If you think “It’ll go well”, it’ll somehow turn out well, right?

7. You seem to be someone who has a lot of friends regardless of their gender. Do you think it’s possible for a man and woman to be friends?

I think it’s possible. I have a friend, who in spite of just being my friend and before I even knew it she was dating some guy!

8. Even though she was your long time friend?

Yes. Even though we have been friends for about 15 years, she started dating. It’s been about six months now I believe. Seeing it with my own eyes, I though, I mustn’t take it lightly.

9. But if there was someone you were in love with and you were together with your friend who was a girl and there was some sort of misunderstanding, how would you solve this?

Since I’ll already try and not hang out with my friend who is a girl, I’m not worried. However, if I’m seen together with her by chance, I would profess “She’s a stranger!” For her sake, that consideration is my distinctive power. HAHAHAHA.

Who in B.A.P?

1.  The person who has similar tastes in music? No one
2. When I feel sick, the person who would nurse me back to health. Jongup
3. The person I go to when something worries me. Yongguk
4. If I could be reborn the person I would want to be reborn as? Me again!
5. The person I think, “Perhaps this person is a distant relative?”. Jongup

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