It annoys me how other christians are so quick to criticise churches that are doing well.

Having been involved in Hillsong sisterhood, and volunteered with A21, I can tell you that what gets preached on Sundays gets lived Monday to Saturday. What they sing about is how they live.

The people are generous, and hillsong church, despite being one of the biggest churches in Australia, is one of the only churches where my gay brother felt loved, welcomed, and not judged, while knowing they upheld the bible’s stance on sexual sin.

Every church has its problems, Hillsong just get more attention because of their size. And actually they publish their financial details online every year, which is a level of accountability higher than our nation’s politicians currently have.

Let’s stop criticising Hillsong, and instead look at what they do differently that attracts so many people? So maybe we can start following suit. Because the church isn’t meant to be small, it’s meant to be reaching everyone it can with the gospel.

Shout to the Lord - original print from The Worship Project.

“My Jesus, my Saviour. Lord there is none like You. All of my days, I want to praise the wonders of Your mighty love. My comfort, my shelter, tower of refuge and strength. Let every breath, all that I am, never cease to worship You.”

Thank you Darlene Zschech. This is a beautiful song. A simple cry from a yearning heart. It puts God in His rightful place, and sums up what should be our heart’s cry as believers…“let EVERY breath, ALL that I am, NEVER CEASE to worship YOU.”

* * *

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Hear Our Praises - original print from The Worship Project.

It’s an older song, but the truth of what Reuben Morgan was prophetically declaring is so relevant to us today. This is one of those declarations that I want my life to be a representation of.

A life that is a song of joy unto the Lord. That I would be found dancing in whatever circumstance I’m in, that our homes, our cities, and our nations, would magnify and glorify Jesus, because of the way that we live our lives - in purity, and in righteousness, walking blameless before our Father, through Christ Jesus.

If you haven’t done it today…get up and dance. Go somewhere private if you feel the need, but dance. REJOICE in the Lord. Always! Let your heart sing, fill your home, fill your street with JOY.

* * *

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