Beauty and the beast (2017)
  • the prince’s makeup is my life tbh his eyelINER is POPPIN 
  • is no one going to talk about how belle invented the first washing machine and everyone just !!!! DUMPS HER LAUNDRY DIRECTLY INTO THE FUCKING SOIL
  • le fou, just, i love him
  • “ja ne se quais?” “i dont know what that means” gaston you’re french
  • Josh Gad’s horse would nOT cooperate and he almost ran emma ovER !! 
  • the fact that emma sang ‘The hills are alive’ whilst filming the reprise of belle, on the hills.
  • “i dont have tastebuds but i can tell that this is exquisite !”
  • “my favorite is romeo & juliet” *rolls eyes into another dimension
  • “i had an expensive education”
  • “-and a bit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) alarming( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”
  • “okay, I’m older now”
  • I started crying when the staff turned into household items I just xgohdyofu n O
  • “have you ever thought about growing a beard?” *Rawr xD smexy growls*

when u havent seen ur mom in a while and u wana show her all ur cool stuff ur proud of

The hills are alive with sounds of DIE DIE DIE

Panic! Fandom Aesthetic:

Halloween 2015: Ryden Revival! All hail Adam Levine! My crops have flourished, my skin is clear, the hills are alive with the sound of ryden

Halloween 2016: ryan has severed ties with brendon. my crops have been destroyed. is ryden dead? Find me a cliff.

calling all Julie fans!!

Short Explanation: 

Tell me why you love Julie Andrews in any format, way, and/or type of media you prefer! (could be a 3 word sentence, anything is fine)

Long Explanation + Details:

Hi! So I’ve been the actual worst these past few months and have been totally neglecting tumblr. College is not the easiest thing ever and takes up quite a bit more time than I anticipated. Seriously though, art school (all school, really) is hard. So, for a final in one of my classes, I’ve decided to create a Julie Andrews shrine (how cool is it that I can actually do that for an assignment?!??). My intention is to emulate the shrines of saints (just to give ya a better idea as to what the final product will be). Anyway, I need your help! 

For a portion of the shrine, I want to include fan letter notes. That’s where you all (hopefully) come in.

 If any of you have a memory (or memories) that you associate with Julie, how she’s impacted your life, or even just an explanation as to why you like her, I’d love to include it in my final piece! It can be absolutely anything; a picture, a letter, a phrase, a poem, literally everything. Even just a few words like “I wish Julie Andrews was my real mom,” is totally acceptable. You can address it as though you’re talking about her or directly to her, either way is fine. Everyone who sends something in will, of course, be credited (which, speaking of giving credit where credit is due, I cannot find the original owner/creator of this gif, so if it’s you, let me know so I can credit you!). 

So, if you’re feeling up to it, either respond to this post or message me privately! Thank you all so much! 

The signs as people during election day

Aries: noooooo *hides under covers*

Taurus: you voted third party? shame. SHAME.

Gemini: *sobs*

Cancer: * “I voted stickers” cover every inch of their body. they morph into a ball of human garbage and become the next 2020 presidential candidate*

Leo: *single tear falls down their cheek in memory of Bernie*

Virgo: I hate them all *puts their cat in the write in option*

Libra: yes i am with H E R put me DOWN for clinton! FOR THE HILL(ary) IS ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF VOTES!!


Sagittarius: I don’t care for either so im going to vote third party *gets jumped*

Capricorn: *packing bags for Canada* that doesn’t concern me anymore kiddo

Aquarius: i.. uh… ummm *sweats*

Pisces: *cant decide between a war with russia or a war with mexico over a wall*