“Rocka Rolla” by Judas Priest

Rocka Rolla (1974)

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I think the Wild Times in the official handbook was popular for chile fries to cover up that it's actually an amusement park built for Predators. The prey would actually imagine it being a food joint for Predators. When we look at the concept art the Predators park on top of hill so it's assumed that wilde times is in the same area as the parked cars and the only building that's small enough to be convincing for an area of parked cars is a fast food restaurant.

Sometimes I have this crisis where I feel like the final movie is an alternate universe of the original concept rather than the other way around

Official Map of the City

Via the Art of Megamind art book.

The blue highlighted section contains City Hall, the Reflecting Pool, and directly across from City Hall the Metro Man Museum.

The pink highlighted section is the surrounding downtown. The red dot indicates Roxanne’s apartment.

The red highlighted section is a run down neighborhood. It’s an older part of the city and much of its housing is reminiscent of old tenements. The yellow dot indicates Hal’s apartment.

The brown section is the largely abandoned industrial and shipping complex, the neighborhood here resembles a demilitarized zone. The blue dot indicates Megamind’s abandoned power station lair.

The tan hill is topped by the abandoned observatory (light green dot).

Hilltop Park is the beach just off the abandoned industrial complex. The dark green dot indicates Metro Man’s schoolhouse hideout.

The surrounding green highlighted areas can be assumed to be a mix of residential neighborhoods and businesses.