Múm - We Have A Map of the Piano

En mutlu insanlar belki de
baca temizleyicileridir
öyle dar, öyle kara karanlık bir yerdedirler ki
yüreklerini geniş, dayanıklı
aydınlık tutmak zorundadırlar
buna yükümlü sayarlar kendilerini.
Baca temizleyicileri başkalarını sevmekle kalmaz
başkalarınca sevilirler aynı zamanda
çünkü herkesi düşünmeyecek kadar mutlu
herkes tarafından düşünülmeyecek kadar mutludurlar.


Warren Ellis on the new Hildur Gudnadottir album: “Imagine a space between Zoe Keating’s driftier experiments and Julianna Barwick’s surreal single-voice choruses. It’s an incredibly beautiful, weightless piece of music that develops less like a composition and more like a weather system. I’ve listened to it a few times a day for a few days, and am still finding new cloud formations in it.”

Hildur Gudnadottir
Leyfdu Ljosinu


A lovely album of cello/voice/electronics compositions by Hildur Gudnadottir recorded live at the Music Research Centre (University of York) in January of this year. Touch’s press release notes that the original live recordings have not been edited as “to be faithful to time and space.” The effect of this move is the establishment of a sense of intimacy and even immediacy in these glacially moving string compositions. The album begins with a brief string prelude before the centerpiece, “Allow The Light” takes center stage. Thirty-five minutes in length, the piece is really quite beautiful, with angelic, clarion vocals eclipsing beautiful string arrangements for cello. Midway through the piece its initial frailness gives way to a more spectacular and assertive movement, building to a frenzied mass of bowed strings and booming electricity clouds. Impressive and immersive listening, and typically top-notch presentation by Touch. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia

Hauschka & Hildur Gudnadottir - Pan Tone (Sonic Pieces)

The result of a special performance from early 2010 in London and inspired by various shades of blue, two visionary forces on their respective instruments sees Volker Bertelmann on (prepared) piano and Hildur Gudnadottir on cello conjure up these pieces of incredible richness and intricate beauty. Highly recommended.

Album and single tracks now available for download (MP3 / 320 kb/s)


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