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how often do you workout? and what kind of workouts is it? :-)

I don’t ‘workout’ really. I’m part of a hockey team so I play that a couple of times back home, I like going on hikes and walks with friends. At camp I played activities with my girls, in New York I walked close to 30,000 steps a day. I just like to live life and go on adventures and have fun :)


Hi I’m Renee and I am 19 years old and I love hiking, biking, camping with my dogs, reading with my cats, writing poems, drawing, coloring, netflix, medically smoking my pot, and driving my awesome cars around. ☺😊I spend my extra time with my pups doing what I love. 😆I would love to meet and talk to as many of you as possible.😁 You can message me or kik to talk. 😄 I spend so much time on here I figured I should get to know some of its amazing bloggers😉


escaped to the mountains again and it felt amazing