Real life Hijikata Toushirou 
Hijikata would be proud! xD

“Yup. That was Gross.“

Rather than exchanging cups of sake with each other, these two are more suited in exchanging bowls of dog food instead.



“I just want the woman I love to be happy”


“Hijikata-special. Wanna try?”

“Hijikata-han, Hijikata-han, why don’t you have a girlfriend?” Really? He’s the Mayo-Prince, he has to care about his people! He’s the king of otaku! Demonic vice-commander! and so on…

With all my fangirl-love, Happy birthday, Hijikata Toushirou!


anonymous asked:

your top ten headcanons of ginhijigin? :3 one of mine is that on occasion they share the same cigarette, and gin only smokes when he's with hijikata.

I don’t have a top ten, all headcanons are super important when it comes to them LOLOL so here’s 10 random ones! Thank you so much, I could go on about them forever! 

  1. I’ve totally always had a headcanon that they smoke together, but I think Gintoki does it on his own sometimes if he can’t or hasn’t been able to spend time with Hijikata in awhile, then he’ll smoke a mayoboro or two ((that he pilfered from Hijikata on the sly)) just to have the familiar scent hanging on him.
  2. Location doesn’t really matter and even if they can’t have sex or something, just being in proximity is enough, but every once in awhile, there’s a need to be away from everyone else where they can get at each other without having to worry about anyone interrupting them – ie: needing to go to a hotel.
  3. Gintoki has a thing for Hijikata wearing his yukata – the first time he walked back into the room and saw Hijikata bent over a stack of papers with Gintoki’s yukata tied loosely around him and sliding slightly off one shoulder, Gintoki about got whiplash. 
  4. It takes Hijikata awhile to really understand the depths of Gintoki’s engrained habits and once Hijikata becomes more familiar with that part of Gintoki, he does more to help him and that sometimes results in fights ((that they both enjoy making up for later on)).
  5. No matter what kind of fight they have or how bad the fight might be, neither of them are left worrying about whether the other will leave – after the initial ‘figuring things out’ phase, they’re sure about each other and that’s something that never gets questioned.
  6. The pet peeves they harbor toward each other are some of the things most missed when they’re apart – ie: Gintoki rolling over and taking the covers with him, Hijikata kicking out in his sleep and waking up because of an answering kick, Gintoki pestering Hijikata when he’s trying to get some work done.
  7. Gintoki is more comfortable giving pleasure than receiving it, so he has always been very thorough and enjoys finding/exploiting Hijikata’s hotspots – ie: Hijikata has a thing for necking and Gintoki will use it to his absolute advantage whether it’s to send Hijikata over the edge or to persuade Hijikata into giving Gintoki something he wants.
  8. Gintoki rarely asks for anything, so when he does Hijikata knows to put any joking/teasing aside and take it seriously because it’s important – Gintoki wouldn’t be asking if it were anything less.
  9. Hijikata more readily gives responses and can be vocal in bed, but Gintoki isn’t always so willing/vocal, so Hijikata gets a special thrill whenever he can get Gintoki to make more noise or let loose.
  10. Their schedules don’t match up as much as they might want sometimes, but just a short few quiet minutes together in an alley or hidden in a Shinsengumi car where they can tease, talk, kiss, touch ((even if it’s just fingers brushing a soft wrist or shoulders pressing together)) the whole thing is ultimately reassuring and refreshing – it can make a bad day turn into a good and bearable one.