Highly educated

History of japan is such a quality meme because it’s not just 1 or 2 sentences repeated over and over, it’s a 9 minute video filled with highly-quotable lines. There’s so much variety and so many opportunities to make memes with it and also it’s highly educational and the whole thing is just 

Y'all act like George W. Bush (who went to yale, harvard), Bill O'Reilly (who went to harvard), Glenn Beck (who went to yale), and Mitt Romney (who went to harvard), etc. are anomalies among prestigious universities.

These people are not unintelligent; these people are not uneducated.

Acquisition of higher education isn’t the same as not being willfully ignorant. You can be highly educated and say ignorant shit, it’s actually pretty common: hence this blog.

Stop putting your faith in our education system to rid our society of systematic oppression. Higher education actively encourages oppression.