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a/n: say no more. i love him. must protect.

itS A SERIES!!!!!!!


He was staring at you again, though as soon as your eyes would meet, he shyly glanced away and hid behind his book. The Care of Magical Creature’s class was held outside again, the students chatting between one another loudly since the teacher didn’t mind it – as a matter of fact, conversation was highly encouraged. Educational or not. Newton was alone, though, as he always was – not even Leda was around to cheer him up with her new research (you had overheard a group of girls gossiping about how peculiar she was). A familiar voice of a friend reached you, along with a poke to your rib-cage that nearly made you yelp, and you replied with an annoyed ‘Sod off, will ya?’, grinning when Newt glanced at you again. Upon catching him for the second time that day, he blushed a bright red. For the rest of the class he was religiously avoiding you.

After class you were the first to pack your things and hop to him, throwing an old book bag over your shoulder and plopping down on the grass next to the sixth year that was only now closing his book. He looked like a fish out of water finding such a genuinely friendly smile brimming your lips. “Hi.” You broke the silence, seeing as he did nothing but admire you. Extending you hand, you waited for him to shake it, “(Name) (Lastname). Seeker. Pleasure.” As if only now snapping out what ever daze was in, Newt nervously shook his shoulders and clamped his hand over yours. The contact was short lived as he only murmured his name out and let go. “You’re quite shy, aren’t you?” You continued the conversation. “I saw you lookin’. Not the first time either.” You pointed out. He froze for a second. “Please don’t tell me it’s my hair.” Your voice held a strain in it, “After changing it…things haven’t been the same.” He didn’t reply, only gulped nervously and stood up along with his things.

“N-No…Not your hair.” He finally said, seeing as you only followed in his example and weren’t about to let him be, “I find it quite beautiful, actually.” At his words, you grinned.

“Thanks!” The volume of your voice made him twitch, “Quite a relief, actually.” You added, following after him. “Why were you lookin’ then?” your voice grew in suspicion.

Newt tilted his head in your direction, only to see you curiously glancing upwards at him – he was much taller, “People seem to like you.” He blurred out, “I was merely curious as to why.” You smiled, again.

“Don’t people like you?”

“No actually. They find me quite vexing.”

“I don’t.”

“You don’t know me yet.”

“Then let’s change that, shall we?” Your voice sounded much too enthusiastic than he expected, and taken aback he stopped moving only to see a toothy grin pinch your cheeks, “Quidditch practice is in ten minutes. Come, okay? We can hang out afterwards.” He was about to deny such an invitation, you could tell, so quickly you added “It’ll be fun. I swear. Plus, I won’t tell anyone about that Bowtuckle you snatched when no one was lookin’.”

“How did yo-“

“I like your hair too.” Was all you said, your smile dimming and you took a couple of backwards steps, “See ya in a bit!” and with that, you blazed to the training field.

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While science fiction and technophobes envision a dystopian destiny in which artificial intelligence does our thinking for us and robots take our jobs, the future of manufacturing that’s already coming into focus is one where highly-educated people are the real power behind the machines.

Whatever image you have about the industry, these futuristic jobs will make you rethink manufacturing entirely. Read more

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Dating Percival Graves includes:

finally got to write some Graves head canons, since they were requested so much! ~ *:・゚✧

warnings: NSFW

activities/small moments:

-Graves loves to invite you to dinner and he takes you out every Saturday. He doesn’t care how busy he is with work; Saturday is your day.

-He has a lot of well-educated and highly regarded friends, so you felt a bit anxious when Graves arranged a dinner party to meet them. But that feeling vanished in a matter of second because they were all so welcoming and only speak glowingly of you since day one.

-Graves is not to fond of PDA since he has to keep his imagine as the serious businessman up in public. However, when he sees another guy talking a tad bit too nice with you he knows how to show them that you are his.

-As much of a stern man he is from the outside, you know Graves fluffy side. He will excitedly talk about his favourite books and music with you, hours on end.

-Percival never lets a chance fly by without complementing you. ‘God, you look so good!’ and ‘You are the most gorgeous human being I’ve ever seen!’ are probably the most common sentences you hear from him. However, he doesn’t only complement you on your good looks. He can be really sweet and tells you how smart you are and how he doesn’t deserve you.

all thingy touchy:

-You would have never thought that Graves is such a cuddler when you two first started dating. He always wants to touch you in some sort of way. He even demands that you sit on his lap, whenever he has to do stuff for work.

-Like mentioned before, Graves doesn’t show a lot of public affection but he always puts his hand around your waist, whenever you two are out.

-You’ve literally never kissed him without it turning into a heated make out session and his favourite thing to do is biting your lips.

-LOTS AND LOTS OF SEX! ALL KINDS OF SEX! From casual to bondage, he doesn’t care! Your boyfriend loves to be in control so he always throws a bit spanking in there. If he’s in a good mood or if you behaved bratty that day, he doesn’t hesitate to get his ropes out.
However, he also loves to treat his little one right and let’s just say; he is the best at eating out!

-A lot of aftercare after rougher sessions! Lots of blankets, hot chocolate and butterfly kisses, of course!

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One Double 0

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 4,402

Summary: Bucky Barnes recieves a birthday gift no one else can top. 

Warning: none, really. a little bit of emotions everywhere, other than that some fluff. 

A/N: It’s Bucky’s 100th birthday! Can you guys believe it?. I have always wanted to write this one, and it fit perfectly for his birthday. Hope you guys enjoy, feedback is as always greatly appreciated! <3

 When you had first decided to become a nurse it had been because your mother was one and because her mother before her had been one and you had always adored the work they did. You had known since you could walk and talk that it was the profession you would want to pursue, and even after you graduated and began working as a nurse, you didn’t once regret the decision at all.

It wasn’t just that it made your family proud, after all, all their three children were highly educated, no it was the possibility of meeting and helping new people each and every day that made you love your job to the core.

Sure there would be rude and very hateful patients, but no job was perfect and neither would yours be just because you loved it.

For the past month, you had been working at a unit for elderly patients. It wasn’t a nursing home, but there were a few patients who was taken care of almost like they would at a nursing home, but this unit was a tad more luxurious than a normal one.

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The masculinization of black women is highly racist and considered a huge insult. The Republicans will stop at nothing in their never ending attacks on Democrats, their spouses, and their women.

Meanwhile Melania is a train wreck who made bi-sexual porn and posed in the nude repeatedly before plagiarizing FLOTUS who is highly educated and a model parent and pillar of dignity.

Republicans have no class, no dignity, and respect only money. Trump and his family are the biggest hypocrites ever put forward by the corrupt Republicans. Barack Obama is the first President in ages not to have a scandal during his two term administration.

Trump’s whole life has been one scandal after another. After the election he will be tried over Trump University fleecing students and in another case for repeatedly raping a 13 year old girl. Something the press avoids, preferring to talk about his “p***y grabbing” instead. They also avoid him appearing in Playboy porn videos as an interviewer and videographer (and mercifully not as an actor).

The Sword in the Stone

Rating: Teen

Relationship: Ten x Rose

Summary: The Doctor tells Rose the real story behind the sword in the stone. It’s not quite what she thinks.

Notes: Hello lovely people! This is my response for this week’s @timepetalsprompts drabble prompt ‘stone’. This is utterly silly and ridiculous and serves no purpose at all except to allow me to bask in the silly :) It’s in 5 x 100 word drabbles (or just over, possibly). Hope you enjoy!

Also on A03.

“You’re havin’ me on.”

“Nope.” The Doctor grinned.

Rose stared at the Doctor. “You’re seriously tellin’ me that the Sword in the Stone was real?”

“Yep! Really real!” He nodded emphatically. “But King Arthur didn’t pull it out- that was pure legend. Actually, the sword belonged to the Ancient Tyrethians – a relic of one of their princes and they wanted it back. They took the whole lot back to their planet- stone and all.”

She shook her head in bewilderment. “I don’t….How does a sword…an alien sword… get stuck in a stone in the first place?”

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History of japan is such a quality meme because it’s not just 1 or 2 sentences repeated over and over, it’s a 9 minute video filled with highly-quotable lines. There’s so much variety and so many opportunities to make memes with it and also it’s highly educational and the whole thing is just 

if you truly believe in an “art world” that is isolated from the rest of society and limited to a small number of “highly educated” “individuals” i think you most likely have no clue what creativity actually is or where its found

Why a Veterinarian isn’t necessarily the best choice for a romance hero/heroine

There is an entire clade of people who think scoring a veterinarian would be their perfect partner. They see a human who is a professional, highly educated and intelligent, compassionate and will automatically love their pets. A surprising amount of people also (wrongly) assume that we are paid like human doctors but endure less stress because our patients are ‘cuter’.

What you don’t see is the soul-sucking realities of working in veterinary medicine that make our lives fundamentally unsuitable for casting in a fluffy romance.

We are usually broke. Veterinary medicine pays extremely poorly for the amount of work and stress you have to endure. Some lucky vets that graduated in the good old days when uni was free or who have branches out to make franchises will be doing well, and if you want to write a romance about a 70yo (who is still working full time, mind you), then go ahead, but for a 20-something or a 30-something, that cash didn’t come from working as a veterinarian.

We work a lot. Days. Nights. Weekends. Our job forces us to keep unsociable hours because unless you specialize in dermatology and only see derm patients, you can’t control when your patients will get sick. We miss group social occasions all the time due to work commitments, and sometimes despite our plans for time off get called in anyway.

Exotic or remote locations make this worse. Your hero or heroine runs their own practice in an isolated, picturesque mountain town, or has the only clinic on a tropical island? What a lovely setting, for a non-vet. The unfortunate veterinary reality is that if you’re on your own (sole charge) and isolated is that you will never stop working. Normal hours. After hours. Emergencies. House calls. Farm visits. Checking hospital patients. If a dog gets bitten by a snake on the mountain and you are the only vet, you will be doing the two hourly checks until it’s better or dead, however many days that takes. Plus everything else at the same time.  If you’re on a tropical island and some dog eats a puffer fish, you’re trying to keep it going on a ventilator until it’s also better or dead, and you can’t afford to leave that unattended.

We will come to the date, or home, smelling like a barn. Or vomit. Or wearing the distinct aroma of anal gland secretions. Or the lingering musk of death. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of we show up like this or not at all. Sometimes we’re so desensitized and exhausted that we simply don’t notice.

Our mental health sucks, and you probably wont understand. Our suicide rate is the highest of any profession, and it’s not because we perform euthanasia. In short it’s a particular combination of duty, dedication, exhaustion, compassion fatigue, flight arrest, compounding anxiety and the general public’s expectations of us and our lives that don’t match our reality.

We often become reclusive. There’s nothing worse than trying to relax, or even accomplish something simple like buying groceries or going to your own doctor appointment, and having a client recognize you. They often start quizzing you about their pet (who isn’t even there!) and wont take “You need to bring them in to the clinic” for an answer. We often avoid shopping centers close to our workplaces for that reason, and rarely accept social media friend requests from clients on facebook. If we can’t avoid work, we can’t unwind.

We put on a brave face. We often go straight from a tearful euthanasia in one room to a happy puppy or kitten vaccination in the next, and we put forward the appropriate emotional response. We will smile and coddle the new pet, even if we’re still feeling sad about the old one. We’re very good at it, so you probably don’t recognize what we’re feeling. 

Our dinner conversation topics are… graphic. My unintentional favorite thing to discuss around the dinner table these holidays has turned out to be the various interesting things dogs have eaten and how we’ve removed them. I could go on and on… but my gentler friends remind me not to talk about the entire turkey carcass we removed from a 13kg dog’s stomach while we are eating turkey

Out patients can maim, scar or kill us. Animal owners are bad enough, but many of our patients are dangerous. I always have scratches or scars on my hands and arms, and usually have bruises on my legs. Some weeks it seriously looks like I’ve been beat up on a regular basis, but it’s just patients.

Work is usually busy. You can’t reasonably expect us to be available to talk to us any time you just ‘pop in’. We have surgeries going on, other patients to see, specialists to call, wildlife to treat, etc. Nor is it reasonable to assume we can always drop everything at work and just leave to go somewhere.

We are complex, educated, hard working individuals in a demanding and emotionally draining job. The darkness in our profession rarely penetrates the public perception of veterinarians, but it’s a large part of existence for us.

You don’t see the Bondi Vet at his lowest points, but don’t believe for a moment they’ve never been there.


#everyone keeps saying that mick is stupid or dumb # THIS moment #this moment right here proves them all wrong #mick might not know how to make plans #or how to keep his mouth shut whenever he should #or isn’t highly educated #but damn he knows PEOPLE #no one on the team has so far been able to understand if sara cares about being good #cares about being a hero #for all they know she wants to help save the world #maybe they even know she wants to be better #but NONE of them could tell if sara truly wants to be a hero #BUT MICK KNOWS #and mick also knows that wanting to be a hero is her weak spot #he knows he HURTS her by simply stating that what she thinks about doing isn’t what a hero would do #and it’s not like she’s the first one he’s been able to see through #there was also rip’s “friend”  #and although mick hadn’t been talking to that guy for a single second #mick KNEW he wanted to kill rip and the entire team #unlike rip who couldn’t see through the person he had known for years… #mick was also IMMEDIATELY able to see through snart when he realized snart didn’t care about being a criminal anymore #when he realized snart wanted to be a hero #and he probably saw through sara right from the start too #but he kept his mouth shut #because he knows that he can use such knowledge AGAINST people #he doesn’t care about feelings actually #he doesn’t respect people for their feelings or morals but for their skills and their loyalty #which is why he likes sara and snart #because both of them are loyal and skilled and badass #or at least used to be in his eyes #but he knows those people too #and he is also very perceptive of their feelings even if he usually doesn’t care about feelings #but he is very well able to use those feelings AGAINST the people he respects and cares about #and that my friends #being able to perceive other people’s feelings so naturally and use them against the people themselves at the right time and place #that is such a rare skill combined with a very smart and clever timing #he might be “the muscles” #destroying people with brutal violence #but trust me #he could also mentally destroy you if he truly wanted to #because he knows everyone better than they know themselves

More dragons! Woot woot! This ended up being more about the dragons themselves instead of S/o.

Sorry about that! I just… Really love them.

(Ps sorry for taking so long. I am but a small forgetful child. Pls forgive.)


• He sees his dragons as equals for the most part.
• They tend to a bit devious, but highly educated and eloquent.
• They also sleep like giraffes (and yes they do rest, but only for short periods of time).
• Sometimes they talk so much that Hanzo ends up tuning them out and focusing on something else.
• Introduced themselves to S/o out of the blue one day without telling Hanzo first.
• Loves taking naps with S/o and will happily be pillows.
• Show offs.
• Like, is always 120% more graceful when S/o is around.
• Also super possessive.
• The dragons will strike someone down for them if need be.
• Especially if they feed them cherries.
• They LOVE cherries.

• His dragon is his bestfriend.
• Even though it’s mute, they have the deepest understanding of each other.
• It sleeps like a cat, and loves getting pet and hugged.
• Is weary of meeting new people; so, when it was time to meet S/o, Genji had to coax it out with some watermelon.
• Watermelon is probably the quickest way to its heart.
• Really likes to dance!!!
• Genji babies it hardcore.
• Enjoys fighting with both Genji and S/o, it thinks of it as protecting them.
• High-fives with its tiny hands!
• Cannot leave Genji and S/o alone.
• Ever.
• It’s almost like having a toddler around.