Methos screencaps * buzz face

I love Methos’s “buzz face”.

It’s a testament to Peter Wingfield’s acting, I think, that there are a lot of layers even to something this simple: not just fear, but suspicion and a surprisingly high level of vulnerability, like this is one of the moments you see Methos at his rawest, when he’s rapidly calculating which of the available options will give him the highest chances of survival.

He’s amazing.


I only watched a few episodes of the series, but I love this opening.

Methos is for sure my favorite character from the whole Highlander franchise. How can he be 5000 years and stay so aloof, charming and perfect? Even after all those thousands of years he rode with Kronos, Silas and Caspian…

His scene with Alexa is one of the few where my little heart just melted, it was so cute, and he got me at “Because the alternative is unthinkable”


But then the moment I loved him was when he confessed his crimes to Duncan.


“I killed. But I didn’t just kill fifty, I didn’t kill a hundred. I killed a thousand. I killed TEN thousand! And I was good at it. And it wasn’t for vengeance, it wasn’t for greed. It was because… I liked it. Cassandra was nothing. Her village was nothing. Do you know who I was? I was Death. Death — Death on a horse. When mothers warned their children that the monster would get them, that monster was me. I was the nightmare that kept them awake at night. Is that what you want to hear?!”

There should have been a series dedicated to this character, it was a goldmine! And what did they do? Highlander: The Raven. I mean, what the flying fuck.

Anyway, love Methos, love Peter Wingfield and it was the best part of Highlander.

Well, that and the Kalas episodes. But that’s for another day.


Methos screencaps * Deliverance

Hey. No big deal.

There’s a lot of (somewhat overwrought) angst in this episode. Dark, soulless evil and everything. So this little coda is lovely, and I particularly love Methos’s amusement as Mac awkwardly tries to get Rachel to stick around.

Although given how he behaved around Alexa not two episodes before, he can fucking talk.

Also, there are some really pretty shots of his beautiful face here.