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Are PhD Students Irrational? - Los Angeles Review of Books
by Aaron R. Hanlon

We’ve presupposed a scenario in which there really is a massive oversupply of PhDs, and thus PhD students must be irrational for treading into an oversupplied labor market. But that’s simply not true. PhD “oversupply” is just a euphemistic way of talking about the fact that colleges and universities haven’t met student-generated demand with a commensurate supply of full-time, tenure-track faculty. Instead, we’ve rendered the majority of faculty contingent, increased administrators and administrative staff by 85 and 240 percent, respectively, over the past 40 years, and created a massive holding pen of temporary postdoctoral positions in STEM. If we look outside of academia for good measure, we see similar evidence of increased dependency on contingent labor, decades of stagnant wages, and no increase in leisure time to accompany increases in economic productivity. In this light it becomes harder to claim that PhD students are especially irrational or shortsighted, since so much of the broader US workforce is facing similar problems.

I have a disability, get me out of here! - Clickability
Last semester, I spent the hour that I should’ve been in my first class stuck in a not-so-disabled-friendly, disabled-friendly room. Most of that time was spent ringing numbers recommended to me and waving to people who couldn’t see me through translucent glass. But that’s for later. Generally speaking, I’ve found places that actively try to…

People in an authoritative or managerial role must first understand what and whom their decisions will affect

Instead of scrutinizing the choices of people who answer the call to doctoral study, or assuming they have some kind of cognitive or personality defect, we should be asking why the abundant promises of opportunity haven’t materialized as stable, middle-class jobs for highly skilled individuals. Instead of talking about PhD “oversupply,” we should be wondering what’s happened to all that theoretical demand for PhD labor, and who’s been benefitting instead from the demand created by increased college enrollment and ramped-up STEM support. We can put these questions to the managerial apparatus that now runs research and teaching like business and finance. But perhaps the best way to get answers is to talk to the parents of college students, the ones footing the bill. Ask whether they’d rather pay that ballooning college tuition for lazy rivers on campus, for fruit baskets and housekeepers for executive staff, and for other rising non-classroom costs; or for more top PhD talent, smaller classrooms, more one-on-one attention from faculty, more independent studies and research opportunities with faculty, and a stable faculty who won’t have to leave halfway through their student’s college career. Then you’ll get a sense of the real, unmet demand for PhDs, and the irrationality of a market that isn’t delivering.

Aaron R. Hanlon, “Are PhD Students Irrational?,” Los Angeles Review of Books (x)

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The big surprise about Higher and Higher is not how well he can hold a big screen, but how beautiful he is. Not handsome–any Joe Blow can be handsome. The twenty-seven-year-old Frank Sinatra, shot in rich black and white by cinematographer Robert De Grasse, is resplendent. Lovingly lit, photographed slightly in soft focus, he glows through his every scene, all cheekbones and wide, wide eyes. He’s like Bambi with sex appeal. -James Kaplan, Frank: The Voice


Higher & Higher - Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp